WorkPro Quantum 9000, 1200, or Herman Miller Aeron? Surprising Comparison Results

The WorkProQuantum 9000 is a mesh-based Herman Miller Aeron alternative office chair. Both are made for long days of sitting (typically 8 hours). For those working up to 6 hours per day, The WorkPro Quantum 1200 office chair can be a more suitable alternative.

Let’s be honest, for many desk job workers, the WorkPro Quantum 9000 is a cheap Herman Miller chair alternative. But is cheap bad?

The major advantages and disadvantages of the WorkPro Quantum 9000

The most popular WorkPro chair, the 9000 Series, impresses almost everybody who tries it. WorkPro chair reviews show it holds up fantastically even after 7 years, which already places it among the long-lasting office chairs such as those made by Herman Miller.

But the adjustability of this office chair is its main strength. It comes with all-mesh materials for the backrest and the seat. These materials support good airflow even while sitting long hours, ideal for programmers, office clerks, or all those working at a desk.

These 2 main parts of the Quantum 9000 chair are adjustable. You can adjust the backrest higher or lower so that it fits your height. You can also adjust the seat further towards the backrest or further out, depending on what feels comfortable for you.

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But how do you adjust the Quantum 9000 correctly?

You need to find the right low back support area for you for this office chair to be the most comfortable. As an ergonomic chair, it can support a correct working position at the desk, which is all that you need to worry about most days.

It also features adjustable armrests. It allows you to adjust the armrests by angle, which again, is one of those great features of this chair that doesn’t fail in time. We’ve seen this chair mention for a correct ergonomic keyboard typing position as we’ve seen it recommended as a pregnancy office chair as a result.

There’s also a recline function for you to count on with this chair. It has all of the making of a great office chair to use when you have to sit a lot, even if most specialists recommend taking frequent standing breaks.

One of the areas that fall short is the lack of a proper headrest. This is where the Autonomous ErgoChair 2 scores a bit higher in reviews. But the Quantum Workpro 9000 also has a 250lbs (113kg) maximum weight limit. If you’re above this weight, you should look at other office chairs as they will start to fall apart sooner rather than later.

The WorkPro office chair 9000 comes with a 10-year warranty. You can use it for a whole decade without worrying it will fall apart which makes it a superior option to the standard $200 office chair you find in superstores. You can compare its warranty to Aeron’s consumer policy.

Is the WorkPro Quantum 1200 a better office chair?

The WorkPro chair is cheaper than the Herman Miller office chair. But is it a good choice or a poor choice by comparison?

Initial Quantum 9000 Series chairs came with an all-mesh construction. Later releases added its padded seat option. But a padded seat is the standard offering on the Quantum 1000 series office chair.

With a higher 275lbs weight capacity, this office chair is a bit better suited for tall and heavy users. It also comes with a tall backrest that is a bit better suited for full spinal support with the ability to add a headrest.

The backrest is adjustable and those who suffer from sciatica or scoliosis might need such an adjustable office chair to reduce back pain as much as possible.

With a rounded seat design, it also doesn’t cut off circulation in the legs which is helpful with long hours of sitting. Otherwise, the  Workpro Quantum 9000 vs 1200 debate settles at the backrest. The 9000 chair is an alternative to the Aeron office chair while the 1200 Series is primarily made for those who need a higher backrest and a chair with a bit more weight capacity.

  • WorkPro 9000 vs WorPro 1200 dimensions – 37 1/2in to 43 3/4in height x 29 1/2in with x 28in depth vs 38-5/16in to 44-7/8″height x 26-3/8in with x 26-15/16in depth
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Herman Miller Aeron

All of the materials on the Herman Miller Aeron chair are superior in quality. The mesh is arguably the best we’ve seen in an office chair while the plastics and the metal parts are also made with high precision. Its USA manufacturing quality is seen in the final result.

It’s also about the amount of research that went into this office chair. This Aeron chair impresses with its posture support. Many of those working long hours experiencing back pain said the pain went completely away when sitting on the Aeron chair, which speaks about its quality.

The Herman Miller Aeron chair has a weight limit of 300lbs. It also makes it the most supportive office chair from the trio which recommends it for heavy users alongside regular users.

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Is the WorkPro 9000 the ultimate affordable office chair?

This WorkPro Quantum review needs to recognize the ergonomic benefits of the WorkPro Office chair. The 9000 Series is a bit more popular than the 1200 Series due to its resemblance with the Aeron office chair.

You can expect a very comfortable chair, even if it doesn’t feature any padding. The mesh is supportive and it doesn’t come with a mushy feeling you’d expect from cheap office chairs.

Further benefits include the option to mount rubber casters. These can protect your hardwood floors or your carpets if you work at home.

Most importantly, the WorkPro Quantum 9000 is a chair that supports a correct sitting position through its S-shape backrest with lumbar support. Customization also makes micro-adjustments a bit easier to put into practice and to find that desk position that doesn’t put pressure on your body.

Since even its armrests are angle-adjustable, you can have your hands closer together or further apart for typing on the keyboard, depending on what feels comfortable for you. As a result, the WorkPro 9000 office chair is the best WorkPro chair. Even in the Workpro Quantum 9000 vs Aeron, the Quantum chair gets high marks as it’s at least twice as affordable as Herman Miller’s chair.

Weight capacity Backrest Materials
WorkPro Quantum 9000 series 250lbs Mid-back Mesh
WorkPro Quantum 1200 275lbs High back Mesh


Herman Miller Aeron 300lbs Mid-back Mesh


Workpro Quantum 9000 seen as the best all-rounder

The Workpro Quantum 9000 might not use an expensive mesh such as the Aeron chair. But it does hold up well for years. It’s also comfortable which isn’t always easy to achieve with mid-back mesh office chairs.

If you’re the type of person suffering from low back pain, the superior chair (in terms of lumbar support adjustability) is the WorkPro Quantum 1200. This office chair is even more adjustable than the Aeron. Otherwise, if you have the budget, it’s rare to see the Aeron chair disappointing even when it’s used every day for 5-10 years.