5 Best Mid-Century Modern Office Chairs Compared

Mid-century office chairs are inspired by the design period between 1933 and 1965. Design tends to repeat itself and even mid-century office chairs have their inspiration in the industrial revolution. Today, they are back once again as they fit fantastically in any mid-century modern office setup.

A few characteristics of these mic century office chairs can be as follows. They are functional first, and minimalistic secondly. They are simplistic or made with minimum ornaments thirdly. But not lastly, mid-century designs are mostly big fans of using multiple (often contrasting) materials. Here are the best mid-century office chairs you can buy today.

1.     Armen Living Daphne Office Chair

This vintage mid-century office chair combines aesthetics with functionality. It uses walnut and leatherette (synthetic leather made from vinyl) and a chrome base to offer a distinct chair that uplifts a working space.

Height adjustable and supported by a 360-degrees swivel, this mid-century office chair is wear-resistant. It has been proved with a user weight of up to 250lbs. But its most important benefit is the rounded design of the seat pan and of the backrest which is only inspired by true vintage office chairs.


  • It weighs 22lbs
  • Designed with solid walnut wood
  • 21″ width x 20″ depth x 33″ height


  • Short backrest
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2.     Armen Living Diamond Office Chair

This button tufted office chair is a great choice if you don’t like armrests. It can be the mid-century chair you use if you don’t sit at the desk more than a few hours at a time as a result. Known for their great freedom of movement, these chairs adjust vertically and swivels on a solid chrome-finish base.

In terms of mid-century design, it features a shell backrest construction with the same rounded or circular appeal seen on the Daphne chair. Elegant notes are given by the tufted office chair finish

Faux leather is used to create a chair that looks vintage and that is also easy to clean. These materials tend to be robust and for the average user (up to 250lbs) they offer a durable profile that feels less restrictive than chairs with armrests.


  • 20″ width x 23″ depth x 31-35″height
  • Suitable for the office or living rooms
  • Upholstered tufted backrest


  • Not made for prolonged periods of sitting
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3.     Porthos Home Lennon Office Chair

If you need a mid-century modern desk chair with adjustable height that also has armrests, the Lennon chair from Porthos is a very good option. It also solves one of the biggest issues those who work long hours have with mid-century office chairs, short backrests. Made with a high backrest, it allows you to sit comfortably and even lean back to relax.

This chair is available in 2 upholstery options. With black or gray covers, it offers sufficient padding for any user. It relies on memory foam to offer padded comfort and it can be the chair you use if you work 8 hours at a desk even if such wooden chairs aren’t specifically targeting this type of use.


  • High 265lbs weight capacity
  • Made with real wood
  • High backrest for back support


  • The armrests aren’t adjustable
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4.     Armen Living Cassie Chair

Cassie isn’t a typical mid-century office chair for desk work. It’s classified as a dining chair. But there are plenty of people who use it as a desk chair. If you work at a standing desk, you don’t need a height-adjustable chair as you can set the height of the desk at the level that feels comfortable for you.

Made with a solid walnut frame, this chair can be a supportive option for those with low back pain. The countered backrest is specific to Armen Living and one of the main reasons people buy this chair. It’s a plus that it’s one of the most beautiful office chairs on the market at an affordable price as well.


  • Compact with a height of 31”
  • Thick padding for extra comfort
  • Elegant mid-century minimalistic design


  • Not height adjustable
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5.     Glitzhome Adjustable High-Back Office Chair

If you need a vintage mid-century modern office chair with a high backrest, it’s hard to match this design. This is a full-force office chair that reclines down to 106 degrees as it allows you to stretch your legs even if you’ve been working the whole day.

Made with foam cushioning, this executive office chair is among the leaders in comfort and head support. It’s also quite affordable given its size. But this office chair has its drawbacks. For example, it uses PU leather, which is a fancy term for fake leather. This is why it should be a bit cheaper. But those who sit all day and who want a mid-century chair might have no other options with such high levels of cushioning.


  • Made with elegant camel leatherette
  • Designed with a chrome-finish base
  • Included armrests


  • Not made with real leather
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Final words

A vintage mid-century office chair that doesn’t cost thousands might be difficult to find. But all of the chairs listed above to show you can find affordable designs that feel good and which look great.

The main idea is to decide which of them works best for you. If you only sit up to 3-4 hours per day, any of the above-mentioned mid-century office chairs works find. But if you need to sit all day, the Porthos and the Glitzhome adjustable office chairs are the best.