10 Best Office Chairs Under $200 in 2021

The best office chairs under $200 are made with an ergonomic design. They offer sufficient low back support to sit in a neutral position even when shopping on a budget. These office chairs should also come with a reclining backrest even if they are more affordable than others.

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12 Best Office Chairs Under $300 in 2021 (With Pictures)

These best office chairs under $300 have been ranked by popularity. You can choose the right sitting solution for you by learning more about their main strengths.

Nouhaus Ergo3D is the best office chair for under 300 dollars. It now comes at a discounted price and its ergonomic construction recommends it for proper postural support with good airflow through its ventilated office chair materials.

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8 Best Tufted Office Chairs in 2021

This article ranks 8 tufted office chairs by style, functionality, and durability. Upholstered tufted office chairs are known for their timeless appeal and you can get one for your home office to create a unique work setup.

Tufted armless office chairs, as well as tufted office chairs with arms, have their place in the history of the modern work desk. They are used even today. The selection for the best-tufted office chairs is better than ever.

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Branch Ergonomic Chair Review

If you’re interested in a Branch Ergonomic Chair review you came to the right place. This chair is exploding in popularity given its high adjustability and low price. But is there a catch? Let’s find out below.

The Branch Ergonomic office chair is part of a series of professional-level designs from the Branch that includes the Task Chair, the Daily Chair, and the Elevate Chair. Among all, the Ergonomic Chair from Branch seems to be the best choice if you’re making an upgrade from your old non-ergonomic seat.

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Funny Office Chairs Too Crazy for Everyday Use

You won’t believe the following funny office chairs exist. We’ve seen our share of crazy office chairs here but we’ve never gathered them in one place for the world to see. This list consists of unusual office chairs that might be a bit too difficult to use every day, even if some of them can work if you have patience and the right mindest.

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What is The Fear of Chairs Called?

The fear of chairs is called Cathedraphobia. This is a sub-branch of general furniture fear called epiplaphobia and characterized by the anxiety towards empty chairs, mainly antiques. It manifests through sweating, shortness of breath, or anxiety.

As with most phobias, the fear of chairs is almost always accompanied by a fear of losing control. Those suffering from a fear of chairs are often afraid they can’t control their reaction in the vicinity of certain chairs. In other cases, just thinking about certain chairs can trigger this fear.

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Ikea Markus Review [Compared With Aeron, Järvfjället, and Secretlab Office Chairs]

The Ikea Markus is an office chair with breathable or leather materials with an ergonomic design. It’s considered an affordable office chair and it represents one of the first choices for an ergonomic design on a budget.

Many see the Markus chair as a bit limiting though its lacks adjustable armrests. But this office chair is much more affordable than others in its class. Is it work the hype though?

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