How to Create a Gaming Chair With a Keyboard Tray

Creating your gaming chair with a keyboard tray is complicated. There are still not many good options you can count on if you purchase them after your office chair. Most keyboard trays are a bit wobbly, clumsy, and difficult to store when not in use.

This is where you need to think about accessorizing your gaming chair with a keyboard and mouse tray. It might not be the ideal setup, but it feels very comfortable.

3 reasons why a gaming chair with a keyboard tray rocks

A gaming chair can be used with an additional keyboard tray at any time. There are keyboard and mouse trays you can install on your gaming chair yourself, without any tools. Here’s why you might be interested in this approach.

  • Easier to sit back and relax

Once installed, the PC gaming chair with a keyboard tray becomes a good place to sit back and relax. You can play or type for hours without hunching over the desk which makes your life a bit easier.

  • Ergonomic sitting comfort

Since you lay back in your current gaming chair while using a keyboard tray, you also get the benefit of working on your posture a bit more. Ergonomic sitting is problematic in the gaming world and you need to constantly address how you sit for good posture. This becomes easier when your hands are just in front of you.

  • Affordability

A keyboard tray isn’t expensive to mount on your gaming chair. You can buy one for the price of a few cups of coffee and enjoy your favorite titles in style.

Create your gaming chair with a keyboard tray with these solutions

This being said, you can purchase a gaming chair keyboard tray and keep on gaming. There’s no point to invest thousands of dollars in a gaming chair with tens of accessories such as a keyboard tray from the start. You can even use the following keyboard trays with new gaming chairs as you upgrade them in the future.

1.     Mobo Chair Mount Ergo Keyboard and Mouse Tray System

If your gaming chair has straight armrests, this can be just the right tool for you. It uses 2 armrest attachments made from rubber and a removable keyboard tray you can attach to your chair.

In theory, this system attaches to any gaming chair. But it can take some adjusting to have it mounted on your gaming chair.

The ergo mount holds your keyboard and while it can wobble when typing at high speed, it does the job well given its popularity.


  • It only adds about 1 inch to the height of the armrests
  • The tray simply rests on the mouse trays
  • The mouse trays are made with a folding design


  • Not the most stable platform for typing
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2.     MagicHold Ergonomic Laptop Keyboard Mouse Chair Stand

This keyboard mouse chair tray combo is easily attached to the main gas cylinder of your gaming chair. It offers a tray you can easily adjust to the sides when getting in and out of the chair. It also includes a mouse tray you can have installed on your right or left armrest.

The main advantage of this system is its wide keyboard tray. You can transform your gaming chair completely and even use it with a laptop as the keyboard tray is supportive.

Supporting cozy sitting, this Pc gaming chair with a keyboard tray system is ideal for any gaming chair. You can have it installed easier than the Mobo tray, but it does take up a bit more space around the gaming chair.


  • Easy installation
  • It attaches to the gas cylinder of a gaming or an office chair
  • Ideal for those with back pain


  • Not height-adjustable
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Final words

Having your gaming chair with a keyboard tray can lead to the ultimate comfort and all-day gaming. But you still need to get out of the chair and take a break if you want to truly feel good in such a chair while gaming. The great part is these keyboard trays for gaming chairs can be installed quickly without complicated tools so that you have more time to focus on actual gaming.