12 Best Office Chairs Under $300 in 2021 (With Pictures)

These best office chairs under $300 have been ranked by popularity. You can choose the right sitting solution for you by learning more about their main strengths.

Nouhaus Ergo3D is the best office chair for under 300 dollars. It now comes at a discounted price and its ergonomic construction recommends it for proper postural support with good airflow through its ventilated office chair materials.

The Ergo3D office chair is slightly above the budget, however. If you aren’t close to $300, you can choose one of the concomitant office chairs that last from our list.

3 benefits of getting an office chair under 300

Most buyers can remind you why you can go after such an affordable office chair. At this price, you’re already stepping up from the entry-level options and getting into some of the best office chairs for the money.

  • Just as good as expensive office chairs

You can get a comfortable office chair for a small amount of money instead of buying an office chair over 500 and up to 1.000 dollars. These affordable office chairs are ideal if you want ergonomic sitting without overspending.

  • Adjust your sitting position

Adjustability options are highly limited on entry-level office chairs. At 300, things are completely different as you can get all the adjustability functions you need for a low price.

  • Choose an office chair that looks good

The same principles apply to office chair design. Simply put, office chairs under $100 cannot look as good as office chairs under $300. Cheap office chair brands don’t have the budget or the profit margins to invest in how a chair looks too much. But the chairs listed below already look great which can recommend them for home or office use.

The Best Office Chairs Under $300 Ranked by Sales

The best ergonomic office chair under 300 is the best office chair for you. These chairs are selected by what others think about them but since you’ll be sitting on them you need to know the difference. There’s not but between office chairs that are priced anywhere in the $200 to $300 mark so you’ll need to pay attention.

12. Bilkoh Ergonomic Office Chair

Staring off with Bilkoh’s ergonomic office chair you can see that this list is going to be packed with amazing designs. Sure, office chairs priced under 300 are rarely made by Herman Miller or Steelcase, but the alternatives are comparable and they’re getting better every year.

This office chair with an ergonomic design is made for full-body support. What users like most about it are that its mesh materials aren’t rigid. This means it easily adjusts according to your body’s micro-movements for the ultimate versatility and sitting ergonomics. As the best office chair for upper back pain, we see it as a true friend to your body.

Featuring a breathable backrest and a ventilated seat, this office chair with mesh materials is made for all seasons. The mesh makes you feel comfortable and most importantly, it turns this sitting solution into an office chair for long hours given it won’t overheat your body.

A few other reasons why we like this budget office chair include its adjustability options. It works for users of all heights. This Bilkoh best office chair with headrest impresses with its customization options. Even its armrests are adjustable. This office chair’s armrests adjust up to 2.9 inches and they swivel up to 36 degrees to the sides. At this price, it offers good ergonomics as an office chair for reduced wrist pain and as an office chair for long hours of sitting.


  • Designed with a removable lumbar pillow
  • A 300lbs capacity office chair
  • Floating seat design


  • Not for those who need thick cushioning upholstered office chairs
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11. Tribesigns Office Chair

Tribesigns also has a strong contender for the title of the best computer chair under 300. If you’ve been following the office furniture space at standorsit.com for a while you know this chair is one of the best office chairs with adjustable seat depth. It’s crucially seen as one of the best office chairs for low back pain or sciatica when it comes to the ultimate setting customization. Since it features an ergonomic S-shaped backrest that reduces pressure on your spine, particularly on your lower back, this office chair shines in sitting posture customization.

If you’re after an office chair with a headrest you’re also in the right place. Unlike the office chair above, this one features a much smaller headrest, making it a bit better for the office rather than switching it to an office chair for home use.

Tribesign’s best office chair for under 300 dollars also comes with breathable materials. A combination of mesh and fabrics is used to support the body in the correct sitting position. Did you know mesh materials help reduce desk work health and comfort issues such as overheating and sweating? If you’re sitting at the desk for 8 hours per day you know just how big these issues truly are.

There are 3 tilt levels used by the office chair. 90 degrees is the standard sitting position at the computer desk. But then, this office chair that reclines goes down to 110 and even to 135 degrees. Do you need to rest your eyes on the monitor? Recline and relax for a few seconds.


  • Made with adjustable tilt tension
  • Designed with adjustable lumbar support that goes up and down
  • Made with a seat that slides (top feature under 300)


  • Not available in multiple colors
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10. Phi Villa Ergonomic Office Chair

This 400lbs capacity office chair is made for big and heavy users. Phi Villa office chairs come in a neat design that looks good hiding their rugged high-weight capacity construction.

This upholstered office chair for under $300 is one of the ideal options if you simply don’t feel comfortable sitting on the synthetic mesh. Maybe the draft is too much for you or maybe you simply like the plush upholstered construction of this office chair. Whichever the case is, you need to expect plenty of sponge cushioning here. This office chair is among the leaders in desk chair with flip-up arms as well. You can use it to easily get out of the chair or you can simply use it as a comfortable black best office chair without armrests.


  • Heavy sponge filling
  • A leather office chair for executives
  • Plush sitting feeling


  • Not ideal if you sweat in a chair
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9. OFM ESS Office Chair

Considerably below the budget, this stylish office chair is the recommended choice if you work for short periods at the desk. Some mark it as the best office chair that looks nice while others simply see it as a minimalistic office chair.

However, its style is ideal for mid-century modern office chair design lovers. Covered in upholstered fabrics, it also has a different touch to an office chair made with mesh, leather, or fake leather. This office chair looks and feels expensive while being sold for the fraction of the price of others on our list.

The main question you need to ask yourself is what’s the difference between a mid-rise and a high backrest office chair? The answer to this question is related to the time you spend at the computer. The more hours you work at the desk, the more support your back needs.

For short periods of work of up to a few hours at a time, this fabrics office chair that doesn’t even cost 300 is the ideal choice for comfortable sitting. It still goes up and down, but as a chair with fixed armrests, it offers no other customization options.


  • Available in multiple colors
  • A best mid-century office chair for home use
  • 360 swivel office chair


  • Not too many customization options
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8. Armen Living Geneva Office Chair

As long as we’re discussing the best mid-century office chairs you also need to take a closer look at this popular high sales Armen Living office chair. It looks great and it goes the distance when it comes to sitting comfort.

As a chair with built-in armrests, you can’t expect it to be as adjustable as other ergonomic office chairs under 300. However, it goes up and down to suit users of different heights. But the most appealing aspect of this office chair is just how good it looks.

Wood, chrome, and black leather are combined to create an office chair that looks amazing. Its mid-century contemporary design makes this office chair the sensible choice for users who love style above everything else. It’s the Alfa Romeo of the office chairs world. Sure, it’s not as fine-tuned as other office chairs, but it looks amazing and to the right user, this is just what’s needed.

It does come with one ‘trick’ up its sleeve. This office chair is built with waterproof construction. It might count for nothing, but if your desk is in a busy area where work colleagues can spill tea or coffee at any moment, it might be nice knowing your best mid-century modern office chair is fully protected.


  • A fashion office chair that looks good
  • Made with wear-resistant leather and wood
  • Great combination with a chrome office desk


  • Limited 250lbs maximum weight capacity
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7. Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair

This best office chair with footrest offers plenty of features other more expensive branded office chairs can’t. For example, it offers an extendable footrest. This small footrest extends up to 10.8 inches from underneath the office chair’s seat making it ideal for resting. Taking work breaks is crucial. Studies show taking work breaks has a positive effect on health.

A large headrest is added to this capable office chair. You might need it when taking those breaks so many people can’t stop talking about when it comes to health.

Another reason to consider this best ergonomic office chair above others is its adjustable lumbar support. A simple lumbar support system that goes up and down might not be the most high-tech addition to its backrest, but it might offer the most ergonomic benefits.

While you might think such a tall office chair might not offer any other customization options you need to prepare for more. It features armrests that recline with the backrest as well as one of the most durable office chair pull levers to adjust the height. You pull it to go up and down at once.


  • More breathable than other big and tall office chairs
  • High 330lbs weight capacity
  • Ideal office chair for long hours


  • Only available as a black office chair
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6. Amazon Leather Office Chair

Bonded leather office chairs are almost impossible to find at a low price. However, the best office chairs under 300 need to include this option from Amazon. Made with thick leather and proper cushioning, this office chair feels solid. Given its thick upholstery, this can also be the best office chair for sciatica. Since the upper backrest is considerably thicker in cushioning than on its alternatives, you can also see it as one of the best office chairs for upper back pain.

One of the main advantages of this best office chair that rocks are the leather cover. Made with perforated leather, this office chair feels like a more expensive product, which is often the case with chairs made directly by Amazon.

Another valid reason to go after this ergonomic executive office chair under $300 is the design of the flip-up armrests. These armrests are some of the best when it comes to how solid the moving mechanism feels and you’re likely to be using them for years unlike with other cheap office chairs.

Cream and grey are the only 2 color options for the executive office chair. Most people choose the cream alternative as it seems a bit more plush and a bit more similar to what you can see on high-end office chairs.


  • It feels heavy at 48lbs
  • Made with an elevated headrest
  • Considerably under the budget


  • No lumbar support adjustability
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5. Boliss Big and Tall Office Chair

This 500lbs office chair is one of the most durable options on the list. While made for big and tall fat users, the office chair with 500lbs weight capacity is still under 300. This office chair is specialized as it is first made to handle considerable weight. On the other hand, it does feature essential characteristics that still allow it to be used as a regular office chair.

This office chair for tall users is ideal if you’re up to 6’2”. It features a thick sponge seat that holds your high weight properly. A mesh backrest that moves with your back is added to the seat to make it even more comfortable.

At 20.8 inches between the armrests, this sometimes feels like an elephant. This is why it’s not the best office chair for short people as these users would feel a bit out of place while sitting in it.

The rocking office chair features a seat that is 22 inches deep, essential to prevent the lip of the seat from cutting out the back of your thigs or calves while sitting.

The 20.5” backrest is also a cool addition when it comes to everyday use, especially for overweight users who need an office chair to sit on for long hours.

One of the main drawbacks of these high weight capacity office chairs is they lack design finesse. You can appreciate this isn’t the most beautiful office chair. But at the same time, it might just be one of the sole options you have for a high weight capacity chair under 300 dollars.


  • Wide 24” seat
  • 500lbs office chair for overweight or tall users
  • Made with a rocking office chair function


  • Not the most beautiful design
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4. Homcom Reclining Leather Office Chair

Homcom’s leather office chair with a footrest is one of the ideal solutions to use at the desk. It looks great, it allows you to sit properly, and it comes with comfortable materials that last for years.

This office chair is all about the extra cushioning with the upholstered sponge and PU leather covers. It features thicker cushioning in the middle of the seat and backrest as this is where most of the user’s weight lies.

The sponge filling of the backrest has been made to sit in place and not move around as with other office chairs with multiple visible stitching lines. Its original design backrest also offers neck and head support. As the best office chair that will last, there’s simply no point in buying it for a short period these small manufacturing and style adaptations prevent it from flattening too soon.

Some of these style cues are also seen in the design of the seat. It’s here that you can finally see a thick sitting area. However, the thicker padding here is added towards the front of the seat which makes this office chair an even better choice for taller users.

Rounded cushioned armrests support your elbows while sitting in this office chair. These armrests provide the much-needed support to eliminate back pain from office chair sitting.

A footrest has also been added to this office chair under 300. It comes out from underneath the seat as you need to pull it in front of you. This footrest then needs to be flipped up so that you can start putting your feet up in comfort while sitting back and enjoying one of the best sitting experiences at this price.


  • Made with a recline and lock backrest
  • It tilts
  • 264lbs weight capacity


  • It can look bulky
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3. Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

This Gabrylly office chair is made by ergonomic sitting principles and it’s now available at a lower price. Mesh office chairs come and go but good ones are almost impossible to spot at a good price. Gabrylly’s office chair is one of the good ones and while it’s not made by a leading worldwide brand, it still offers one of the office chairs that is popular as it sells in its thousands.

As the best office chair with neck support under 300, this office chair is one of the ideal options for your spine. It features a removable headrest that is also height-adjustable. Its mesh headrest adjusts up to 6 inches making it one of the most customizable in all price ranges. The headrest might be needed if you want to diminish upper back pain and a stiff neck from too much sitting around. Using this headrest isn’t complicated either. You simply push a side button and lower or raise it as needed.

The mesh backrest and seat of this office chair can be considered a bit more rigid than on others. You don’t need a loose mesh for proper postural support. Their benefits include better ventilation and an office chair that prevents sweating, it might just work for all of those who need to sit at least a full day’s work.

Flip-up armrests that also adjust in height have been added to this office chair. This combo makes it one of the most affordable office chairs with adjustable armrests and it’s a design we highly recommend if you want to work healthy and take frequent breaks where you get off the chair every 1 or 2 hours for a couple of minutes.

The tilt function of the office chair has also been positively reviewed. However, this chair is bought even by those who never use the tilt backrest function. Some people are simply not interested in tilting their office chairs.


  • Made for ergonomic sitting
  • One of the most beautiful headrest designs
  • Best office chair armrests for adjustability


  • Not comfortable as a chair for cross-legged sitting
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2. Clatina Office Chair

This Steelcase alternative office chair is one of the ideal choices for the ultimate ergonomic sitting under 300 dollars. It comes with perfect adjustability features and it can even be seen as a Herman Miller alternative when shopping on a limited budget.

Let’s start with its biggest advantages. The office chair features an adjustable backrest and a depth-adjustable seat. This makes it ideal to bring you closer or further from the desk and the backrest so that you don’t put unnecessary pressure on your lower back.

Furthermore, one of the main advantages of this office chair includes the supportive backrest and seat materials with mesh and cushioning. It almost looks like an office chair under $500 given its materials are so good.

With 275 pounds maximum weight capacity, this office chair is not a gimmick either. Many alternatives that are made with a sliding seat are simply too wobbly to comfortably hold an adult.

Swivel and recline feature complete this office chair into one of the best packages you can hope for when it comes to everyday use.


  • Reclines to 135 degrees
  • Best for any comfortable sitting position
  • 3D armrests with proper adjustability


  • It needs better marketing for what it is
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1. Nouhaus Ergo 3D

Nouhaus Ergo 3D is the winner for the title of the best office chair under 300. While very close to the Clatina office chair, Nouhaus’ Ergo 3D is a bit more popular, mainly through its larger backrest. While not as elegant as the Clatina chair, Ergo 3D office chair reviews show just how reliable it is in terms of adjustability.

Dynamic lumbar support is added to keep you sitting upright. It adds or removes pressure from the lumbar area so that you can find the most comfortable sitting position at the computer desk.

An adjustable headrest is added to the tall office chair for even better full-length back support. Its backrest has been positively reviewed by almost all of its buyers.

Made for maximum weights of up to 275lbs, this office chair is also ideal for long hours. It features a breathable seat that keeps you in a comfortable situation throughout the day even when you don’t have the luxury of taking frequent breaks.

Another good reason to consider this office chair is its added blades. They work wonderfully on almost any surface. This office chair for carpets is also one of the best office chairs for hardwood floors as it uses roller blades instead of hard casters that can potentially ruin your floors. The office chair for tile is ideal even as an office chair for thick carpets as the large roller blades easily slide on almost any surface. A top chair that goes the distance even at a low price.


  • Great backrest adjustability
  • Improved roller blades for any floor
  • Based on a durable aluminum wheelbase


  • Thin armrests padding
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23 Reasons to get an office chair under $300

  • You save money if you know which office chair to buy
  • Long warranty as seen in the 5-year policy of the Clatina and Nouhaus office chairs above
  • All the adjustability functions you need including a custom lumbar support feature
  • Chairs that come with or without an adjustable headrest
  • A choice of top materials from mesh to fabrics
  • A few decent choices between casters and roller wheels
  • Ergonomic sitting thorough adjustable armrests
  • Synchronized seat and backrest with depth and height adjustability
  • Good choice of neutral colors
  • The first office chairs with flip-up arms that don’t fall apart
  • Maximum weight capacity between 260 and 500lbs
  • Backrest tilt function, typically to 135 degrees
  • A choice of upholstered executive leather office chairs on a budget
  • Excellent comfort for short and long hours
  • Ideal first home office chair with full ergonomics
  • Proven office chairs that benefit from thousands of reviews unlike some of their more expensive alternatives
  • While they aren’t the most innovative, office chairs under 300 can look luxurious as seen in the Amazon office chair above
  • Enhanced breathability as mesh dominates the number one choice for materials
  • Easy assembly as most office chairs in this price range are ready in 15 minutes
  • Typically good customer service support as many of these smaller brands try to make a name for themselves
  • Good for users of all heights from 5’2” to 6’2”
  • You can even find a good office chair for overweight users in this price range
  • Finally, a top reason to go with these chairs is the excellent choices on offer as seen above

What to look for in an office chair under 300 dollars

When you’re after the best office chair you need to have the best information at your hand. If this isn’t your first purchase, you can skip this short buying guide altogether. Otherwise, you need to read what makes your purchase an informed one at this price.

  • Start with ergonomics

An office chair under 300 needs to be ergonomic. There’s no excuse for spending as much on a poorly-designed office chair that puts pressure on your body or which can even give you posture problems. There are so many good office chairs to choose from at this price that you should only look for ergonomic designs. Simply put, ergonomic office chairs are made for neutral posture support. These office chairs put no pressure on your back and things even when sitting for long hours.

The ergonomics of an office chair can be best seen in the backrest design and in how the seat looks. Massage office chairs might be hard to find at this price. But if you take features such as the seatpan as an example, just imagine having to sit on an office chair that cuts your blood flow in your thighs. A waterfall edge is crucial on a modern office chair.

  • Adjustability is just as important

An important role played in these office chair’s ergonomics is adjustability. Office chair customization is the future in ergonomic office furniture. Even the best computer chair under 300 needs to come with a few customization options which include.

    • A reclining backrest
    • Adjustable or ergonomic lumbar support
    • Adjustable or ergonomic seat design
    • Height adjustability
    • Swivel function
    • Rocking function with tilt tension adjustment
    • Height and depth armrests adjustments
    • An optional adjustable headrest

All of these play an important role in finding the best office chair for the money for you. Even if you’re after the best office chair for home use, you still need to look at adjustability as key.

A typical office worker sits at the desk for at least 8 hours per day. At around 262 working days in a year, an office worker sits 2.096 hours per year. These are a lot of hours that play a crucial role in posture and other health parameters.

  • Be realistic on materials of these office chairs under 300

It might not come as a surprise, but you cannot hope for the best of the best materials in office chairs at this price. This is particularly the case with real leather office chairs under 300 which are hard to find. You’ll have to look long and hard before you find these.

However, even if you cannot hope for the high-end materials you’ve seen in office chairs presented in specialized office furniture brands and stores, you can still find decent materials that last. They are typically covered for around 5 years. It’s safe to say that an office chair under 300 lasts around 5 years while an office chair under 1000 lasts around 10 years or even more.

All of these materials play their role in how the office chair is going to hold up. You also need to take a closer look at maximum weight capacity as this can also negatively impact office chair durability.

Office chairs under 300 are made to hold weights between 260lbs and 500lbs at extreme ends. But most of them are designed with a 275lbs maximum load capacity as this is what’s needed for the average user.

If you want to experience some of the best mesh office chairs or the best leather office chairs, you will need to increase your budget. But if you want a similar experience at a lower price, the office chairs listed above provide better value for money and in some cases, you might even struggle to feel the difference when compared to more expensive office chairs.

  • Think about where you’re going to use the office chair

Are you going to sit at a desk or are you going to use your office chair at a standing desk in periods of sitting? If you need to get off the chair frequently, it’s often recommended to get an office chair with flip-up armrests. This is why some of the best office chairs for standing desks are those made with flip-up arms. Some users alternative 30 minutes of sitting with 30 minutes of standing. These intervals can be even shorter and continuously struggling to get out of the chair might not be what you’re after when you’re excited about your new standing desk.

If you’re using a computer desk for 3 monitors or any other desk for multiple monitors you will need a swivel office chair. You often need to turn to view another display or to reach another section of the desk and in this case, a swiveling office chair is much appreciated.

Another important aspect is to consider fixed armrests and if they fit under your desk. In most cases, office chairs with height adjustable armrests are what’s needed for the ultimate sitting comfort. You might also need to take possible scruffs or visible damages to your armrests if they constantly hit your desk as well.

Final considerations

The best office chairs under 300 are now more versatile than before. It was also the case that these cheap office chairs were also ugly just a few years ago. But all of the options reviewed above show even cheap office chairs can feel comfortable while also looking good. With a choice of different styles and materials, which one of these most appeals to you?