9 Perfect Sleep Chair Alternatives That Are Cheaper

The Perfect Sleep Chair is a recliner for sitting, reading, and sleeping. It promotes “Zero Gravity” sleeping where its high chair cushioning gives you a “floating” feeling. But since it costs thousands, we take a closer look at worthy alternatives.

A sleep chair might not be the cheapest purchase you make for your home. Some chairs used for back surgery recovery as well as general sleeping recliners are known for the high comfort they offer. However, you might not want to spend a couple of thousand dollars on The Perfect Sleep Chair just to get the ultimate comfort chair in your living room.

A sleep recliner chair can also be affordable, even if it doesn’t come from a leading brand that often marks up prices due to high marketing costs.

The First Street Sleep Chair is known for its qualitative build, but it isn’t perfect. Before looking into Perfect Sleep Chair alternatives, let’s see where it stands in terms of quality.

Why The Perfect Sleep Chair is popular

The Perfect Sleep Chair features a comfortable sleeping construction with 5-gauge springs and hand-blown conjugated microfiber Dracon fill (a type of foam with a microfiber wrap). Here are a few benefits of this Perfect lift chair.

  • A combination of foam and spring cushioning – this makes the sleep recliner one of the most appreciated chairs in its class given its overstuffed cushioning.
  • The Perfect Sleep Chair leather – genuine Italian leather is one of the 3 materials used in this premium recliner. The Sleep Chair from First Street has advantageous colors to choose from as well.

A few drawbacks of the perfect sleep chair

There is no perfect sleep recliner chair. Even The Perfect Sleep Chair has its drawbacks. Apart from its prices, there are a couple of issues you should be aware of yourself. First Street Sleep Chair reviews mostly note the following.

  • The leather of the Perfect Sleep Chair rips quickly – some users say The Perfect Sleep Chair price should reflect better leather quality. At the very least, the price should be lower if the leather starts to rip after only 1 year.
  • The recliner is only 20” wide – this is a major issue as Perfect Sleep chair alternatives come in a width between 23 and 25 inches. A reduced width makes this sleeper recliner lift chair a bit less comfortable than adults would feel comfortable with.
  • The Perfect Sleep Chair does not lie completely flat – another issue is the angled footrest doesn’t sit horizontally when in a sleeping position. You can see the footrest sits a few angles lower in the front compared to the edge of the seat.
  • The footrest doesn’t extend in a seated position – some users such as seniors need to have their feet up on chairs for sleeping for the perfect comfort. This isn’t possible with this chair.
  • Massage features limited to upper back – the advertised massage function of these Perfect Sleep Chairs doesn’t work properly. It only massages the upper back.

9 Cheaper and Better Alternatives to The Perfect Sleep Chair

What can you do if you like The Perfect Sleep Chair but you don’t love its price? Considering its limitations, you are better off choosing one of the following sleep recliner chairs.

1.       Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair

The Mcombo best sleep chair is a recliner with USB charging that looks good and feels good. It’s a few times cheaper than The Perfect Sleep Chair but this doesn’t make it a poor choice by any standards. The chair with USB ports charges your phone while sleeping.

As a sleep chair with cup holders is also goes the distance with lift assistance. Chairs for seniors often need this lift assistance when getting out of the chair easier. As a massage lift chair, it also allows you to relax while sleeping. It features adjustable massage functions and the chair the helps you stand up also reclines fully for your comfort.

Most importantly, it features a soft cloth cover with anti-felting and anti-piling. It’s not a bad deal for such a cheap sleep chair.

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2.       Magic Union Power Lift Recliner Chair

A direct competitor of The Perfect Sleep Chair is Magic Union’s Sleep Chair. It looks the same, if not better with its elevated integrated headrest. This leather sleep chair is easy to clean given it comes with faux materials. It can also be categorized as a recliner with cup holders as it also stores refreshments.

Most importantly, it also comes with extra functions which are impressive at this price range. The chair that heats you features a heating function with various temperature settings. It is also a vibrating massage sleep chair. Unlike The Perfect Sleep Chair, it comes with 4 massage points. It massages both your up and your lower back together with 2 areas of your legs.

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3.       Irene House Dual OKIN Motor Lift Chair

This 300lbs lift chair recliner comes with a lift assist and beautiful leather covers. Available in different colors, it can be your olive sleep chair, your blue sleep chair, your brown sleep chair, or your grey sleep chair.

Unlike The Perfect Sleep Chair, this sleeping chair reclines fully flat. You can lay flat for the perfect sleeping position that mimics your horizontal bed laying posture.

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4.       Signature Design by Ashley Yandel

This contemporary sleep chair is among the most interesting power lift recliners that tilt. It helps you get up at an angle so that you don’t make an effort.

Made with soft cushions, it represents one of the simplest designs in its class for durability. As a sleep chair that lasts, this sleep chair is available in different colors. As a sleep chair for the elderly, it also features practical functions such as an integrated remote control. It allows you to easily recline or get up as needed.

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5.       Mcombo Large Power Lift Recliner Chair

If you love overstuffed chairs, this Mcobo recliner for large people is ideal for almost any user height. It features 9 vibration and heating modes making it ideal if you’re upgrading from a standard sleeping chair without vibrations. This sleep chair with storage also features a side pocket for its remote control, magazines, and other quick necessities.

Mcombo is a known online brand that impresses with good customer service and chairs for sleeping that is exactly as advertised.

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6.       Devaise Okin Recliner Chair

As a cheap sleeping chair that looks expensive, you wouldn’t expect this Devaise recliner to be affordable. This high-capacity recliner is ideal for big and tall users. It features a 450lbs weight capacity which makes it the ideal chair for obese users.

Otherwise, it impresses with its soft touch faux leather. Not all types of faux leather recliners are soft and this is why they can be a top addition to your home if you value comfort.

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7.       Merax Power Lift Recliner Chair

This fabric recliner is even softer to the touch. It’s recommended for seniors or any users who don’t like cold leather during the wintertime.

This modern recliner also features a new tufted backrest that makes it look unique. You can consider it as a stylish addition to your home even if a bulky sleep chair can’t be too avant-garde in looks. This foam sleep chair is also comfortable to sleep in. As The Perfect Sleep Chair Amazon alternative, it’s also very easy to use. All of its functions are easily controlled with 2 keys only.

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8.       Ever Advanced Lift Chair

The perfect lift chair with extending footrest is also made to look cool. It mimics real leather sleep chairs and it comes with multiple heating and massage points. 2 of these massage points allow your upper back to relax while others relax your lower back and your legs.

Pulse, press, and wave massage modes characterize this perfect sleep chair for seniors. The sleep chair with 300lbs capacity looks great in living rooms or any other room of your house.

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9.       Pulaski Dark Brown Leather Chair

Made with dual motors, the Pulaski best leather sleep chairs cost a fraction of The Perfect Sleep Chair while offering a full list of functions. For example, this sleep chair allows you to raise your legs while sitting. Not many other sleep chairs can offer this functionality. With generous padding, it’s still a bit smaller than other sleep chairs. This is why it’s our recommendation as a recliner for short people.

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How to choose the perfect sleep chair for you

If you want to choose the perfect sleep chair for you these options reviewed above are the ultimate solutions that are also affordable. Here’s how they were selected from a crowd of thousands of sleep chairs.

  • Skip real leather

You don’t need real leather sleep chairs anymore. Faux leather looks and feels exactly like real leather and it’s also more affordable. Why pay a premium price when you can simply choose a sleeping recliner that is cheap and as relaxing as its more expensive alternatives?

  • Consider cushioning

Cushioning is key when it comes to sleep chairs. Foam and sponge are key options for your sleeping comfort. You need to check the armrests that are also thickly padded as most brands try to save money by adding thinner cushioning on sleep chair armrests.

  • Look at the lift system

The lift system is typically an expensive part of a sleep chair. A top Perfect Chair review says cheap sleep chairs can’t offer the same quality for moving parts, which is simply not the case anymore. Furthermore, most sleep chair brands use the same lift system made by the same limited number of companies in this space.

  • Think about versatility

Can all family members sit in your sleep chair? Do you need to add a blanket to warm up the leather during the winter? Can you fit inside your small perfect sleep chair? All of these questions are answered with versatility. A large sleep chair with fabrics tends to cover all possible needs of a sleep chair at home. If you’re only using it by yourself, on the other hand, you can choose the exact features, styles, and materials you like.

Typical sleep chair dimensions

  • Width (armrest to armrest interior) – 22 to 24.5”
  • Backrest height – 26”
  • Footrest height – 19”
  • Total depth – 35”
  • Total height – 42-44”


The First Street Sleep Chair is a wonderful product with a few drawbacks. However, not everybody can afford it. This is why the best sleep chair needs to be affordable, comfortable and made to last. It should lift your legs up both in a seated position and in a reclined position. An ideal sleep chair should also come with heating and massage functions.

Massage sleep chairs typically need to come with adjustable intensity levels or different massage modes. This includes pulse, push, or rotating wave massage functions.

Another important aspect when choosing the perfect sleep chair for you is the maximum weight capacity. Modern sleep chairs are made with a weight capacity of between 300 and 450lbs. Depending on your size, you should not force a low-weight capacity sleep chair with higher loads. This is about the only reason for structural wear or damage.

Otherwise, cosmetic signs of wear can be avoided on sleep chairs by not placing hot or cold drinks on the armrests as well as taking care of sharp objects on the chair such as books or magazines. For example, most of the sleep chairs listed above have TUV-certified lift systems which allow you to use them every day for years to come with proven actuation durability.