6 Best Apps to Sell Furniture And Earn Money [Ranked]

The best apps to sell furniture include Chairish, LetGo, and Ebay. These apps run on Android and iOs smartphones and they total over 50 million users which increases the chances of a quick sale.

If you’re tired of researching how to sell furniture online, you need to go back to basics. Simple apps can help you get rid of your desk or old office shelves. You will need to install these apps on your smartphone and the best part is it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to upload your used furniture with a couple of photos.

Unbelievable, you may also find apps to sell furniture are not numerous and not even well-made. But we all sell furniture whether it’s from our home or our offices. I’m just looking to purchase a new office desk and I need to sell my current computer desk, which is in mint condition. I don’t want to throw it away as I’m sure someone on a budget will appreciate it more than I do. As a result, standorsit.com tested popular apps to sell furniture as follows.

  1. Chairish

If you want to get rid of your quality office furniture or even vintage furniture, Chairish might be just the right place. It stands out with its back-end editors’ work as they choose which pieces of furniture (and other objects get to be listed on the app.

As a result, it’s almost a given that your potential buyer is going to expect a high-quality furniture piece, even as a second-hand purchase.

What I like about the app is that it allows users to offer limited-time sales. This means you can attract attention to your listing by temporarily discounting its price.

  1. LetGo

The app has a very good interface and easy category navigation. One of its advantages is that it has millions of users and there are very good chances of finding purchasers here.

Where I think its limiting as a business is that its seen as a general app and if you’re representing a company, it might be hard to sell multiple pieces of furniture at once. However, there’s a system of reviews for buyers and sellers which means you can at least ensure you’re not wasting your time with poor offers.

  1. Ebay

Ebay allows you to sell furniture at a set price or to start an auction. The website has very good credibility, it enjoys millions of customers and it works safely with major payment methods and credit cards.

I like to work with established sellers on Ebay but when I’m selling furniture, I just double-check the information of the buyer such as the delivery address to make sure everything runs smoothly. A good tip here is to simply message the buyer to check delivery information.

  1. 5 Miles

The concept of 5 Miles took off for most people, even if it’s not my favorite. Its main idea is to drive sales and purchases within a 5-mile radius. However, the auction period is only 90 seconds long which isn’t great if you’re looking to sell more expensive pieces such as a leather office sofa.

  1. OfferUp

Another app to sell furniture locally is OfferUp. It has a very high 4.8 rating in Apple store from 3.5 million votes which confirms its almost perfect.

You can take pictures of your furniture and post it online just from your phone. For example, if you want to sell an old kitchen table you can have it online within a couple of minutes. There’s an internal messaging system that allows quick communication.

  1. Craigslist app

If all else fails, you can turn to Craigslist. It might have a bad reputation, but it helped me sell multiple pieces of furniture a lot faster than the other apps. It still has millions of users and your listing can get an offer within a couple of minutes, which rarely happens with other apps for selling furniture.

The app interface gets constant critiques but it works. It might not be the most modern interface, but it’s made for a large number of views first. Complicated graphics would only slow it down.

There’s even a history function within the app to go back to the items of furniture you wanted to sell. You can also save items you may want to purchase as well.

Over to you

Selling furniture using Android and iOs apps might not be new, but it’s certainly convenient. It might take a few apps until you find the right buyer, especially if you live in less populated areas. When you live in large metropolitan areas and the price for your furniture item is right, it shouldn’t take too long to get an offer.