6 Best Long Computer Desks Ranked By Size

If you’re after a long computer desk, you need one that is around 60 inches in length. This size desktop offers all the workspace you need and it can be one of the few office solutions to store all of your documents, monitors, laptops, and other computer accessories.

A long desk for office work might not be easy to fit inside your house or even in some workplaces. But you can find the top solution for you from one of these listed below. Before you jump to the list, here’s how we define a long desk and an extra-long desk in the first place.

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Chairs You Can Lean Back In With Proper Ergonomics

If you’re looking for chairs you can lean back in you came to the right place. Reclining takes the pressure off the back. It also allows you to relax from hours of sitting at the desk.

Before jumping to the chairs, we’re going to understand why they lean back in the first place. This was not always the case and it’s only over the past few decades that humans had to adapt their chairs the more time they spent at the desk.

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Office Chair Weight Limit – Steelcase, Herman Miller and IKEA

What is the allowed office chair weight limit? The Duramont Ergonomic has a 330lbs weight capacity. The Autonomous MyoChair has a weight limit of 250lbs. Aeron from Herman Miller has a weight capacity of 300pounds.

An office chair weight limit is influenced by its design and materials. It is different from one chair to another and it is, generally, between 220 and 350lbs. This equates to a range between 99 to 158kg.

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