Gaming Chairs You Can Sleep In – 4+1 ZZZ Options With Pictures

Gaming Chairs You Can Sleep In – 4+1 ZZZ Options With Pictures

This article offers you 4+1 gaming chairs you can sleep in. Taking a quick nap on these chairs is a breeze and the best part is they can all be ordered online.

Finding the best gaming chairs you can sleep in might not be as easy as many would think. Taking a quick nap or even relaxing after a long gaming session requires a bit more adjustability than most gaming or office chairs can actually offer.

Is it OK to sleep in a gaming chair?

Sleeping in a gaming chair is OK. The supine position (lying on the back) is best for sleeping in gaming chairs. The same applies to sleep in office chairs, since sleeping on a side is impossible.

How to sleep in a gaming chair?

Lay back as much as possible by reclining the backrest. Lift the footrest if present. Reduce strong natural light or strong artificial light such as the one from the monitor.

Gaming chairs you can sleep in – are they safe to use?

Sleeping in an upright position might not be the best for posture and spine relaxation. However, this doesn’t need to be overnight sleeping but rather a 20-minute power nap which some gamers are after. Sleeping upright has few studies.

Buddhist monks at the Dumfriesshire retreat sleep upright based on their dedication. However, gamers who want a chair to sleep in are not actually lying on their feet, which is what causes aches as shown by the monks.

Being sleep deprived has its own health issues. Deep vein thrombosis is just one of these problems. There are studies which show just how impactful losing sleep really is. So what can gamers do? First of all, they need to sleep at least a bit laid back, so there’s some pressure relief for the spine.

A few positions to consider with gaming chairs you can sleep in

Properly sleeping or taking a quick nap in a gaming chair is limited to the supine position, which is mainly sleeping on the back. But there are other positions to consider, depending on the chosen chair.

  • Supine position

The supine position is the go-to option for maximum comfort. While the back is laying nearly horizontally, it actually promotes sleep in a position that is already familiar and natural.

  • Starfish position

The starfish position can be an option on a recliner. Similar to the supine position, it has the legs wide apart and the hands laying back on the sides of the head.

Other positions such as sleeping on one side are not possible, mainly due to the fact that most gaming chairs do not recline fully to a horizontal position. As a result, the pressure on the lower back is increased in this position. The following gaming chairs you can sleep in are a great option for quick naps.

  1. Coaster Home Furnishings Upholstery Power Lift Recliner – best for a long sleep

A recliner is always going to be a great option for sleeping. Gamers know that the cushioning it offers its pretty much hard to match even with other expensive gaming chairs or office chairs. However, the Power Lift Recliner has the disadvantage of actually being hard to fit in any space, as it is quite large.

Its main benefits, apart from cushioning, include the textured velvet cover. The cover might be soft, but it is also easy to clean, which is great when falling asleep with those snacks falling over left and right.

There’s even a recliner remote included. It is the maximum laziness option and it might as well prove to be a great nap place even when not playing any games.

2. Herman Miller Embody Chair – best for preventing heat buildup while taking a nap

Herman Miller does a great job at simply designing ergonomic chairs. Their Embody Chair might not be the first option to come to mind, but it is actually great for naps as it is made to offer spine support for those sitting for more than 4 hours per day.

The best part is that its breathable materials prevent extra heat buildup. This is why it can be one of the suitable options for longer sleep. Its build quality is also right up there with the best and when taking into account its unique color options, users can find something to match their gaming room.

3. Steelcase Gesture Task Chair – best for short naps

The Gesture Task Chair is easy to use. Its backrest actually moves with the user. But its recline function is easy to adjust by tension using a lateral knob. This is why taking a quick nap on the chair is fully supported.

All materials of the chairs are made to last. Using the chair in all angles comes with no wear issues. Coupled with the impressive 12-year warranty, it really leads to a top choice for sleeping while gaming.

4. Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair – full lying mode sleeping

OK, so the Ficmax gaming chair will not put a hole in your wallet. But its included leg rest might be one of the best options for those who sit for many hours every day. As seen above, varicose veins are caused by standing. This is why the feet should be up at least while sleeping.

Head support and lumbar support pillows are also added to make it a perfectly comfortable option for gamers. However, the chair is one of the few which come with full lying adjustability. Sleeping longer and better is a direct result of this lying mode.

5. Hbada Reclining Office Desk Chair – a best budget nap gaming chair

Hbada might not be the option to include on the list as it can be just another generic name for some gamers. However, its fully breathable backrest allows it to be a great option for long naps. With an included 7-inch footrest, it supports the feet as well.

With adjustability between 90 and 150 degrees, it is actually an office chair more than a gaming chair. However, its included headrest allows for some degree of comfort on a chair many would not dare sleep in.


Gaming chairs you can sleep in are limited by their recline adjustability. While gamers can fall asleep on most chairs, it is options such as those above which allow at least some level of comfort.

Disclaimer: Sleeping on a gaming chair is not recommended for long periods of time, such as overnight sleep. These chairs are a solution for quick naps only. Any type of longer sleeping sessions can lead to neck and shoulder pain, which are responsible for poor sleep quality.

Are using a gaming chair you can sleep in? If so, are you experiencing any muscle or joint aches? Let us know in the comment section below.

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