5 Floor Desk Ideas Inspired by Japan

A floor desk is typically made with a height of 15 inches and it can be used for computer work. Inspired by Japanese desks, floor desks are typically ideal for short periods of work. The following floor desk ideas can be put into practice with or without a desk floor mat or a desk floor chair.

Where does the floor desk idea come from?

The idea of sitting on the floor for any task isn’t new. It is an idea at least a few thousand years old. Floor sitting is popular in Indian, Japanese, and Korean cultures among others.

A basic principle of these cultures involves the idea of movements. Maybe not surprisingly, the Japanese and the Indians are far from obese. Sitting on the floor requires constant movement, which burns calories and strengthens joints.

Those who can’t sit directly on the floor at a floor desk can simply use a mat or some type of cushions until they are fully ready to completely sit on the floor. If you’re already familiar with this, you can get a floor desk to work at ground level.

A few pros of sitting on the floor

  • Excellent profile for constant movements and posture adjustments to burn calories
  • A simpler way to deal with hip pain or lower back pain
  • The ability to feel relaxed while working
  • Floor desks can help you focus

A few cons of sitting on the floor

  • Not ideal for a full day of working without getting up
  • It can be stressful on your joints if you have joint issues

What to look for in a floor desk

Best floor desks need to follow some general guidelines, even if they can be different from one person to another.

  • Height

When you keep your legs straight under the floor desk, you don’t need as much desktop clearance. If you prefer to sit cross-legged, you can choose a floor desk that is higher than 16 inches.

The ideal height of the floor desk depends on the size of your body as well as on your selected cushions if any. You can consider different types of cushions to see which position is most comfortable for you.

  • Length

A floor desk is still a desk. This means it needs sufficient space for all of your work gadgets, laptops, pens, notebooks, etc. Make sure you don’t go for a desk that is shorter than 35” as a size that is too small won’t easily hold all of these objects and it will also be complicated to get out of the sitting positions when the desk is too close to your feet.

  • Materials

Wood is ideal for eco-friendliness. But you can also go with metal and plastic floor desks if you want a cheaper alternative. The problem with these synthetic materials is they feel disposable. You are much likely to take good care of your Korean floor desk if it’s made out of wood.

  • Maximum weight capacity

Smaller than other desks, your designated floor desk should come with good weight capacity, which depends on what you plan to store on it. Make sure you check its maximum weight before you start adding a stack of books on your floor desk or even worse before you step on your little desk.

Are floor desks good for you?

Sitting on the floor benefits are multiple such as getting in a squatting position frequently, which is proven to enhance multiple natural body processes. Apart from squatting, floor desks are among the leading options for working desk variations. Even those with adjustable standing desks might want a change, especially when working for multiple hours per day.

Movement is life and sitting on the floor promotes movement rather than promoting sitting, especially when compared to working while seated on a chair. This is why more movement is better for those with sedentary desk jobs. Feel free to choose an idea or even to order a floor desk from the popular options reviewed below.

1.       Furinno Indo Low Rise Tatami Writing Floor Desk

Furinno specialized in small furniture and this can be seen in the simplicity and practicality of its Tatami low rise writing desk. Ideal for computer work and writing, this floor desk is one of the preferred options for all of those who want to sit directly on the floor while at the desk.

It features a height of 15.5 inches which recommends it for a large number of other tasks as well. With a length of 39 inches, all Furinno Indo floor desks are ideal for laptop work or tablet work. Generally inspired by a classic Japanese floor desk or by a Korean floor desk, the Indo low rise desk can be used by those in creative lines of work. It can be an ideal desk for writing, a desk for computer work, a desk for drawing, and even a desk for students, like a desk for small rooms is why many dorms can accommodate.

This desk comes with a simple assembly. But other purchases that go with it are also available from Furinno. You can purchase drawers for this floor desk to have some storage space, even if limited when directly compared to a large computer desk.


  1. 5 width x 15. 5 height x 17. 5 depth inches


Engineered wood


Espresso brown

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2.       WoodShine Mid Century Modern Japanese Table And Floor Desk

We’ve seen people 5’2’, 5’3’, and 5’5’ use this versatile coffee table as a floor desk successfully. This floor table has been built with multipurpose in mind and this can be seen in its size options.

As a floor desk, we recommend you choose its 47-inch version which has sufficient room for a laptop, a notebook, a drinks cup, and even for a book as it comes with dedicated storage space.

Many see Woodshine’s table as the perfect floor desk with storage. Made from solid rubberwood, this design also looks better than most other floor desks. It uses wax finishing to protect the hardwood floor desk materials.

At its maximum length, this wood floor desk is available in 13” and 15” heights. Depending on your height, you can choose an option that works for you. However, most users use its 15” version as it easily accommodates a floor mat as well.


47.2 length x 19.6 width x 15.7 inch height

47.2 length x 19.6 width x 13.5 inch height

31.5 length x 17.7 width x 13.2 inch height



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3.       Zen Bamboo Floor Desk

Made with a simple minimalistic desk design, the Zen Bamboo Floor Desk is ideal for all of those who need to write a lot. It features an ergonomic design with sufficient under-arm support for both the right-handed and the left-handed writers. It also works ideally for laptops and general desk work.

At a height of just above 12 inches, it offers sufficient room for your legs. This bamboo desk for the floor is also ideal in modern rooms. Since many are working from home at the moment, it might just be the desk to add on the floor without the extra feeling of clutter.

Most importantly, it also holds heavy gear such as thick gaming laptops or plenty of books. This small floor sitting desk has a 22lbs weight capacity.


39.17” length x 19.49” depth x 12.6” height


Bamboo wood

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4.       Ikea Sundvik Desk

Designed by Ikea, this floor sitting desk is made for children. But you can easily use it with a floor chair as it has a height of 21 inches as a floor deck. Ikea makes some of the best floor desks without even knowing it. We’ve seen countless users rely on these small coffee tables or children’s desks to work while sitting on the floor.

A desk floor mat is going to be needed for this small table. Ideally, you would get one that is at least 10 inches thick so that you can sit comfortably at this desk. A bit higher than others, this desk is primarily limited to finding a thick cushion to sit on comfortably.


23.6” x 17”



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5.       LKBBC Foldable Floor Desk

As a floor computer desk that folds, this option is among the leading solutions for minimalist design fans. Made from oak and sitting on aluminum legs, it represents one of the top options for all of those who value elegance.

At a height of 13.7 inches, it offers sufficient room for your legs and not an uncomfortable floor sitting position for your desk. When you’re using it as a floor writing desk, you need to ensure you’re not slouching over the desk so that you avoid back problems while sitting on the floor.

Made with round corners, this floor desk is also ideal to prevent all types of unwanted accidents as they do happen when sitting on the floor for long hours.


23” inches length x 15.7 inches width x 13.7 inches height


Oak and aluminum

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A floor desk can be beneficial to your health if used for short periods and alternated with sitting or standing. In reality, regardless of all of the studies seen in floor sitting, you still need to try out a floor desk for a few weeks yourself to see if it works for you.