10 Best RGB Gaming Chairs in 2021

RGB gaming chairs are made with attractive LED illumination. Designed as regular gaming chairs, RGB chairs use illumination to create a distinct gaming setup. Powered through USB ports, RGB chairs make gaming fun in low light.

Most gaming chairs are made with features such as recline, height adjustability, and adjustable armrests. RGB chairs use LEDs to elevate their looks. LED gaming chairs are typically remote-controlled as they feature multiple illumination modes, just as a typical LED strips.

Why buy an RGB gaming chair?

Which one should you go for – a gaming chair or an RGB gaming chair? The main difference is seen in low light. Getting a matching RGB gaming chair is ideal when you like LEDs and if you already have LED light strips on your gaming desk.

Just how much RGB illumination a gaming chair comes with?

Some RGB gaming chairs only used LED lights in the backrest. Others come with a backrest and seatpan RGB illumination. This is why it’s important to find all of the right gaming chairs for your preferences.

  • RGB modes

An RGB gaming chair typically comes with around 14 illumination modes. They control the RGB zones, brightness, and the speed of the lights. RGB gaming chairs can be compared in ergonomics and RGB modes when you aren’t sure about which gaming chair to go with.

  • Ergonomics

Regardless of just how many LEDs your gaming chair has, it still has to come with ergonomic posture support. You can assess ergonomics by analyzing which gaming chair is ideal for neutral posture support.

What is an RGB gaming chair? It’s a specialized gaming chair with LED illumination similar to RGB light strips that typically run along with the backrest and the seatpan. RGB chairs are powered directly to the computer through USB ports.

How is RGB light in chairs controlled? RGB lights are controlled through remote control. RGB illumination modes, time, speed, and other settings are directly controlled via the remote control.

10 Best RGB Gaming Chairs To Get Today

You came to the right place if you’re after an RGB gaming chair. The following 10 chairs have been selected based on user opinions and popularity. While there are other RGB gaming chairs on the market, they lack comparable user feedback.

  1. X Rocker RGB Gaming Chair

This gaming chair with speakers and RGB lights is the ideal solution for sitting on the floor and playing a console game. If you’re creating a unique PS5 gaming setup, this chair can add a bit of light and color to it.

Designed with a swivel pedestal, the RGB X Rocker is among the top gaming chairs for easy movement as well. It has been well-received in the gaming community but its RGB version is yet to catch up to its non-RGB X Rocker alternatives.

Made for users seeking a floor gaming chair with flip-up armrests, the LED chair is ready to catch all of the attention in the gaming room. Bluetooth wireless audio is also enabled on the chair for a more realistic audio gaming experience doubling the enticing visuals. Check out similar alternatives here at Xbox One gaming chairs.

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  1. JDL Gaming Chair

Made with a racing gaming chair design, the JDL offering is among the affordable RGB chairs you can consider as a first-time buyer. It features an ergonomic design with built-in back support. It also comes with an additional lumbar pillow so that your back can rest properly after hours of gaming.

The RGB functions of the chair are visible on its sides, much like on most of its alternatives. The RGB lights run from the top of the backrest to the bottom continuing on the seat pan.

Multiple illumination modes are enabled on this RGB computer chair. You can toggle between continuous and intermittent illumination. But this RGB chair also comes with an automatic cycle mode, ideal for those interested in switching between multiple RGB modes automatically.

Designed with adjustable armrests, the black gaming chair is easy to adjust. You can find your perfect sitting position on it and if you don’t feel too relaxed on the lumbar support pillow there’s always the option of removing it completely, together with the headrest.

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  1. Kasorix RGB Gaming Chair

This black and red leather gaming chair look impressive. Visible diamond stitching makes it one of the most appealing products of its kind for not a lot of money. Designed to look good first, the gaming chair features RGB lights, perfect for a more immersive gaming experience. You can even use an external power bank as a power source on it.

Its RGB colors are green, red, magenta, and blue. It can illuminate in these colors or a combination of colors depending on your mood or on the setup mood you want to create.

Apart from being a gaming chair with RGB, it also features very good adjustability and a selection of accessories. For example, it comes with a 170-degrees backrest recline. Ideal for some of the most demanding days of gaming, it reclines back a lot more than other similar chairs. It also comes with a built-in footrest. Great for napping, it can also be used to watch TV. This gaming chair with footrest and RGB can be one of the most value-packed propositions on the market for cheap.

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  1. Kefan RGB Pink Gaming Chair

Have you ever wondered just how different a pink gaming chair makes your gaming set up look? After looking at the best pink gaming chairs without RGB lights we now take a look at its interactive alternatives. Gaming girls are some of the most dedicated when it comes to setup. This is why a pink gaming chair can add value and personalization to their gaming experience.

LED light strips run from the top of the backrest to the front of the seatpan. Connected via a powerbank, the gaming chair features some of the brightest RGB colors. They add creativity to your gaming setup. One of the main reasons to prioritize it over other pink gaming chairs with RGB lights is its floor-friendly casters. Made to prevent scratches, these casters are perfect on carpets and hardwood floors.

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  1. Corbrano Gaming Chair

Made with 250lbs maximum weight capacity, this gaming chair with RGB lights is perfect for the average weight gamer. While it doesn’t feature any original design inspiration copying other gaming chairs, it still has real worth through its lower price. It might be your preferred choice as a cheap gaming chair with RGB.

Designed with decent ergonomics, it features a curved backrest for spin support. Additionally, you can add a headrest and a lumbar support pillow for a bit more cushioning. However, most gamers prefer not to rely on these small pillows.

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Designed with PU caster wheels, this is another gaming chair for hardwood floors you can count on. Unlike most others in its class, it’s made for all types of floors without the risk of surface-level damages.

  1. Uomax LED Gaming Chair

This amazing LED gaming chair is so good that it also made it to our best office chairs under $200 recent post. It has it all, ergonomics, LEDs, and design. It seems that this budget-friendly gaming chair for long hours of sitting is ideal for ergonomic support on a budget.

As one of the few mesh gaming chairs it also has high appeal among those who tend to sweat on a leather gaming chair. Made for enhanced ventilation, it can be one of the most interesting names in the industry to follow in the years to come. It shines in design, an area where most gaming chairs tend to look too similar.

Characterized by straight angles RGB lights, it’s one of the most unique gaming chairs to add to your gaming room. You can create a unique laptop gaming setup using LED strips under your desk (check out our recommended choices for gaming laptops that don’t look like gaming laptops).

This office chair/gaming chair also features one of the tallest lumbar support pillows in its class. Ideal for long hours of sitting, it offers both the right support and enhanced ventilation for your back.

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  1. Ershy Gaming LED Lights Chair

This gaming chair with massage and LED lights is one of the most feature-packed options on our list. The perks of buying from small brands of gaming chairs include the option to get a lot of features at a very low price. This is why this Ershy gaming chair comes with so many features that it’s almost impossible to overlook.

Available at a low price, it replaces your massage chair, your gaming chair, and your office chair. Or better said, it combines all of these three chairs into a single versatile design. Sure, it doesn’t have unique technologies. Its massage remote control is borrowed from other massage office chairs (the same massage remote control is used by some of the Perfect Sleep Chair Alternatives).

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  1. Homall RGB Gaming Chair

Homall gaming chair reviews often overlook its RGB version. But this LED Homall gaming chair is growing in popularity with hundreds of positive reviews. Most importantly, it’s a gaming chair with a distinct visual identity, great controllable LEDs, and great ergonomics.

Designed with backrest cutouts, it’s also a gaming chair that looks aggressive. You might consider it over other leather gaming chair as it comes at a lower price. Its faux leather feels durable and most users say it resists daily use for years.

Made with an ergonomic backrest that reclines, it can also be a gaming chair you can sleep in. Set its backrest lower and you can easily take a nap in this gaming chair.

Designed to hold heavier users than other gaming chairs, the Homall RGB Gaming Chair has 300lbs maximum weight capacity (check out other similar 300lbs gaming chairs here).

Made with different illumination modes, the chair shines in low light or the dark. If you prefer to stream your games, it might be the touch of color needed to get you in front of other gamers as well.

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  1. Modern-Depo High-Back Ergonomic Gaming Chair with RGB LED Lights

While Modern-Depo’s gaming chair looks expensive, it’s more affordable than others. This fantastic upholstered gaming chair is our second choice for an RGB gaming chair setup. It looks fantastic, it has a good finishing, decent materials, and an inspired design. Sure, it won’t win any design competitions, but it looks better than 90% of other gaming chairs under $200.

Its armrests adjust by height for correct posture support. Designed to reduce pressure on the shoulders and upper back, its gaming chair adjustable armrests can also be used for regular desk work. It’s considerably easier to type with your elbows resting on the armrests when you feel tired.

Its RGB works with separate power sources through USB such as those from your gaming laptop or your gaming PC. But the RGBs also work with a powerbank if you have the patience to always charge it when its batteries are drained.

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  1. Galactix Dual RGB Gaming Chair

It’s no wonder Glactix’ chair made it first on our list with RGB lights running at the edges of this gaming chair. Designed with wide LED lights, the chair comes to life at night. This light-up gaming chair is the most impressive on our list. The LEDs are covered in black mesh which also protects it and improves the way it looks.

You would expect a lot more from this RGB computer chair given how it looks and you’d be right. It comes with better and thicker cushioning compared to what its alternatives offer. It comes with backrest cutouts and superb leather stitching which make it look like a luxurious gaming chair.

You’d also expect it to last longer since it features better materials compared to other best gaming chairs. This is why it features 350lbs maximum weight capacity so that it doesn’t fall apart under the weight of the average gamer sitting on it every day.

The RGB computer chair also comes with a footrest. Its thickly padded footrest is ideal to keep your feet up. While it won’t be a feature you use every day, it’s always nice to know you can put your feet up to relax after a long day.

RGB computer chairs like this one are made with LED color control as well. You can change the colors of the gaming chair easily. A small wireless RGB gaming chair remote control is also included in the pack. It has direct shortcuts to jump to a new RGB color which simplifies the user experience further. Similar to a luxury Italian office chair from some angles, this is the right gaming chair when you value aesthetics a bit more than those who simply want the cheapest LED chair.

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RGB gaming chair RGB remote control Colors and/or RGB modes
X Rocke RGB Prism Pedestal Chair No 30 colors and RGB modes
JDL Gaming Chair Wireless remote control 7 colors
Kasorix Gaming Chair Wireless remote control 4 illumination modes
Kefan RGB Pink Gaming Chair Wireless remote control 4 modes
Corbrano Gaming Chair RGB Wireless remote control 7 colors
Uomax LED Gaming Chair Wireless remote control 1 color
Ershy LED Gaming Chair Wired remote control 7 colors
Homall Gaming Chair RGB Lighting Wireless remote control 7 colors plus color combinations
Modern-Depo High-Back Ergonomic Gaming Chair with RGB LED Wireless remote control 7 colors plus combinations
Galactix Dual RGB Lighting Gaming Chair Wireless remote control 7 colors plus combinations


What to look for in the best RGB gaming chair

An RGB gaming chair needs to include quality LEDs. Without them, your chair won’t have sufficient illumination to look cool even in the dark. But gaming chairs that look cool using RGB lights need to follow the following standards.

The number of lights and light modes

There are typically 7 colors that can work on their own in a separate illumination mode. Sometimes, some of the best gaming chairs with LEDs favor modes with multiple colors, but these cases are rare. At the same time, the various illumination modes can make or break your possible purchase. RGB modes include constant or alternative illumination as well as cycling through various brightness levels. RGB gaming chairs also come with timers that can power on the LEDs at certain intervals.

Ways to control the lights

The lights are either controlled from the chair or a wired or wireless remote control. If you want to show off in front of your friends, a wireless RGB gaming chair is going to work best. However, wired alternatives are also practical as all of them feature a small back pocket where you can store the remote when not in use.

USB vs powerbank RGB lights

Power is need power for LEDs. It can come either directly from a computer, from another USB device, or an external power bank. Since most users want to prevent tripping on cables, they end up buying an external power bank which is then stored in a side pocket for power. A power bank lasts up to 5 days on an RGB gaming chair. The main disadvantage of this solution is that you have to recharge it almost weekly.

Brightness control

Did you know that you can control brightness levels on RGB gaming chairs? This can be handy when adjusting for more brightness during the day and reduced brightness on your RGB chair during the night.

Chair ergonomics

Regardless of just how many RGB light modes your chair has, you need to look at ergonomics properly. An uncomfortable RGB chair is still uncomfortable. This is why a waterfall seat edge and proper lumbar support with adjustable armrests are must-have characteristics in these joyful gaming chairs that light up. You can even consider spending more on gaming chairs that come with extras such as lumbar and headrest pillows for that extra level of comfort. Since gaming is a hobby that takes hours, proper ergonomics is a must.


Lastly, your gaming chair with RGB lights should look good. We must admit most RGB gaming chairs look cheap. Furthermore, there’s nothing that devalues the aesthetics of your gaming setup as much as poorly-chosen RGB lights. This is why you need to think twice about how the chair and other illumination solutions are going to look like in your gaming room or at your gaming desk.

Closing thoughts

Only the best RGB gaming chairs feature multiple lights and various illumination modes. You can toggle your illumination modes to create a new mood every day. While these lights don’t offer sufficient illumination to play in the dark, they make your chair look considerably cooler.