Best Desk Lamps With Pictures, Pros, And Cons

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The best desk lamp needs to be flexible. They cost between $19 and $200. You can place most of them simply on the desk. Others need to be fixed. I made this list to select my favorites.

In this post, we take a closer look at desk lamps with their advantage and drawbacks. Not all desks have the same design. They require different amounts of artificial light. The following lamps are chosen to suit all needs and there are a couple of new lamps added as a surprise for this year.

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5 Office Chairs You Can Sit Cross Legged In

Using office chairs you can sit cross legged in is not best for posture, trunk symmetry and systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Often referred to Indian style or Turkish style sitting, the position still has its fans. However, it is not the office chair position most adhere by and finding a supportive chair can feel impossible.

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Quirky Pencils You Can Chew On

Pencils you can chew on are made to be used with the back molars. They help stimulate a child’s oral sensory needs and they are also fun to use. Instead of kids chewing on pencil ends, these pencils come with rubberized covers that protect their teeth and gums.

For some kids, chewable pencils improve focus and calmness. All of us have chewed our pencils at some point and there is growing evidence to show kids find it self-regulatory. Pencil toppers can be added on any pencil and they’re usually made from food-grade silicone. But whole pencils with silicone or rubber ends are also available.

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Chairs You Can Lean Back In With Proper Ergonomics

If you’re looking for chairs you can lean back in you came to the right place. Reclining takes the pressure off the back. It also allows you to relax from hours of sitting at the desk.

Before jumping to the chairs, we’re going to understand why they lean back in the first place. This was not always the case and it’s only over the past few decades that humans had to adapt their chairs the more time they spent at the desk.

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6 Chairs You Can Curl Up In

These 6 chairs you can curl up in can be used at home or the office. If you want to sit back relaxed while watching TV, these chairs might be what you’re looking for. However, we’ve also included an office chair for those who might not be able to sit long in a regular position due to health problems or personal preferences.

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8 Chairs You Can Hang From A Ceiling

The best chairs you can hang from a ceiling are cheap. They cost $30-$130 and they hold weights of 250-330lbs. They are hanged by a hook that is included with the best chairs.

When it comes to hanging a chair form a ceiling, most users know they change how a room looks. Made popular across Instagram and AirBnBs, these chairs are comfortable and supportive. They also have the benefit of a swing with a bit more room for relaxation.

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Best Chair To Listen To Music With High Fidelity

The best chair to listen to music is supportive for hours. Such a chair costs between 30 and $3.000 and it may or may not come with thick cushioning. Ergonomics, cushioning and the positioning of the chair affect the listening experience the most.

The best chair to listen to music according to varying budgets

Not everybody wants to spend too much on such a chair, even for a Hi-Fi experience. Purists only want the premium chairs to listen to music. But the following designs show the best of both worlds and it’s up to the users to find a suitable design not only for immersive audio but also to fit a specific place in the home.

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