Arozzi Gaming Chair Review – Gaming in Style and Comfort

Arozzi Gaming Chair Review – Gaming in Style and Comfort

Arozzi gaming chairs are reviewed increasingly over the past few years. The company is now known for its gaming chairs made with a racing profile. Made to cover all budgets, these chairs not only look impressive but they actually are very comfortable. Their ergonomics is at a good standard by today’s requirements. But the Arozzi experience can be different from chair to chair. The good news is that users of all heights can find a suitable chair for their daily gaming needs in the manufacturer’s lineup of 15 gaming chairs.


Arozzi gaming chair review: How good are Arozzi gaming chairs? Are they affordable?

Arozzi chairs are actually made to cater to different categories of gamers. From the affordable Enzo to the feature-packed Vernazza, the manufacturer is known for its large selection of chairs. Other entry-level options include the Arozzi Monza or the Arozzi Verona Junior, which is made for kids. Arozzi Verona is also available at different prices and with different weight capacities as well as with different foam density figures.

What materials does Arozzi use on its gaming chairs?

Arozzi gaming chairs are normally made with similar materials even if they can differ to a small degree from design to design. Arozzi generally keeps designs simple and does not offer a very wide range of materials to choose from such as other gaming chair manufacturers.

PU leather

PU leather is widely used on most Arozzi gaming chairs. Reviews show that this material impresses users of other brands as well, not just those of Arozzi. Comfortably installed as the most popular cover material for gaming chairs, the leather looks elegant and it has a functional profile as well.

Made to resist daily use, PU leather is also easy to clean. It will not take too long for Arozzi gamers to actually clean their gaming chairs. Furthermore, most gamers are going to be able to use these chairs for years to come. There are a few conditions for PU leather to last though. One of the conditions is to respect the weight limit of each chair. Since each Arozzi gaming chair has its own maximum weight limit, it is recommended to simply choose a suitable option. Going over this weight limit can damage the structure of the chair but it can also rip the stitching and the leather cover of the chairs.

Textile fabrics

Textile fabrics are seen sporadically in the Arozzi lineup. Both the Torretta and the Torretta XL feature such fabrics. Even if they are partly present (the backside is covered with PU leather) these chairs offer a breathable alternative to some of the leading chairs in the textile fabric segment.

They are not any less durable than the PU leather chairs. Of course, they would need a bit of extra care as stains can easily show on these materials. But for some users, they can be the only option to consider, especially when trying to keep the body’s temperature down during the hot summer months.

High-density foam

The high-density foam used in the cushioning of the Arozzi gaming chairs is one of the aces in the sleeve of the manufacturer. Representing different levels of density, the foam is mainly suitable for those seeking improved comfort and it is now a staple of racing chairs which are made with ergonomic designs. So which types of foam do Arozzi actually use?

  • 25 kg/m³
  • 30 kg/m³
  • 35 kg/m³
  • 40-45 kg/m³
  • 46 kg/m³
  • 50 kg/m³
  • 55-65 kg/m³
  • 65 kg/m³
  • 70 kg/m³

The high-density foam is measured according to the pressures it can handle. As seen above, Arozzi uses a wide number of foam choices. The higher the number, the more weight the foam can handle and the more support it can offer.

Can I customize an Arozzi gaming chair?

Arozzi offers limited customization options. This is mainly due to the fact that the designs of the chairs are very specific and unlike other brands, there is no choice of materials. The only customization options gamers can hope for are actually the color schemes. It also must be said that not all chairs come in the same combination of colors. Most standard colors are a combination of black and red or Rossoneri, as the famous Milan sports team.

Does Arozzi sell spare parts?

Yes. Arozzi also offers spare parts for gamers. When chairs are out of warranty, they can still be used even parts of them are broken as most of them can be replaced.

What accessories can I use with Arozzi gaming chairs?

The gaming chairs can be used with a wide range of accessories. Arozzi offers gamers a selection of floormats and mousepads for its standing desk.

Which are the best Arozzi gaming chairs?

Finding the best Arozzi gaming chairs is not too difficult. Judging by the numbers of reviews, the following gaming chairs are always an inspired choice.

1.       Arozzi Enzo gaming chair

Weight capacity 190lbs | Net weight 33lbs | Foam density 25-30 kg/m³ | Backrest height 740mm | Seat pan width 530mm | Armrests length 375mm | Recline function Yes

With an affordable price, the Arozzi Enzo is an inspired choice to get into the Arozzi gaming chairs family. It represents a simple but efficient design for daily gaming purpose. It is also one of the few chairs which comes with an ergonomic design, even if it lacks the hugging cushioning which is so characteristics to most other Arozzi gaming chairs.

It must be said that even at a lower price, the Arozzi Enzo actually represents a chair which can keep up with its bigger brothers. Its ergonomics can be seen in the sitting position. With an ergonomic backrest lumbar design and with a rounded seat pan, users can still find that sink-in feeling so familiar in racing chairs.

Other Arozzi-specific functions such as the rocking function are still included. This allows the minimalistic chair to offer some level of activity for gamers who might be sitting for a few more hours playing their favorite games. Even at a lower price, the gaming chair still comes with customization options. It includes a few colors which bring the chair to life.

Most importantly, the Enzo can be the first chair to make gamers think about posture. This is why it has such a valuable profile. Many gamers are simply unaware of just how important posture is and how it affects their lives.

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2.       Arozzi Torretta XL gaming chair

Weight capacity 260lbs | Net weight 48.4lbs | Foam density 46 kg/m³ | Backrest height 840mm | Seat pan width 545mm | Armrests length 255mm | Recline function Yes

As one of the few Arozzi gaming chairs covered in textile fabrics, the Torretta XL has a special feel to it. Apart from being the first chair made for a higher weight capacity in the manufacturer’s line, it is also one of the real ergonomic choices users can consider when they are looking for a breathable design. At the same time, its backrest and seat pan comes with a more relaxed feel as they are quite large, as their name suggests. This could recommend the chair for those looking to maximize its recline function for relaxation purposes.

With adjustable armrests, the gaming chair is also one of the options suitable for gamers who might play with the keyboard on the desk on one day and with it on the keyboard tray on another day. Gamers have all the freedom they need to come up with the best options for their gaming space.

The foam density of the chair is already higher compared to the Enzo. This is why it can come with an extra degree of support. Mainly suitable for gaming, the chair’s profile can also see it as a valuable office chair as well. It has all the characteristics such as ergonomics, durability or adjustability needed for general office work as well.

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3.       Arozzi Verona Pro V2 gaming chair

Weight capacity 290lbs | Net weight 48.5lbs | Foam density 25-45 kg/m³ | Backrest height 820mm | Seat pan width 540mm | Armrests length 260mm | Recline function Yes

The Arozzi Verona Pro V2 could as well be the best release from the manufacturer. It generally impresses with its build quality and it includes all of the features which made Arozzi famous. Made with a distinct PU leather cover, the chair is ready to offer good general comfort which can be personalized with the help of its accessories.

Together with the ergonomic chair, users also get two support pillows. They are installed for lumbar support and for head support. Based on adjustable straps, the supportive pillows can actually be placed higher or lower, depending on the height of the user. This allows gamers to place an even higher focus on their posture in order to maximize the way they sit every day for most health benefits.

Verona Pro V2 also comes with the recline function. The backrest goes back allowing users to fully enjoy their day while playing their favorite game. Once the preferred incline angle has been found, gamers can also lock the backrest in position. This lets users sit back for a few minutes or even for longer without having to physically hold the backrest in place.

But the ergonomics of the chair can play an important role as well. Both the seat pan and the backrest are made with a hugging design, which naturally follows the contour of the body. Since the backrest is also one of the highest in Arozzi’s lineup, the gaming chair is also suitable for full support, even allowing the head to rest when needed.

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4.       Arozzi Vernazza gaming chair

Weight capacity 320lbs | Net weight 57lbs | Foam density 65-70 kg/m³ | Backrest height 860mm | Seat pan width 440mm | Armrests length 250mm | Recline function Yes

As one of the highest gaming chairs in the lineup, the gaming chair impresses with its overall functionality. It is mainly made for maximum support and comfort. But its bulky design is still functional. Practically, the gaming chair is made to be among the solution which offers most cushioning for heavy or tall users. This can also be seen with the impressive 860mm height of the backrest. Ensuring a high platform to support the back, the chair is a comfortable daily choice.

There are two large support pillows added to the chair as well. They can be used by gamers to improve their position according to their needs. Fixing a bad desk posture can take years. But the first steps can be taken with what the Vernazza gaming chair offers.

With the densest foam in the lineup, the Vernazza is also comfortable for long periods of time. Playing games for an entire day is easier as a result. However, even with such levels of comfort, gamers should still remember to take breaks as often as possible.

Another distinct characteristic of the Vernazza comes with its adjustable armrests. Practically, the armrests can be adjusted in all directions. The gaming chair easily adjusts the arms up and down, left and right or front and back. With such levels of adjustability, the chair can fit under any desk. Most importantly, the armrests allow for the hands to fall naturally on the desk.

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Arozzi gaming chair posture benefits

If the above gaming chairs are different, they all have one thing in common. The care for posture is impressive. Even if the ergonomic design is still not at the same level as those of the chairs which cost thousands, Arozzi gaming chairs are still some of the best at this moment.

Since they cover multiple budgets, the gaming chairs should basically be able to fit the needs of most gamers. A good starting point for Arozzi gaming chair review worthiness is to assess the personal weight and see which of these four chairs fits best. Another way of making a selection is by choosing between PU leather and breathable fabrics. Most importantly, the right choice is always the one which offers the most support for good posture, which can only be made according to the type of body, its weight, and its height.

All of these chairs are easy to install. They do not need any handyman being called-in to give a helping hand. One of the distinct Arozzi marks is just how explanatory its instructions manuals are for the gaming chairs. Simply following the illustrations of each gaming chair, gamers can be sitting comfortably within minutes.

Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair Review: Premium Ergonomics for Thick Wallets

There are not many designs as robust as the Arozzi Vernazza gaming chair. With a truly large profile, the gaming chair can be one of the few options heavy users have. Including some of the best features Arozzi can make, the Vernazza is packed with features. Even with its Mediterranean-sounding name, the gaming chair is mostly a robust design.


But there already is an extra-large design with the Torretta XL. By its standards, the Vernazza can be the XXL choice. Gamers can consider it for a higher weight capacity and foam cushioning made for the ultimate resistance. Since its cushioning foam density is so robust, the chair is easily among the durable options in its class. Its foam will not shortly flatten as seen on many other chairs.

Arozzi Vernazza gaming chair review – the true Arozzi XL experience

The Vernazza also features an ergonomic design which makes it a comfortable design and a posture-improving design. It may be one of the few options truly tall gamers have to lean their backs against a full-length backrest. All other popular Arozzi features such as the rocking function are included as well.

Reasons to buy the Arozzi Vernazza gaming chair

  • Most robust Arozzi design with a weight capacity of 320lbs (145kg)
  • Distinct racing chair ergonomic design
  • Comfortable with one of the top dense foam cushioning
  • Very tall backrest with its 860mm
  • Wide 440mm seat pan suitable for large gamers
  • Included specific lumbar and head support pillows
  • Made with a gas spring for smooth height adjustments
  • Based on oversized casters for proper stability
  • Sustained with 3-directional armrests
  • Covered in high friction resistant PU leather
  • Includes a fun rocking function
  • Installs in minutes (similarly to the Arozzi Mezzo and the Arozzi Verona)
  • Available in bright colors

Reasons not to buy the Arozzi Vernazza gaming chair

  • Heavy for most gamers with its 57lbs
  • Not available in textile fabrics

The Arozzi Vernazza gaming chair strengths

As a top-class chair, the Vernazza has a lot to offer. The chair is also one of the more expensive options from the manufacturer, costing nearly twice as much as the Enzo. It would not be fair to say that it’s twice as better than Arozzi’s cheapest gaming chair. However, the characteristics of the Vernazza allow it to be a distinct chair in a leading segment of racing chairs.

Ergonomics, support and foam cushioning to remember

The ergonomics of the chair is why users actually have to pay more. It is part of its design as it is the materials and the adjustability options which give it a premium look. For most gamers, its ergonomics can be translated into higher comfort, better posture, increased energy at the end of the day and even reduced discomfort such as wrist pain due to its adjustability options.

As all Arozzi chairs, the Vernazza uses a high-density foam which is suitable for this level of pampering. But the foam is distinctly different. It comes with 70 kg/m³ density on the seat pan and 65 kg/m³ density on the backrest. Even if there is a difference between the two, the simple fact that such dense foam has been used is a clear signal the Vernazza is made for the tall and heavy gamer.

A couple of accessories play their part in ergonomics as well. The already traditional Arozzi lumbar support pillow is added to the pack. Its wide profile is suitable for taller and heavier users. With a supportive role, it cannot actually replace the ergonomics of the chair. It is rather used as a supplement to supplement the support of the chair. Some users are even bothered by it and remove it when sitting. A headrest pillow has been added to the pack as well. It is most suitable to be placed on top of the existing backrest to improve comfort. However, as with the lumbar pillow, the headrest pillow needs to be used correctly, otherwise, it would just play its role in poor posture while gaming.

The added hugging design of the gaming chair is interesting as well. It provides a comfortable seating experience and one of the simplest and most efficient solutions for an immersive gaming experience. A number of users have found these racing chairs to be particularly interesting for racing simulators. Of course, they are actually suitable for all types of gamers.

Hello 3D armrests – ultimate adjustability

If most armrests form Arozzi have limited adjustability options, a few of the top designs are truly made to stand out. For this reason, they are among the most durable and the most customizable armrests gamers can rely on. So how are they adjusted? There is a release button on the side of the armrests which allows them to be adjusted vertically. But the armrests also slide towards the front and towards the back of the chair, which offers support exactly where it’s needed. Side adjustability is supported as well and as a result, the armrests are indeed capable to offer a distinct playing experience.

Those who have used adjustable armrests know there’s a catch in many cases. The armrests are among the first elements of the chair to give out. This is why they can be seen as the first to go on the Vernazza as well. The chair is covered by a 2-year warranty. But users are still advised to only use the chair in the indicated parameters of maximum weight, especially when leaning on the armrests.

High weight capacity – strength over everything else

The maximum weight supported by the chair is 320lbs. Unless users are very tall, they would need to be overweight to come close to this weight limit. Finally, a chair which can support all users, regardless of their weight.

If there are more gamers in the house, which can be the case in dorms or in public spaces, they can also consider such a high weight capacity chair to accommodate all users. Even more, the chair is capable to offer the same level of freedom of adjustability and responsiveness as its lower weight alternatives. Just because the chair is heavier doesn’t mean that its vertical adjustment is more complicated or that its recline function is heavy.

All adjustability options

Seen as one of the heavy duty gaming chairs, the Vernazza also allows its users to rest. One of the functions for this purpose is the recline of the backrest. It goes way back to allow gamers to put their shoulders back and sit in a position where most of the weight on the spine is actually transferred to the chair itself.

The gas lifting system works well also. Finding the right height is crucial. It is believed that the gaming monitor needs to be at the same level as the eyes in order to maintain good posture. Aligning in position is mainly a problem of finding the right chair height first.

Other options include, of course, armrest adjustability as seen above. But the rocking function can be interesting as well. This mammoth chair can actually rock an offer users a more distinct actionable method of sitting.

All customization options

Covered in PU leather entirely, the gaming chair is a true solution for added durability. The last thing gamers need to do is to replace the chair anytime soon due to wear. This is why it is one of the most robust options even with its cover.

But if the standard black and red color of the gaming chair is too generic, users can also choose other combinations. Black remains the base color but other colors can be added as well. The options include the following.

  • Black-red
  • Black-green
  • Black-blue
  • Black-orange
  • Black-red
  • Black-white

These colors can bring the Vernazza gaming chair to life. Those with an eye for detail will also notice that the color of the Arozzi logo can be changed as well. Unlike most logos which actually remain the same, the chair offers theses extra touches for a most distinct gaming experience.

A few Arozzi Vernazza weaknesses

A heavy gaming chair is always going to be received with mix opinions. Some gamers love it while others are less impressed by its capacity. But what is sure is that the Vernazza can be improved in the future, if there is a second version coming.

Heavy chair puts muscles to the test

The biggest issue gamers have is with the weight of the chair. At 57lbs, the gaming chair is one of the heaviest in the racing chair class. This is why it can’t really be the chair to slide on from one side of the room to another with little effort. It is also a chair which may need a pair of extra hands during the installation process.

But the extra weight is actually given by the larger profile of the chair. With a steel frame and a heavy dense thick foam cushioning, the chair has a weight which has its role as well. Smaller gamers who are also considering such a large design due to the extra supportive cushioning might need a bit more effort to handle the chair.

PU leather… only

The obsession Arozzi has with PU leather continues on the Vernazza. Of course, there are other textile alternatives from the manufacturer. But for the money, the chair should actually come with a range of options gamers can choose from. How great would the Vernazza be if gamers could choose between a PU leather option and a textile fabric option? This should be up to gamers to decide, at least at this level of quality. Of course, there are signals to believe this is going to happen as Arozzi is still a relatively new name on the block. Take Secretlab for example. They’ve managed to implement such a choice.

But PU leather also has its own distinct advantages. These have already been pointed out in other Arozzi gaming chair reviews here. But most importantly, PU is not pretentious. It does not lose its color as soon as the sun’s rays hit it. It doesn’t immediately shrink when soda has been accidentally spilled on it. The material also doesn’t crease as much as others from hours of sitting. So while it would be nice to see alternatives for the cover material, it is still a popular choice for a reason, it works.


The Arozzi Vernazza gaming chair offers one of the distinct advantages for users looking to improve their support. Why break entry-level chairs when there’s a robust version on offer? From a financial perspective, it might actually prove cost-efficient over time. Just imagine how many office chairs need to be replaced on a constant basis due to their lower performance and because they actually break. This should not be the case with the Vernazza as the gaming chair should last for years.

So is the most expensive Arozzi chair worth it? Gamers who have the budget can definitely see the chair as an improvement for their daily comfort. Even upgrading from other racing chair is still worth it. However, those who could expand their budget to afford the chair and who are not sure about the purchase need to think about what it really gets them. If the extra premium foam is something they crave, there might not be any other option to consider. The Torretta XL can be a more affordable alternative if these gamers don’t really need the best cushioning of the moment.

However, as with all luxury and premium products, it is not as much about the list of features as it is about the statement. Does the latest Mercedes need all of its bells and whistles? Probably not. Do customers buy it specifically for those bells and whistles? Probably yes.

This is applicable to the Arozzi Vernazza gaming chair as well. Regardless of its price, there will always be gamers looking for the best equipment, the best desk, and the best gaming chair. Will these be gamers be disappointed? Probably not, especially since the chair is actually made to be used every day, unlike some Mercedes cars which are only driven on special occasions.   

Arozzi Torretta XL Gaming Chair Review – Size Matters With This Beast

As one of the large gaming chairs, the Arozzi Torretta XL is a favorite option of those unwilling to embrace tightness. This is an actual problem. Tight chairs with lateral support can prove uncomfortable for a number of users and for them, going a size up is the only alternative. But is the Arozzi Torretta Xl just a large chair? Or is it a gaming chair which can hold its own place in the manufacturer’s lineup?


Cushioned with high-density foam and covered in textile materials, the gaming chair certainly has more to offer apart from its size. It can actually be a real alternative to PU leather seats as well. Most importantly, it is made with an ergonomic design which is supportive and which can do wonders for posture, especially when coming from standard entry-level office chairs. Will it fix poor posture on its own? Probably not. But it will definitely offer the incentive to think more about posture, which is half of the battle.

Arozzi Torretta XL gaming chair review – feature by feature

Since it comes with a racing profile, the gaming chair looks impressive. The good news is that its looks are also backed by a supportive and practical chair, which can be used on a daily basis. Given its choice of materials, it could also be used for longer periods of time in the day. However, taking breaks from gaming is still advisable. Here are its basic strengths and weaknesses.

Reasons to buy the Arozzi Torretta XL

  • Impressive size, suitable for tall and heavy users
  • Made with an extra-large size, a bit unusual for the average gamer
  • In figures, made with an 820mm backrest height
  • Designed with a 545mm seat pan width (410mm effective seating length)
  • Made with height adjustable armrests (295mm to 395mm expandability)
  • Unlikely covered with textile fabric compared to other Arozzi gaming chairs
  • Somewhat more advisable in warmer climates due to the extra breathability
  • Recline ability added to the backrest (12° maximum recline)
  • Quite supportive for heavier users (220lbs or 100kg maximum weight capacity)
  • Fully ergonomic design superior in proper posture control
  • Included lumbar support pillow with height adjustment straps
  • Shipped with a small headrest pillow (uncomfortable for some gamers)

Reasons not to buy the Arozzi Torretta XL

  • Textile fabrics stain easily
  • Considerably heavier compared to other Arozzi chairs at its 46.2lbs

All the important features and positives of the Arozzi Torretta XL

There are many great benefits to suing the Torretta XL on a daily basis. It offers a more relaxed feel compared to other chairs. It bridges the gap between the Arozzi Enzo with its open design and the Arozzi Verona Pro V2 with its hugging backrest and seat pan. Even if the gaming chair is still designed with lateral support, it actually offers a distinct feel, with a wider shoulder area of the backrest, which is also comfortable when in full recline.

Ergonomics and foam cushioning comfort

When it comes to full comfort, all gamers need to know just how good its foam cushioning is. This foam is nothing unseen but it actually abides by a simple principle in which the same type of foam is used both for the backrest and for the seat pan. This is not the case with most other gaming chairs. Arozzi chose a 46 kg/m³ foam density to offer comfort for its gamers. Of course, this foam is already denser than many of the cheaper alternatives in this class. This means that the foam will also maintain its support better, especially for heavier users.

Since many gamers like to use the recline function as often as possible, having the same supportive foam density on the backrest can be important. Together with this type of foam, the ergonomics of the chair is impressive. Based on a higher backrest, even taller users can consider the Arozzi Torretta XL for extra support. A headrest is included in the backrest, even if gamers can still benefit from an additional head support pillow.

There is a lumbar support emphasis as well. The chair comes with a natural curvature of the lower backrest which is well-received in a community where posture can suffer too much. The seat pan is also part of this semi-hugging design. The sink-in feeling users get is indeed distinct. Since the seat pan is deep, users can feel as if they are truly in a racing chair.

Posture and the role of the added pillows

But the posture on the gaming chair can also be customized further. The Arozzi Torretta XL ships with two additional foam pillows. They are installed for lumbar support and head support. A couple of straps also need to be added on the backrest to connect the pillows and allow them to be height adjustable.

Are these pillows any good or are they simply a marketing addition? The lumbar pillow can certainly play its role to offer extra support to the lower back. Since it can be adjustable, it can serve users of different heights. Even the headrest pillow can be useful, but it needs to be properly installed to avoid forward head posture, which is an increasing condition and which needs the practice to be fixed. Most gamers would be advised to do extra research on how to maximize the potential of these support pillows and how they can be used for proper posture control.

A steep recline function with rocking freedom of movement

Let’s go back, all the way! The Torretta XL reclines up to 145°. Of course, it is not the place to take a nap, but it offers enough flexibility in order to take a break from the same sitting posture. This is specifically useful to the point above, related to posture. Allowing the body to stretch can be useful. It can also improve energy levels. Since most people can feel down on some days, extra movement is always recommended for higher energy and even improved mood.

Together with the rocking function which can be locked in place, Arozzi offers this giant the possibility of actually staying more active. For most users, it represents one of the viable options for that long gaming session which is starting to take its toll on how the body feels.

Armrests to tackle any type of keyboard

“2D” is what is used to describe armrests which can be adjusted in two directions. The armrest of the chair adjusts vertically. Gamers can find the right height to fit the chair under the desk when sitting closer to it. They can also find the position to fit the armrests higher, especially when their desks already come with a lower keyboard tray.

The second adjustability option for the armrests represents the angle of the forearms. They can be kept parallel. But the forearms can also point towards the inside of the body with the help of the adjustable armrests. The right angle depends on the gamers’ preference. But at the same time, gamers can also use different angles depending on how they feel at a particular moment. However, having the ability to adjust the armrests is one of the benefits of choosing a more expensive gaming chair.

An extra-large design with a higher weight capacity

As its name suggests, the chair is based on a large design. It handles a maximum users weight of 220lbs or 100kg. This limit needs to be respected as a few Arozzi Torretta Xl gaming chair reviews point out it doesn’t take too much extra weight to impact the armrests. For most users, the chair is just enough.

Since the chair is extra-large, it will need a bit more space in the gaming room. Buts its large design also means it can also be seen as a more universal gaming chair, so more users can sit on it comfortably.

I want a black chair; I want a green chair!

The color options for the Arozzi Torretta Xl are great. Unlike the regular Arozzi approach to colors where only a small portion of the chair is actually colored, the Torretta XL has vivid colors covering the entire surface of the chair.

  • Black
  • Gray
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Red

These colors can be chosen to fit any type of gaming space and to even be matched with a gaming desk.  Of course, the green, the orange, and the red colors will need a bit of extra cleaning to avoid stains, but it should not be too complicated to do it once in a while.

Areas for improvement for the Arozzi Torretta XL

Since the Torretta XL has its own identity and is not a type of unsuccessful hybrid, many gamers see nothing wrong with it. In fact, its drawbacks are only partial drawbacks as follows.

Textile breathability and textile cleaning issues

One of the constant issues brought up in user reviews is just how different the textile materials are when it comes to cleaning. Since they require a bit more effort to clean when compared to PU leather alternatives, the cover of the gaming chair comes with the issue of cleaning for some users. However, the chair needs to be cleaned on a constant basis to keep odors and bacteria away. This can easily be done by vacuuming the chair with a dust attachment and they wiping excess dirt with a sponge dipped in a mixture of soap and water.

Why is this chair so heavy?

At 46.2lbs, the chair is not the lightest in the Arozzi lineup. This also means the gaming chair can be among the designs which are not as easy to move around as gamers would like. However, its extra size and its features don’t actually allow it to be any lighter. The only area where weight could be reduced would be from the backrest’s foam cushioning. But give gamers want the same form as, on the seat pan, the chair is stuck with its actual weight. Of course, with a bit of practice, handling the chair should not be too complicated.

The extra weight of the chair can impact hardwood floors to a higher extent. Since the casters roll great on any surface, gamers might be tempted to overlook this issue. But using a mat or any type of carpet should be a good alternative to simply waiting for expensive hardwood floors to be damaged.

However, there are benefits to this extra weight as well. For example, the chair feels more like a premium design than a regular office chair picked up together with the weekend groceries. This is why even if it comes with a larger shipping weight and actual weight, the chair has a special feel to it which can be hard to quantify.

Final considerations

With a profile strongly orientated towards comfort in the conditions of higher weight capacity, the gaming chair impresses with its overall structure. It is fun to use, which can’t really be said about a number of racing chairs which can be uncomfortable for taller or overweight users.

Apart from coming with this relaxed vibe, the chair is also supportive for long gaming sessions. The cushioning materials of choice impress with their unitary design as they do not approach the seat pan and the backrest comfort with different materials.

In addition, the added support pillows can be used and mastered for a perfect sitting position. This position is different for all gamers. This is why plenty of attention needs to be given to the area of the lower back to offer more suitable support.

The Arozzi Torretta XL is definitely not a large beast with nothing to offer. It is a chair which comes with its unique design and breathable materials. Those tired of sweating on their gaming chair during the summer already know what to expect. But the gaming chair can also be a much-needed upgrade for the tall users coming from low backrests. It offers these users the support they need, which includes a headrest with an extra comfortable and adjustable pillow.

Arozzi Enzo Gaming Chair Review: Sleek as a Ferrari

It might sound more like a Ferrari, but the Arozzi Enzo gaming chair won’t speed away from the desk. In fact, it is made to stay there and keep gamers in place on a racing-inspired design. As the most affordable Arozzi gaming desk, the Enzo is ready to tackle some of the most pressing issues new racing chair gamers face, the problem of pricing.
With a low price, the chair offers an affordable path to the Arozzi gaming chair range. But there is another ace up its sleeve, an ace even the most expensive alternatives don’t have. It comes with a rather flat backrest and seat pan. With no hugging design, some gamers can really feel comfortable on the chair, as they are not going to slip sideways anyway.

Arozzi Enzo gaming chair review – Should gamers buy it?

As with all products, when the word “affordable” is being used in the description, expectations automatically go lower. But the Enzo is not as bad as many would imagine. Nearly a third cheaper than the Torretta, the gaming chair actually offers plenty of great features to deal with on a daily basis.

Reasons to buy the Arozzi Enzo gaming chair

  • Sturdy frame with a 190lbs weight capacity
  • The low actual weight of just 33lbs
  • First class foam density cushioning (30 kg/m³ for the seat and 25 kg/m³ for the backrest)
  • 740mm tall backrest
  • A comfortable seat pan width of 540mm
  • Comfortably cushioned 375mm armrests
  • No hugging design, suitable for selected gamers
  • Covered with PU leather
  • Designed with a relaxing rocking function
  • The rocking backrest can lock in place
  • Available with 6 colored elements of choice
  • Probably bears the coolest name in the industry – “Enzo”

Reasons not to buy the Arozzi Enzo gaming chair

  • Cushioned with a differentiated foam on the backrest than on the seat pan
  • Takes patience to install (eg. 8 screws only for armrests)

All the great characteristics of the Arozzi Enzo

Enzo comes from Italian or German and it can mean a lot of things as it can also be a short version of Vincenzo. Whichever the root of the gaming chair’s name is, there’s little doubt it has impressive potential. Stripped form all the complicated features and materials which we known Arozzi can offer, the Enzo gaming chair goes back to basics.

It starts with the right weight

With a maximum weight capacity of 190lbs (95kg), the Enzo is in line with what most products in its class can handle. Of course, the weight capacity of a racing-style gaming chair can go up to 130kg, but the Enzo still offers a suitable capacity for the average user.

At the extreme ends where users have a height closer to 200cm or when they carry extra weight, the chair will not be too sustainable. Based on a height adjustment piston, the chair is mainly to be used within its limits. Finding out the chair is not sustainable-enough after the purchase is not something many gamers want to experience. So with the Arozzi Enzo or with any other gaming chairs, the quest for the perfect solution starts with weight capacity.

The padding missing from regular office chairs

Enzo’s padding is comfortable enough for most users. Of course, it is very far from what other chairs offer, such as the more expensive Torrettas. But the Enzo will be a significant step form many office chairs for most gamers. It can come as a substantial difference to what can be found and tried out in local stores.

In figures, the seat pan is made with a foam density of 30 kg/m³. It covers the needs of most users and it creates a comfortable space which is also large enough not to feel squeezed. There are those who argue that racing chairs are not made to be sat on for hours. But on the other hand, any other approach would defeat the purpose of these chairs as gaming requires hours of dedication. So even with this lower foam density, the Arozzi Enzo is still a capable chair to consider.

A rocking function to keep the Enzo fun

A more comfortable playing position often required players to lean back. As with most modern gaming chairs, the Enzo allows the user to recline back into a more suitable position to take some pressure off the spine. The main advantage of the Enzo is that it does not have thick side panels with their hugging design which can come with discomfort when leaning back.

However, there is another purpose to the recline function, which is often overlooked.

Of course, the extra motion offered by this function allows users to enjoy more freedom and extra energy. Sitting for hours is taxing on the body and it is actually as bad as standing for hours. This is why having a minimum level of activity can already prevent stiff joints and a lower energy level. But this recline function should not actually be confused with taking actual breaks and going away from the desk.

The recline function is also present in other Arozzi gaming chairs.

The Torretta, the Inizio, and the Verona Pro V2 come with such a relaxing system. It goes to show that the gaming world imagined by the manufacturer cannot be designed without a rocking function. The limits to which this can be used comfortable depends on the user. A locking function allows the backrest to be fixed once the desired recline angle has been reached.

Since the Arozzi Enzo is also made with a backrest of just 740mm, it means the chair also doesn’t need as much clearance in the back as many of its alternatives. So gamers considering the chair for tight spaces can find it particularly interesting. Furthermore, it can be one of the chairs which comes with a fast recline due to the shorter backrest, and maybe this is where its racing name is inspired from.

PU leather to make the Arozzi Enzo look apart

PU leather is used to cover the gaming chair. It’s no surprise Arozzi made this possible. In fact, the manufacturer is already one of the most important names in the industry, and the leather material is one of its staple characteristics.

PU leather is not too demanding. It can forgive an occasional water spill and it can also be easily cleaned. There are no deep creases to worry about which means the gaming chair can be cleaned properly to keep it fresh for years. But at the same time, the leather cover also gives the chair an attractive look. It might not be a premium look, but it is certainly aesthetics above the odd office chair alternative. Gamers can also value how good the leather looks in proven combinations of colors, such as red and black. Color options include:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Orange
  • Red
  • White

Most of the chair is actually black. The only parts which can be colored are the sides of the backrest and the sides of the seat pan. But for those looking to match the chair with their gaming desk, this can be enough.

Padded armrests to say goodbye to elbow pain

As far as the armrests go, users need to know that they can take a while to install. 4 screws are used to secure each armrest. But the good news is that once this is done, users can simply enjoy increased comfort. With a fully padded surface, the armrests are a much-needed upgrade for those coming from economic chairs with pure plastic armrests.

Of course, the armrests are not adjustable. This means that there can be a lot of work to get them to fit under the desk. But it also must be said that at this affordable price range, it is quite difficult to find fully adjustable armrests.

The hidden drawbacks of the Arozzi Enzo

Now let’s go to the dark side of the chair. Well, not exactly dark, let’s call it low light. There are not too many drawbacks considering the affordability of the Arozzi Enzo. It represents a design which is made for practicality. It does not represent a fashion statement. But its fashionable aesthetics are the smallest concern for gamers. It is its true support to the body which can be improved.

Not a full ergonomic design

Gamers always hear a lot about ergonomic designs. In reality, only the chairs which cost thousands of dollars can truly be called ergonomic and they might just be the only true options for good lumbar support. But this is not to say all other chairs are not good. It is just the fact that lumbar support is so different from person to person that limits what can be achieved with the chair with long hours of sitting.

If ergonomics can sometimes be translated as an anatomic design, the Enzo is striving towards such lines, but it is still far from its target. The seat pan is not uncomfortable. It will not impede the legs from moving freely without getting stiff. The backrest is not bad either. But this can also be a problem of perception.

Part of this problem is actually based on the different type of foam which is used on the seat pan and on the backrest. The seat pan has a denser foam, with its 30 kg/m³. The backrest comes with a lower density foam of 25 kg/m³. This is why the chair might not feel as balanced as other designs and why its ergonomic design might not be given justice. Of course, the difference is quite small. While most gamers may not even notice it, some of the taller and heavier users will be able to tell there’s a difference in the way these two main parts of the chair feel.

Lumbar support…ish

The Arozzi Enzo suffers a bit in the department of lumbar support. Yes, it comes with the typical curvature towards the lower part of the backrest, but it is far from perfect. Additional lumbar pillows are not included by Arozzi so users are mainly left with what can be seen in pictures, a quite basic lumbar support design.

So would adding a lumbar support pillow improve the Enzo’s upcoming version 2? It’s hard to say at the moment. But what can be done is for gamers to purchase their own lumbar support pillow and start experimenting with it. The pillow can actually prove to be an interesting addition for most users, even when there are not posture problems at all, which is rarely the case anyway.

Final considerations

Other benefits recognized by this Arozzi Enzo review is the chair’s stability. It seems the manufacturer designed the chair correctly. The 5 twin wheel casters play their role in this stability as well. They are suitable for any flat surface. Of course, they are not as recommended on hardwood floors.

The actual weight of the chair is impressive as well. At only 33lbs, it is one of the lightest options in its class. Moving it around the house is very easy as a result. Moving it from side to side when cleaning and vacuuming the gaming area does not require a lot of muscle strength. This is also why the chair can be one of the options women consider as a daily practical sitting choice.

But the Arozzi Enzo is best seen with all of these features together. None of its qualities really stands out. But it is how they are put together that matters the most. For many users, the chair allows a level of freedom and comfort which was not possible before. Since gamers’ hard-earned money might not go towards the premium designs from Arozzi, the Enzo is a truly low-cost alternative. It still offers enough comfort so that it feels like a racing chair. But it doesn’t offer the expensive materials and adjustability levels which would simply put it out of reach for the average gamer. With a minimalistic profile and subtle color insertions, it can be one of the inspired first racing chairs gamers can dream of.

Arozzi Verona Pro V2 Review – The 290lbs Capacity Beast

The Verona Pro V2, as one of the mid-range options from Arozzi, is always a tempting design for new and experienced gamers. The chair comes with a few proven features Arozzi fans might already be comfortable with. At the same time, the chair is also among the designs which are racing-inspired, which now has a legion of fans across multiple brands.


Reasons to consider the Arozzi Verona Pro V2

  • Built with a maximum weight capacity of 290lbs (130kg)
  • The first in Arozzi’s line (from affordable to expensive) to use an advanced seat mechanism
  • Fun to use with its rocking function
  • Suitable for gamers who like Arozzi’s locking tilt advantage
  • Reclines back to 165 degrees and can be locked anywhere along the way
  • Based on large casters which don’t get stuck in carpets
  • Cushioned design throughout
  • Based on high-density foam cushioning
  • Comes at a weight of 48.5lbs
  • A large 540mm seat pan
  • Tall 820mm backrest suitable for all heights
  • Made with 260mm adjustable armrests
  • Based on 470mm seat pan depth comfort
  • Offers a height-adjustable lumbar support pillow
  • Ships with a head support pillow
  • Suitable for men and women with blue, carbon black, grey, green, orange, and red

Reasons not to consider the Arozzi Verona Pro V2

  • Variable foam density (40-45 kg/m³ for the seat pan and 25 kg/m³ for the backrest)
  • Armrests only adjust in height


A few tempting features of the Arozzi Verona Pro V2


The second release of the Verona gaming chair now comes with extra space. This is seen both in the seat pan and in the backrest’s design. Most importantly, the ergonomics of the chair has been improved. Gamers can’t really complain in too many areas. One exception could be with the differentiated foam used for padding. But then again, this is Arozzi’s policy as it offers such an improved design in under the names of Torretta and Torretta XL.

The ergonomic design and its support

Ergonomics is always an attraction point with the chair. This is why Arozzi offers chairs which have a similar approach, regardless of their price. Gamers know the Arozzi Verona Pro V2 gaming chair is a good first option in its category. It is actually better-equipped than most designs in its class.

Those moving up from the classic cash & carry entry-level option will find the chair to be surprisingly comfortable. This impact is mainly based on the hugging design of the chair. Its lateral support is not necessarily needed. It is basically borrowed from racing car seats where this support is needed in tight corners. But the gaming chair takes this and offers users an improved level of comfort.

The extra help of the back pillows

If most gaming chairs in this price range don’t place too much emphasis on posture, the Verona Pro V2 comes with a few extras to help gamers realize just how imported their posture is in a world where they sit for hours. There are two pillows which are added to the chair. The lower pillow is used for lumbar support. It is based on two straps and it is height adjustable so that it can suit users of different heights. The upper pillow is mainly suitable for head support and it can be removed when not in use. Both pillows add a new level of comfort to the user.

But why would a gamer use a lumbar pillow in the first place? Aren’t those for the elderly? There is growing evidence to show that the lumbar area needs to be focused on when it comes to proper posture. Since bad posture is formed in years, the most exposed to it are students and professionals who sit for hours every day. A simple small lumbar pillow is then among the solutions to be considered for a straight back without rounded shoulders. The lumbar pillow also supports a correct thoracic position.

There is more information to be learned about the ergonomics of the backrests made by Arozzi. However, it is up to the users to learn more about proper posture and how to maximize the results of the lumbar support pillow to see the results they want in time.

A fun and useful steep recline

If Arozzi is unfairly blamed for all types of shortcomings, the steep recline is not one of them. The function is added on all of its gaming chairs. But the Verona Pro V2 comes with a 165 degrees recline function. Gamers can use it to set their desired angle to let their hair down for a minute or two. Taking a break from gaming can be quick and will not require leaving the chair. This can also be a time for the spine to relax and straighten after long hours of sitting.

A rocking function to get moving

The rocking function of the chair is fun to use. Of course, everybody discusses its impact on a higher activity level. But as all gamers know, it is actually one of the fun ways to stay entertained and focused when the pressure is on. For most gamers, the rocking function of the chair is also one of the rare times when the core gets some activation. Going back to the posture benefits, this fun way of sitting can also come with some improvements in the postural muscle.

What gamers wish Arozzi Verona Pro V2 would improve

The Arozzi Verona Pro V2 is among the choices many gamers consider. But they have their doubts when it comes to the chair’s cushion. Some other doubts are related to the functionality of the armrests.

A different type of foam for the backrest and the seat pan

Those looking deeper into the figures of the chair immediately notice that the backrest’s foam density is lower than the foam on the seat pan. But users also need to realize that this differentiation is made with many other brands.

A possible explanation can come from the fact that the chair is actually made for the average user and it does not need too much strength in the backrest. A more plausible explanation is that this foam is lower in density because it is actually cheaper. For most users, the difference may not even be notifiable. However, those who are closer to the 290lbs weight mark are those going to notice the difference more and this is why those gamers are better suited with the Torretta gaming chair.

What is high-density foam?

High-density foam is characterized by a higher weight per cubic foot. The foam is also characterized by strong cell structure which improved its durability. The foam is either poured or injected into a mold during its manufacturing process.

Let’s talk about armrests

The armrests of the Verona Pro V2 are not fixed, which is already a positive aspect. But they are not as adjustable as those of the Torretta. They allow users to set them according to height preferences. This means that the chair is recommended for basic use, but they will not suit those with high demands such as gamers looking for premium designs.

Even in these conditions, the armrests are actually height-adjustable. They allow users to set their own level and the arms to actually naturally rest on the armrests. This can reduce shoulder pain and upper back stiffness often associated with poor arms position over long periods.

But the armrests lack the 4-direction adjustability of some of the top gaming chairs on the market. This means that some users have to say goodbye to the idea of having a selectable angle for their hands, which could have been useful when playing with a keyboard and alternatively with a controller. But for the price, the adjustable armrests is what manufacturers typically offer.

Is the Arozzi Verona Pro V2 worth it?

The Arozzi Verona Pro V2 is definitely worth it. The chair is ready for the ultimate level of freedom for most gamers. It offers unprecedented space with an ergonomic design, which gives it enough sustainability to even be seen as a future-proof design.

PU leather practicality

The cover of the seat is represented by PU leather. The material is very popular in the industry and it is even used on chairs which cost twice as much. The Arozzi Verona Pro V2 comes as one of the names which bases their practicality on the material and it is easy to see why.

Gamers can quickly clean the chair when needed. A simple wet wipe and a cleaning solution keep the chair fresh and free from odors for long periods of time. Even the armrests can be wiped clean. All areas of contact should be cleaned from time to time. Some brands even recommended wiping the entire chair when dusting the house.

The mid-range option from Arozzi

As a mid-range product, a few features can be borrowed from premium products while others can be borrowed from lower-end products. This is also the case of the Verona Pro V2. However, the chair is based on a durable frame, which is as mid-range as they get. With a 290lbs weight capacity and durable casters, it can easily hold gamers even when in full recline. The large casters are also practical. They ensure users can easily glide on some carpets and that the chair can be moved out of the way with one hand if needed.

Just enough adjustability for most gamers

Of course, many other features could be added to the chair. However, it is not always the case that users have the freedom to simply choose the type of features they want in their chairs. This is why the Verona Pro V2 is one of the leading solutions to consider for backrest adjustability, more than anything else.

The two added support pillows can go far. They represent one of the distinct characteristics. In fact, many gamers recognize the chair simply when seeing the two pillows with their height adjusting straps. Having the recline function helps as well. In other cases, gamers might feel limited by the actual armrests and support, especially when closer to the 290lbs weight.

Coloring the way to gaming fun

Life would be so dull without color. A gaming chair would certainly lack as much character as it can have without colors. Arozzi Verona Pro V2 comes in:

  • Blue
  • Carbon black
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Red

But the colors do not actually change the entire PU leather surface from black. They only update the colors on the side of the backrest, on the seat pan and on the Arozzi logo. Of course, they can suit different styles. They can match keyboard lights as well as the desk or even the room. Colors can simply be chosen according to the personality of the gamer.

Other customization options include floor mats. Arozzi has its own floormat which can be used in combination with the Verona Pro V2 to protect hardwood surfaces. With noise dampening benefits, the floormat has a size of 45.7 x 45.7 inches which covers the entire area of the chair allowing for some movement as well.

Final considerations

With one of the best weight capacities in its mid-class profile, the Arozzi Verona Pro V2 is one of the chairs to be considered for the dedicated gamer. It can also be a great first purchase for those moving up to gaming chairs. Since it comes with a distinct ergonomic design, it represents a comfortable choice with a smooth transition. But the chair can also be an option for those looking to get into Arozzi products and who needs a more affordable option when compared to the Torretta or to the Verona V2.

At a weight of just above 48lbs, the gaming chair is not the lightest but compared to the standards of thickly-padded chairs, it is not the heaviest neither. From this perspective, it still has good practicality and the ability to be moved from place to place with ease. But is the chair a good purchase? Judging by its real-world reviews and by its 2-year warranty policy, the chair is a future-proof purchase.