5 Office Chairs You Can Sit Cross Legged In

Using office chairs you can sit cross legged in is not best for posture, trunk symmetry and systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Often referred to Indian style or Turkish style sitting, the position still has its fans. However, it is not the office chair position most adhere by and finding a supportive chair can feel impossible.

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Quirky Pencils You Can Chew On

Pencils you can chew on are made to be used with the back molars. They help stimulate a child’s oral sensory needs and they are also fun to use. Instead of kids chewing on pencil ends, these pencils come with rubberized covers that protect their teeth and gums.

For some kids, chewable pencils improve focus and calmness. All of us have chewed our pencils at some point and there is growing evidence to show kids find it self-regulatory. Pencil toppers can be added on any pencil and they’re usually made from food-grade silicone. But whole pencils with silicone or rubber ends are also available.

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Chairs You Can Lean Back In With Proper Ergonomics

If you’re looking for chairs you can lean back in you came to the right place. Reclining takes the pressure off the back. It also allows you to relax from hours of sitting at the desk.

Before jumping to the chairs, we’re going to understand why they lean back in the first place. This was not always the case and it’s only over the past few decades that humans had to adapt their chairs the more time they spent at the desk.

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