12 Best Corner Shoe Racks and Benches for Storage

This article reviews 12 corner shoe racks you can use in your office or at home. All corner shore storage products below are made to last.

Have you ever wondered where you can get more storage space from? Corners are an ideal place to store shoes but you need the appropriate piece of furniture for the job. A corner shoe bench can work as can a corner coat rack and bench.

Top benefits of using a corner shoe rack

Corner shoe cabinets or corner shoe storage benches are made with one square (90-degrees) angle that fits in a corner and a rounded front. It typically sits between 2 walls or 2 pieces of furniture that form a straight 90-degree angle. Here are its main benefits.

  • Corner shoe racks save space

The most important benefit of using a shoe rack is saving space. Simply put, no other piece of furniture is specifically designed to fit in a corner.

  • Corner shoe organizers are affordable

While office furniture tends to be expensive, compact corner shoe racks are typically affordable. You can’t go wrong with this purchase compared to more expensive shoe storage alternatives.

  • Corner shoe storage looks good

The right corner shoe rack looks good. While a cheap corner shoe rack made from plastic looks cheap, you can see just how much this storage solution impacts the visuals of a corner from the examples listed below.

Best corner shoe racks you can use anywhere

Regardless if you’re looking for a solution to store your shoes at the office or home, the following products come with varying designs. Which one fits your free corner?

1.     Homissue Vintage Corner Shoe Bench

This elegant corner shoe bench also doubles as a corner coat rack. You can practically use it as an all-in-one corner storage furniture idea for your office or home.

It stores coats, shoes, umbrellas, and hats. Even more, since it also comes with a bench, it also allows you to sit while you’re getting your shoes on.

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2.     Prepac Corner Hall Tree

Prepac’s corner coat rack with bench is the classic design alternative for storing your personal belongings in corners. It stores a few pairs of shoes, coats, keys, and wallets. You can also use it as a sitting bench while getting ready. This tall corner coat rack with a bench needs to be anchored in the wall.

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3.     RiverRidge Corner Cabinet

This corner cabinet from RiverRidge works best when you want to keep your shoes out of sight. Featuring 2 small wooden doors, it ensures your shoes aren’t visible to guests.

Available in espresso and white, the corner cabinet is an ideal addition to your home or office space if you only need to store a few pairs of shoes on its built-in 3 shelves.

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4.     RiverRidge Corner Cabinet

This corner shoe organizer only stores shoes. It has a multipurpose construction which allows it to be used accordingly in a child’s bedroom, in the entryway, or at the office. You can place it in any corner to store multiple pairs of shoes and also use it as a storage solution.

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5.     Mango Steam Shoe Bench

A corner storage bench might not be easy to find. But Mango has a unique design that seems to be made for life. This durable steel corner shoe bench is an ideal shoe storage solution for corners that’s also comfortable. A plush bench allows you to sit for a few seconds until you get your shoes on.

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6.     Prepac Corner Hall Tree

White corner entryway storage looks great in any modern home. 2 shoe storage shelves are found at the bottom of this corner shoe rack together with sufficient space for a few coats or hats. A top corner storage shelf is added for your small belongings such as car keys.

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7.     Kings Brand Furniture Corner coat rack and bench

A modern corner coat rack with a bench comes from Kings Brand Furniture. This manufacturer offers minimalistic corner coat racks with shoe shelves for just a couple of pairs of shoes you use the most. It works great in apartments, small halls, and tight spaces given its reduced size. Multiple hanging hooks also make it one of the recommended solutions as corner bag racks.

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8.     Furinno Turn-n-Tube 5-Tier Corner Shelf

Sometimes, all you need are corner shoe shelves with a simple design. This Furinno corner shoe rack comes with 5 shelves for 5 pairs of shoes. While small, it makes the most of compact space such as corners behind a door or in a difficult angle where it would be difficult to add a classic shoe rack. You can also consider it as one of the modern corner shoe racks you can also use for various display items such as collectibles alongside your trainers.

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9.     Prepac Corner Hall Tree

This espresso-color corner shoe rack is one of the traditional designs with extra storage space. Multiple pairs of shoes you use weekly can be stored here alongside your favorite coats.  This corner hall cabinet can also be used for coats and tops, especially those which you need when you walk out of the house or office.

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10. KidKraft Mid-Century Corner Shoe Rack

This mid-century corner shoe rack is a kids’ corner reading station. It can work great with your mid-century office.  However, you can successfully also use it as a corner shoe storage bench which keeps some pairs of shoes out of sight while showcasing others since it includes sliding doors.

The top part of this best corner shoe rack features a sitting bench you can use to put the shoes on. One of the problems it solves is it allows your guests to have a place to sit while taking their shoes off when coming over.

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11. AquaTeak The Original Kai Corner Bench

This multipurpose corner bench is an ideal shoe storage solution for large corner spaces where its wooden frame can be properly displayed. It only works for 1-2 pairs of shoes and as a corner sitting bench.

Since it comes with an all-wood design it also matches other wooden office or home furniture. However, this corner bench was initially designed for the shower which means the treated wood continues to look good even in high humidity.

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12. Tribesigns 5 Tier Corner Shelf

This multifunctional corner shoe rack works in any space in the office or at home. It’s made for people who love rustic designs. The combination of wood and metal makes the corner shoe rack an elegant choice that certainly compliments other types of metal-wood pieces of furniture.

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