3 Tips on How to Use a Laptop at a Standing Desk

Using a standing desk with a laptop is different than with a PC. A laptop has the display closer to the keyboard which isn’t right for ergonomics. An ergonomic sitting position needs to have your elbows at a 90-degree angle so that you can keep your shoulders back and upper back straight. You also need to raise the laptop so that you look directly at the screen at around 22 inches from your eyes. Tilting your head down constantly to look at a laptop defeats the purpose of an ergonomic standing desk.

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6 Best Apps to Sell Furniture And Earn Money [Ranked]

The best apps to sell furniture include Chairish, LetGo, and Ebay. These apps run on Android and iOs smartphones and they total over 50 million users which increases the chances of a quick sale.

If you’re tired of researching how to sell furniture online, you need to go back to basics. Simple apps can help you get rid of your desk or old office shelves. You will need to install these apps on your smartphone and the best part is it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to upload your used furniture with a couple of photos.

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