Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Business Edition Review: The (Almost) Perfect Design

Made to favor standing instead of sitting, the Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Business Edition is made for the active worker. Available in different top colors, it is probably the most modern design in its class. Backed by a 5-year warranty and monthly payments financing, it is probably among the best solutions for standing office work.

When it comes to the world of standing desks, there are new names on the block. This Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Business Edition review looks at the standing desk challenging the likes of the Fully Jarvis or the Uplift’s designs.

As with all new standing desks, expectations are high. The SmartDesk 2 Business Edition is the best-selling design from the manufacturer. But apart from its sales and figures, it has a special feeling which makes users feel at home right at the workplace.

There is a special feel about the SmartDesk 2 which is closely tied to the way it is finished. Its top is actually made to look very sleek and modern. Its black and white versions make it look very distinct. A sort of minimalism which would have been seen at Ikea and which is only partly present at Fully.

Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Business Edition Review

When it comes to reviewing the SmartDesk 2 Business Edition, it is wise to understand that Autonomous does not have hundreds of products. As a result, the manufacturer places more emphasis on its limited products range. More marketing is placed behind these products as well.

Over time, Autonomous has grown out of the office furniture market. The brand now offers to sleep, traveling and lifestyle products. However, if there is one product which encompasses the manufacturer’s creed, that’s the SmartDesk 2.

Autonomous SmartDesk 2 in features

  • Available in a Classic (small) top and an XL (large) top
  • 30in by 53-inch design for the small top
  • 30in by 71in for the large top design
  • Considerably supportive at 300lbs of maximum weight
  • Adjusts from 25.9 to 51in in height
  • Sustained by a height adjustability speed of 2.3in per second
  • Saves up to 4 height preferences
  • Covered by a 5-year warranty
  • Monthly payments possible through financing
  • Available in black, white, walnut, and bamboo
  • White, black, and grey platform color options

The Autonomous SmartDesk 2 is one of the leading names in the affordable standing desk market. It costs nearly half as much as some of the popular standing desks users can find.

It makes it one of the more attractive options, especially when it comes to a large office which needs lots of them. The savings can be considerable. Of course, it might not come with the fastest height-adjustable motor, but the standing desk is still one of the most affordable designs users can hope for.

There are other unique advantages to the desk as well. Its improved weight capacity over the Home Version means it is truly made for all professionals. From those only working with a laptop to those who need support for multiple monitors, there is plenty of space for users to enjoy the latest tech and all the paperwork of a general working day.

The major strengths of the Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Business Edition

Reviewing the Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Business Edition cannot be done without separating its major strengths. The standing desk might not be as complex as many of its rivals, but it certainly is one of the most intriguing designs in its class.

It stands as one of the designs made for the user. It is not common to see new brands offering such simplicity, as most new names on the standing desk market aim to stand out by all means. But Autonomous had the right mindset.

•        Starts improving posture from day one

Stripping all features apart, the standing posture at work remains the biggest asset of the SmartDesk 3. Without promising anything else such as ergonomics, it manages to support users of various heights. Its height range varies from just below 30 inches to just above 50 inches.

This means that the height can even be different even if the person using the same is still the same. For example, writing at the desk might require a lower posture than simply browsing the web. However, the height adjustability means that the desk offers the same level of freedom to users of various heights, which makes it perfect for busy offices.

There are plenty of instances where users take up standing desks for the wrong reasons. There might not be as many good reasons to consider the SmartDesk 2 compared to its posture and health benefits. It has been already proven that better posture is achievable with standing desks.

  • In a 2017 study, those using standing desks showed higher alertness, enthusiasm, and interest.
  • A 2018 study at Boston University shows that standing desks help workers the role of their own musculoskeletal and physiological health.
  • A 2016 study by Mantzari et. al. show the negative impact of sitting such as low energy and low muscle contraction levels.

In these conditions, the Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Business Edition review acknowledges there are plenty of benefits to standing. Of course, these benefits are not necessarily attributed to the SmartDesk 2 only, but as it can be one of the first standing desks for many workers, it is certainly among the designs easy to recognize as revolutionary when coming from fixed alternatives.

  • Allows extra energy levels

As seen in the studies above, one of the direct benefits of standing at work, even if not for an entire shift, comes with higher energy levels. Avoiding sitting for long hours automatically comes with better energy levels. This goes both for the state of mind an how the body feels.

Most SmartDesk 2 user reviews also show that people are generally happy with the extra energy level. Of course, they will not run marathons after a long day of sitting, but users will be able to actually enjoy a bit more energy both through the day and after the workday.

There are other benefits to consider tied to energy as well. One of them can be tied with the mood in the office space, which has been declining over the years. It might be difficult to prove this, but having a look at how some employees are now happier with shorter work days or how the workspace has changed from dull, just a few decades ago, to relaxing and inviting in the present speaks for itself.

Those who’ve read the news just 10-15 years ago remember the articles praising Google and its modern workspace. In its headquarters, employees were able to have a custom workspace which offered them plenty of freedom. Such articles are not published anymore not because this is not happening in the workplace, but precisely because this has now become the norm. This is where the SmartDesk 2 can be part of such a custom workspace.

  • Boosts creativity and productivity

At the end of the day, all work needs to be done. Measuring productivity can be difficult. This is why users have to trust reviews which claim higher productivity levels. However, it would prove childish to simply purchase the Autonomous Smart Desk 2 Business Edition in the hope of getting work done. This is a benefit and not necessarily as considerable as many would think.

In many industries, enjoying better creativity is crucial. For most people, it can also be a matter of improved focus. Simply switching from sitting to standing can create a physical difference which can then be translated into a more work-like mindset or even as a reset action.

  • Very easy to use

Another distinct advantage of the SmartDesk 2 comes with its ease of use. Unlike many other standing desks, it does not complicate things too much. There are only a few buttons which the user needs to control. Up and down buttons are attributed to height adjustability. 4 height settings memory buttons are used as well.

Of course, the standing desk is also easy to install. But being made for the workplace, it is less likely to be actually installed by the worker and rather by a handyman installing multiple standing desks at once. However, even those with no standing desk installation experience can consider it themselves as the installation process is quite simple, even simpler than that of other standing desks.

Some weaknesses of the standing desk

Since no standing desk is perfect, the Autonomous SmartDesk 2 has to go through its judgment as well. While there are no major drawbacks, a few areas could be improved or at least users need to be made aware of them.

  • No cable tray

Autonomous sells cable trays separately. This is not the case with other standing desk brands. Users need to know that the more cable they have dangling from the standing desk, the more cluttered and busy the desk will look, which defeats the approach of simplicity. It is why users with multiple monitors and even other electronics with cables are recommended to purchase the cable tray as well.

  • Very slippery top

Another possible drawback to consider comes with the slippery top. All reviewers mention that there is a nice smooth finish on the top. But this also means coffee or tea cups can easily slide on the top and even lead to liquid spills. This is why coasters are highly recommended to prevent possible coffee accidents. However, the good news is that the various SmartDesk 2 tops are actually spill-resistant.

  • Stay active even while working

Going back to the basics of the Autonomous SmartDesk 2 review, it proves important to understand that the standing desk is made for those who want to be more active at work. A minority of users might not actually seek to become more active.

They will find no real benefits to upgrading to the SmartDesk 2. It is why it’s actually important to make a conscious decision on the reasons why such a desk would be useful in the first place. It is when people put their motivation behind bettering their posture that the long process can begin.

The Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Business edition vs. the Home Edition

One of the main differences compared to the SmartDesk 2 Home Edition is the actual weight capacity. If the Home design is made with a maximum weight of 220lbs, the Business Edition is made with a weight capacity of 300lbs. That’s an improvement of nearly a third in maximum weight capacity. It is why the Business Edition is truly suited for the office space where its likelier users will pack various items and electronics or files on the desk.

Loving the Autonomous SmartDesk 2Fully… like the Jarvis

The Fully Jarvis standing desk is a direct competitor to the Autonomous SmartDesk 2. It has a higher weight capacity at 348lbs. However, Jarvis is also more expensive. Both standing desks have similar controls. They are made with 4 memory height settings, which prove useful for different height preferences and even for different users.

However, both standing desks sell cable management accessories separately. The main difference is given in price, where the Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Business Edition proves better suited for those with tight budgets.

Final considerations

There might be different reasons why users go towards the Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Business Edition. Reading its reviews automatically shows how some workers chose it for its sleek design which others for its price.

A minority might choose it for its simple colors while another minority might choose the SmartDesk 2 for its simple use. However, all of these users have the same benefit which is based on the standing revolution.

This is why it’s actually the standing desk which offers the same health benefits as other more expensive standing desks which might come with more bells and whistles, but which don’t have better benefits on posture and health.

If there are other reasons to consider the Autonomous SmartDesk 2, they are purely marketing. Users should think about this simple standing desk as the first solution towards better posture and its linked benefits.

Of course, it is a solution which costs more than a fixed desk. However, it is still a standing desk which is more affordable than others. Some reviewers even value the monthly payment system which makes it more financially viable.

What do you believe? Is it worth spending more on another standing desk or is the Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Business Edition enough for the type of work you do?

Varidesk Pro Plus 36 Review – Lift Your Way to Better Posture

With a distinct sit-stand design, the Varidesk Pro Plus 36 is the most popular version for most users. Even it comes in smaller and larger sizes, the standing desk is indeed very popular. It can offer one of the most intuitive and practical solutions to alternate sitting and standing.


Varidesk Pro Plus 36 Review – is the two-tier converter right for standing?

First of all, why would anyone alternate sitting and standing? Why would anyone choose the Varidesk Pro Plus 36 for this? Sitting for long periods of time has been proven to be hurtful to the human body. It has been shown by research that this is a serious problem. But standing for long hours can impact the body as well. So most research in this area has shown that alternating sitting and standing is the best way forward. Then the Varidesk Pro Plus 36 comes in sight offering a minimalistic design which replaces entire classic standing desks with what is called a converter. But it can also be called a smaller standing desk.

Varidesk Pro Plus 36 – why most love and some don’t

The standing desk is indeed an original design. Why bother purchasing an entire desk for standing when this small alternative is at least as useful for most users? Made with quality materials, the Pro Plus 36 is ready to be used for hours at a time.

Reasons to buy the Varidesk Pro Plus 36

  • Based on the choice of sizes from standard 36in to shorter 30in or longer 48in
  • Unique two-tier design – one for the keyboard and another for the monitor
  • Based on an ergonomic design which converts any desk into a standing desk
  • Uncomplicated to use as it eve ships fully assembled
  • Based on a weighted base so that it doesn’t fly off the desk
  • Easy to lift based on its spring-assisted design
  • Handles one or two monitors as long as they do not exceed 35lbs
  • Offers 11 height settings which are suitable for better posture at the desk
  • Comes in a few finishes which include black, white, dark wood and butcher block
  • Has a theoretical potential to improve productivity
  • Sturdy while typing, even when fully extended
  • Has a maximum weight capacity of 45lbs with its 40in version

Reasons not to buy the Varidesk Pro Plus 36

  • Requires a lot of desk space
  • May not fit some laptops perfectly (MacBook Pro hangs-off the U-shape top tier in the front)

All the great features of the Varidesk Pro Plus 36

The Varidesk Pro Plus 36 can look complicated for some users. But in fact, it offers a simple solution to a complicated problem. It lifts the monitor and the keyboard which makes the user stand as well. The standing desk breaks the norms of what has been previously seen in this category, offering a solution for practically any location.

Two-tier design system and why it works – 11 heights to choose from

One of the first benefits of the standing desk converter comes with its two-tier design. As one of the two-tier designs, the converter might seem a bit complex. But in fact, it just uses a spring system to assist the lifting, as its top is not actually lifted at all times. Most importantly, users can enjoy different heights. There are 11 height positions which can be locked by the user.

This height adjustability comes with a low point of 4 1/2” (11.5cm) and a high point of 17 1/2” (44.5cm). As seen in user reviews, this is actually OK for most users. It allows a natural position at the screen, with the hands in a normal position on the keyboard tray.  While there is a fear the highest position would somehow limit the stability of the desk, this is far from the truth as it does a good job at keeping the two tiers level, even when typing on the keyboard.

Ergonomic aspects of the Varidesk Pro Plus

Is the desk ergonomic? Judging by its design, it looks like an ergonomic desk as it accommodates the body’s position in a natural way. Of course, the ergonomics of the standing desk are not necessarily a guarantee that it will do a good job for the posture of all users.

As it comes with front cutouts, it allows more space for the hands-on its sides, which should take some weight off the shoulders. But at the same time, as with all height adjustable desks, it is actually advisable to find the right posture for the monitor, as it will dictate the position of the body, of the shoulders and the position of the hands.

Varidesk calls the cut-outs posture curves and indeed, they theoretically allow the user to come closer to the desk. But in reality, many other variables matter. For example, the size of the monitor or monitors matters as well. If used with a laptop, it automatically allows a different height level or different adjustability for its display so that it would allow typing form proper posture.

The benefits of the standing desk on posture

Standing has been increasingly considered as a better alternative to sitting for long hours. But the way users stand in front of the desk is different. For example, a number of users are not even standing all the time as they can use a various stool. They are not sitting either, but they are leaning against a stool. This type of help can be useful when it comes to taking a break from standing without actually minimizing its benefits too much, as stability core muscles are still activated when using a height adjustable stool.

On the other hand, the best benefits are seen in the sitting and standing alternations. Users can simply stand for a period of time, sit and then repeat as many times as they want, through the day. This puts the emphasis on the posture and it makes them actively think about how they sit. Furthermore, users also have the capacity of relaxing their muscles as they get sore through the day. Of course, the number of posture alternations actually varies from person to person.

In the beginning, most people do not have the strength to stand for too long. But as stability muscles get better, users get closer to the true benefits of the Varidesk Pro Plus 36. In fact, in some cases, users even report feeling uncomfortable during the first few weeks with the desk, partly due to this learning curve where the body adapts to a different type of working after years of sitting. On the other hand, users who come from other standing desks will find the converter as easy to use as possible.

Maximum weight and monitors

The weight capacity of the standing desk is 45lbs. This means that there is not too much space for extras on it. Apart from holding a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse, there is not too much room or too much extra capacity for other objects. Since it is mainly made for office work, this weight capacity should cover the needs of most users.

But at the same time, the standing desk can also work with monitor arms, which lift the display even higher. Of course, this weight capacity is in the apanage of the largest converter. The maximum weight is starting to become lower when users go for one of the smaller converters.

There is a lot of discussion around the idea of proper weight distribution. Most converters actually suffer in this compartment. Even if the weight on it is not actually above its maximum capacity, it is still enough to reduce its stability when not evenly distributed.

This is why all Varidesl marketing materials actually have the monitors as far back as possible on the desk, to keep it in balance when the hands reach the keyboard on the lower tier, which is closer to the user than the upper tier.

Black, white and everything in-between – the colors of the Varidesk Pro Plus 36

But the standing desk is not simply utilitarian. Users can find different solutions to their problems simply by adjusting the way the space they work in or the space they live looks better.

This psychological shift has already been proven numerous times. While the desk is available in multiple colors, the options are limited to 4. If the standard option is the all black converter, there is space for alternatives with an all-white alternative and a couple of natural wood looks which can liven it up. One trick is to simply match the color of the converter with the color of the desk it sits on, this way it will not feel like an accessory as much.

No handyman needed and why the standing desk can be used out-of-the-box

A unique advantage to the standing desk converter comes with its pre-installed approach. All users can benefit from this efficient design as there are no parts to be installed and no screws to deal with. As it is ready to use out-of-the-box, the converter can be shipped straight to the office or at home and used as soon as it arrives.

Many other converters still require users to go through the installation process themselves. But one of the distinct advantages of such compact designs is that they can be assembled in the factory.

Features which still hold the Varidesk Pro Plus 36 from its full potential

While there are other benefits for the users to consider, they should also be aware of the potential drawbacks of the chair. In most cases, these drawbacks are somewhat limited and not full drawbacks as it depends on how the user sets up the converter. But still, the manufacturer should be more transparent with claims on posture improvement as follows.

Still needs a stool and chair

Simply imagining a workplace where the converter is all that’s needed is unrealistic. In fact, standing for long hours is just as bad as sitting for long hours. There is anecdotal evidence to show that most users can actually benefit from this sitting and standing variation.

So what is missing from the picture? A chair is missing, at the very least. The chair should also be an ergonomic design made for proper posture. Alternatively, an added height-adjustable stool can be useful as well. Users can simply find the best posture by allowing themselves to be in an in-between position. In so many cases, this is all that’s needed.

Limited space on the fixed desk

Another possible issue comes with the actual space on the fixed desk. Since the converter is quite large, there is not too much space to use on most desks. This is why some users will have to find another spot for their pot plants, they extra monitors, notebooks, files, etc.

It is also one of the main reasons why so many users can’t decide if the converter is a permanent solution or a temporary solution. But with the right storage space, it could be used to its maximum potential. Yet again, there are not tips and trick on how to do this properly.

Is the Varidesk Pro Plus right for home and office use?

The Varidesk Pro Plus 36 is a versatile design. It can be used in any location and it allows users a level of freedom which they would only hope for when it comes to standing at work. It is now seen across offices in the world and this is proof it actually works.

However, more than any other standing desk, this compact converter requires users to have a bit of creativity with their space to see its maximum benefits. What are your tips for the Varidesk Pro Plus 36? Do you use a stool? How long do you stand for without feeling tired? Let us know in the comment section below.

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk Review: Mousepad With Height Adjustability

Reviewing the Arozzi Arena gaming desk cannot be separated by its height adjustability functionality. The desk is suitable for sitting and standing as well as a combination of both. Made by a respected brand in the gaming industry, the Arozzi Arena is one of only three desks (Arena, Arena Leggero, and Arena Leggero Start Trek Edition) from the manufacturer. Mainly known for its chairs, Arozzi managed to create a distinct advantageous design for gamers who care about their posture. Luckily, this has been achieved without needed an impressive budget.



With 10cm height adjustability, the gaming standing desk is based on a steel frame. Its two legs are solid-enough to handle one or multiple monitors and they are also the base of a durable design which can be used for years. Of course, its affordability means gamers need to say goodbye to a few features, such as easy height adjustability.

Reasons to consider the Arozzi Arena gaming desk

  • Easy step-by-step installation
  • Based on a height adjustable design
  • Shipped with a large mouse pad to cover the top surface
  • 176lbs (80kg) weight capacity
  • 1.600mm X 820mm top surface
  • Shipped with 3 cutouts for cable management
  • Offers included cable management basket
  • The top surface is resistant to liquids and accidental spills
  • Holds up to three monitors
  • Designed with 4 adjustment knobs

Reasons not to consider the Arozzi Arena

  • No height adjustment lever
arozzi arena mousepad top

The key strengths of the Arozzi Arena

The standing desk is one of the most affordable in its class. When gamers see such affordability, the might associate it with poor performance. But this is far from the truth as the standing desk offers a reliable surface for a fraction of the price of most height adjustable designs available at the moment.

It has been said about the Arozzi Arena that it’s not the most stable standing desk. But if properly installed, it offers a stable surface. Of course, if the weight on the standing desk is also properly distributed, it handles all tasks with grace.

The standing desk is an entry-level design. Its top is not made from premium hardwood but instead from 3 pieces which need to be put together. But the good news is that they work well as they are cut to precision. They can be easily fitted within minutes.

  • Weight capacity and size

With the maximum weight capacity of 176lbs, the Arozzi Arena represents one of the simplest and most efficient solutions for any type of gaming needs. It can even handle desktop computers with a monitor and its accessories. Those playing on gaming laptops can even find it easy to use. But at the same time, the standing desk is purely made for the average user who is not going to store any other equipment outside gaming needs on the desk.

Of course, the size of the desk would allow it to be considered for a few extras such as a printer or even additional monitors. At 160 X 82cm, it can suit the space needs of gaming equipment. Made with a sturdy profile, the desk can easily be overloaded with objects, cables, and accessories. But given its height adjustable profile, it is mainly advisable to keep it as low as possible so that when the time comes to change the height, this would be done smoothly.

  • Standing revolution

One of the main advantages of the Arozzi Arena comes with its height adjustability. Theses desks might still lack the popularity they deserve, but they certainly represent one of the best solutions for gamers thinking about proper posture.

Of course, the desk may not be used on its own, as it may also need a stool as well. But at the same time, gamers can simply stand while playing their favorite game. For most users, the standing desk is among the best options when it comes to the overall freedom of movement, posture and all the extras such as better energy levels which are associated with being more active at the desk.

Arozzi has yet to intrude a stool for a standing desk, but there are many affordable options users can consider when they want to take a break from standing. For its price and a long list of benefits, the standing desk is actually a mature product.

arozzi arena metal legs

Ready for heavy use

Since it is made with high weight capacity and sturdy steel legs, the desk can be considered for daily use. It offers a sturdy platform for gamers who want to place their computers or laptops on it as well as additional accessories such as keyboards or desktop speakers.

Since it is made with a steel frame, the standing desk is considered among the durable designs on the market. This means that unlike many other designs which come with complicated motors that can break, the Arozzi Arena has no pieces which could break in time. Even if it is a simple design, this can be an option for those who are not planning to update their standing desk in the near future.

  • Customization options

The customization options of the standing desk are very similar to what the manufacturer offers with most of its products. Color options include all black, blue, green, red, white and a black/red combination. Of course, the legs are the ones which come in different colors as the top is covered by the mousepad. Given that this mousepad surface covers the entire surface of the desk, gamers have the ability to play from all angles with maximum mouse responsiveness.

A few limitations to consider with the Arozzi Arena

While the standing desk is great at what it promises to do, it also has a few limitations. They can include a simplistic design and the lack of a motorized performance. However, not much can be expected in terms of tech for such a low price.

  • No lever and no buttons for height adjustability

The biggest drawback of the Arozzi Arena remains its height adjustability impracticality. Gamers need to unscrew 2 screws in the legs in order to raise the standing desk using an Allen wrench. This is rare on the standing desk market as most products come with a manual lever which lifts the desk.

It is why the main issue to address for future owners if they actually are willing to sacrifice ease of use for an affordable price. In many cases, the answers are positive and gamers do not mind doing it all on their own from time to time. In other cases, gamers even prefer to adjust the height of the desk multiple times per day which immediately puts the focus on the issue of practicality.

Of course, actually adjusting the height when there are multiple monitors on the desk can prove impossible. This is why extra care needs to be had during the process. However, those who do not actually adjust the height of the desk too often might not be put off by this lack of practicality.

  • Desktop materials

If there are a few other minor drawbacks to consider, the desktop materials might still be on the mind of potential users. Made to be affordable, the standing desk comes with a rubberized desktop cover which resembles a mouse pad. While this is a guarantee of durability, it is also not as elegant or as the premium of design as a few other alternatives from other brands.

Those who are looking for premium standing desks are probably not considering the Arozzi Arena. But at the same time, gamers looking to save money and invest more in actual gaming equipment might not be bothered by a pristine lacquered desktop finish in the advantage of the mousepad cover.

arozzi arena cable basket

Ideal user and unique strengths

So who are the ideal users of the Arozzi Arena? Most gamers can find the product is actually easy to use if not adjusted too often. At the same time, one of the issues at hand comes with the actual daily use of the desk, which is the characteristics dictating the ideal user.

Gamers who are keen on getting their foot on the standing desk ladder might be the target audience for the standing desk. They are going to be the users who are most satisfied with the desk. It’s unlikely to see users coming from a more expensive standing desk to the Arozzi Arena. However, what is likely to happen is seeing users coming from fixed desks to the Arena. Gamers who are already tired of sitting in the same position dealing with possible back pain or even lack of mobility and energy might see the desk as a viable alternative. Without spending too much, the standing desk can offer the response they need for better posture.

Another ideal user for the gaming desk comes with professionals who are looking for an affordable standing desk. Why bother spending thousands on Ikea or Varidesk alternatives when Arozzi can offer a solution which holds up to 3 large monitors and which allows users to stand? Such professionals can include photo editors and designers as well as any other category seeing value in using multiple monitors at a time.

Unique advantages to consider

Even as an affordable product, the standing desk still comes with its own unique advantages. One of them is the cutouts which are used for cable management. But the desk also comes with a cable basket, which holds all the cables underneath the desk. With 90% of standing desks on the market, such a basket or cable management system is purchased separately. The main advantage is, of course, a clutter-free gaming space. But it can also be a solution to reduce dust levels in the gaming room as cables are dust magnets.

Another distinct advantage is seen in the installation process. Arozzi also ships the product with step-by-step installation instructions. While these instructions are seen with most standing desks, the manufacturer actually managed to create usable instructions. Based on graphics only, the instructions allow even new users to install the standing desk themselves. At the same time, the Arena desk needs no extra helping hands to be placed in its final position.

There are 2 boxes which are shipped when the product is ordered. All users are advised to go through the installation guidelines before installing the standing desk. All the equipment and tools such as wrenches are already included in the pack.

Final considerations

The Arozzi Arena gaming desk is an edgy product. Gamers either love it or they hate it. But the truth is for this budget, the standing desk has just a few competing alternatives. At the same time, it manages to offer durability which is impressive for such a low price.

In most homes, the standing desk might as well be the first of its kind. This is where the manufacturer manages to offer the standing revolution at an affordable rate. Without taking away from other budgets such as that of the actual gaming equipment, the standing desk allows users to improve their posture.

Standing has been linked to improved energy levels. At the end of the day, standing can also encourage being more active. Since users are likelier to take a break from gaming while standing, the Arozzi Arena is simply recommended for all users who want to make a change from their fixed desks.

Of course, a few other purchases might be needed. One of them is a stool which allows users to sit/lean and take a break from long hours of standing. A standing mat can also be considered to reduce the pressure on the legs. But at the same time, the standing desk offers one of the most impressive solutions when gamers want a large desktop surface. Dealing with up to 3 monitors at the same time means users can feel free to navigate different programs at the same time. Since there are no moving parts to worry about, the Arozzi Arena also stands out for durability, on top of these practicality characteristics. This is why it can be a gaming platform for years and years.