7 Best Slide Under Sofa Tables

Only the best slide under sofa tables allow you to work on your laptop, drink a coffee, or enjoy snacks in a relaxed position. These slide under sofa tray tables are typically small and practical. Made with or without wheels, they can be an alternative to always holding your laptop on the sofa. If you have minimal work to do on a portable computer, one of these best slides under sofa tables can be an inexpensive addition to any furniture set.

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5 Best Standing Desk Balance Boards For Increased Productivity

The best standing desk balance board is supportive and easy to use. Lateral tilting needs to be second nature on these boards so that you improve focus and productivity while working at the desk.

When you stand for long periods, you might face stiff legs or reduced blood flow. Balance boards for standing desks improve mobility and blood circulation throughout the day. These are the balance boards you can consider for your standing desk.

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3 Tips on How to Use a Laptop at a Standing Desk

Using a standing desk with a laptop is different than with a PC. A laptop has the display closer to the keyboard which isn’t right for ergonomics. An ergonomic sitting position needs to have your elbows at a 90-degree angle so that you can keep your shoulders back and upper back straight. You also need to raise the laptop so that you look directly at the screen at around 22 inches from your eyes. Tilting your head down constantly to look at a laptop defeats the purpose of an ergonomic standing desk.

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Using a Standing Desk While Pregnant – Should You Do It?

Using a Standing Desk While Pregnant

It’s safe to say that using a standing desk while pregnant is recommended. However, alternating sitting and standing while pregnant is a must. Using a standing desk while pregnant is still a taboo topic. While there are studies to show the effects and possible drawbacks of standing during pregnancy, not much attention is given to standing desks and how expecting mums can use them properly.

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Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Business Edition Review: The (Almost) Perfect Design

autonomous smartdesk 2 business edition review

Made to favor standing instead of sitting, the Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Business Edition is made for the active worker. Available in different top colors, it is probably the most modern design in its class. Backed by a 5-year warranty and monthly payments financing, it is probably among the best solutions for standing office work.

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