10 Best Office Chairs Under $200 in 2021

The best office chairs under $200 are made with an ergonomic design. They offer sufficient low back support to sit in a neutral position even when shopping on a budget. These office chairs should also come with a reclining backrest even if they are more affordable than others.

Have you ever wondered what stops you from getting an ergonomic office chair? Most of those who ask this question say they don’t have the money to buy a good office chair to finally get rid of back pain. But you don’t have to spend more than 200 dollars to get a good office chair if you have the patience to find your options. This post is for those who don’t have the time to look for such an office chair themselves as it lists 10 great options you can order online.

Look for these characteristics in an office chair under 200

Where does one start looking when buying an office chair under 200? Going to the local superstore isn’t the smartest decision as most office chairs here fall apart easily. At this price, you can’t truly fault them. However, you can learn to recognize a good office chair under 200 by first looking at these characteristics.

  • High back design

A high back design is important for ergonomics. Cheap office chairs with a low back design are simply not good for postural support, especially for long hours of sitting. This is why you need to take a closer look at all of the office chairs that offer a high backrest as they are the likeliest to offer the ergonomic back support needed for comfortable working with minimum to no impact on the lumbar area.

  • Breathable mesh or elegant leather covers

You can choose between mesh and faux leather covers at this price range. Both are very good options. As in all price ranges, the right choice is up to you. This is why an office chair with mesh covers is ideal if you want to enhance ventilation if you’ve struggled in this area in the past. At the same time, you might instead go for the faux leather alternative if you want to see how it’s like to sit in a proper executive office chair yourself.

  • Lower back support

Lower back support is highly overlooked in office chairs under 200. The S-shaped backrest is improperly designed or lacking altogether from these office chairs. Lumbar support adjustability is even more difficult to find. However, all things aren’t lost if you’re approaching this possible purchase with an open mind.

Why $200 might be enough when getting an office chair?

The best office chair under $200 offers adjustable height, swivel, reclining functions. It also comes with an ergonomic backrest to eliminate low back pain. As an extra, it also features an ergonomic seat for correct neutral posture while working at the desk

Have you dealt with constant back pain from your office chair lately? It might be time for an upgrade. Since the economy isn’t doing great at the moment, you might only have a limited budget for this purchase. While no expense is too large for health, there should be a maximum spending limit on your next office chair. For 200 dollars, you have a few good office chairs to choose from. However, you have to dig deep through underperforming chairs for desk work to find them.

3 reasons to get the best office chair under $200

Things aren’t fantastic with such a limited budget. However, they are better than when shopping for chairs under 100. Here are 3 benefits of getting an ergonomic office chair that doesn’t cost too much.

  • Low barrier of entry to ergonomics

Since the asking price is so low, you don’t have to spend months and even years saving up to buy your next office chair. Sure, it’s nice to sit on a Herman Miller or a Steelcase office chair, but these aren’t cheap. They’re out of reach for the average modern worker.

  • Low risk in case you don’t like its feel

You will love your office chair even if you make an uninspired decision. At the very least, you won’t lose sleep for purchasing the wrong office chair compared to the unlikely event of purchasing the best office chair under $1000.

  • High chances of sitting relaxed at the desk

Since you pay so little for your computer chair you aren’t likely to stress about its maintenance too much. Have you seen Herman Miller’s owners? They count every armrest scratch, which defeats the purpose of relaxed working.

2 reasons not to get the best office chair under $200

It’s also fair to look at some of the drawbacks of getting an office chair under $200. There are a couple worth noting.

  • Don’t expect the best materials

Manufacturers have to cut costs to offer cheap office chairs for the masses. This is the easiest to do by choosing cheap materials for office chairs. These aren’t always bad, but they can’t compare even with those on office chairs under 300.

  • Ergonomics is a bit blurry

What is ergonomics? There are many definitions of this term. Ergonomic office chairs are made for neutral postural support, typically at the desk. They only sustain the body in key areas where they don’t push it to sit in an unnatural position that could lead to bad or incorrect sitting posture.

The Best Office Chairs Under $200 – Top Picks

This being said, the choice for cheap office chairs now seems endless. Here are the best choices on a very limited budget.

1.       Hbada Office Task Desk Chair

This best mesh office chair under 200 dollars is the ideal choice for the average office worker on a budget. It features an elegant unique design and good postural ergonomic support, which is all that matters.

As the top office chair for long hours under $200, it has plenty to offer. For example, this is also the main recommendation for the best office chair with flip-up armrests under 200. Its armrests flip-up independently. This makes it the ideal choice for multiple lines of work that require typing, writing, reading, and frequently getting up. This might also work as one of the best office chairs for a standing desk under $200.

Made with mesh and sponge cushioning, the office chair is also highly lightweight. It almost feels too light, which is either a pro or a con, depending on how you’d like to see its profile. What we know for sure is that even with such a lightweight profile, the chair still offers 250lbs maximum weight capacity.

The angled backrest and the waterfall seat make up for good ergonomics on a budget. This mid-back office chair under 200 is among the rock stars of budget ergonomics.

Most importantly, the chair is comfortable to sit in for long hours. Unlike many other cheap office chairs under 100, you get a better design that is also breathable. Fantastic during the hot summer months, this ventilated office chair keeps your body cool and your mind focused on your work tasks.

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2.       Smugdesk Office Chair

This best office chair for lower back pain under $200 is worth every penny. It offers decent materials and supported ergonomic sitting as a viable Herman Miller alternative. It might be a knockoff chair, but it’s very good at what it does.

Adjustability is its main advantage. The office chair features an adjustable lumbar support section of the backrest which goes up and down, depending on your height. A few users suffering from herniated discs said this function of the office chair provided instant pain relief.

The high backrest office chair under 200 is also one of the most impressive for full back support. There are no more reasons to complain about upper back pain from sitting even when shopping on a budget.

A small portion of its users sees it as the best office chair with a headrest under 200. It features a small removable headrest also made with breathable mesh materials. The entire chair heavily relies on breathable mesh materials which prevent overheating and sweating in the office chair.

The seat of the office chair also impresses in ergonomics. It offers a rigid yet comfortable sitting platform without putting too much pressure on your thighs. This is an impressive achievement given its reduced price.

We can further categorize it as one of the best office chairs with adjustable armrests under 200. Who knew you could find an office chair with adjustable armrests at this price? We’re most impressed by the angle adjustments of the armrests.

The office chair also reclines to 117 degrees. Sure, this is nothing compared to what’s out there. But there aren’t too many alternatives that recline properly without falling apart at this price.

If you want to move up from the classic all-black office chair you also get the chance now. This office chair comes in multiple colors. You can buy it in blue, red, gray, and black. Ultimately, you can learn to match it to your computer setup.

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3.       Boliss Office Chair

The Boliss 500lbs capacity office chair is another interesting choice. It sometimes sells just over 200 and sometimes under 200, depending on possible discount periods. However, this office chair is highly affordable for what it is, a true tank of a sitting product.

Made for overweight users, the office chair from Boliss features a special design and an ergonomic sitting position that worth the money.

This office chair features a soft memory foam seat that supports your body properly in comfort while seating at the computer desk. The oversized seat makes it one of the most stringent names in the industry when it comes to proper support even when other office chairs fail, which is on the sides, especially for big users. Fat office chairs don’t come any better.

Designed with a breathable backrest, the office chair offers one of the most intriguing builds as the combination of foam and breathable mesh makes it one of the most important in its class.

This office chair also comes with flip-up armrests. Featuring thickly padded armrests it comfortably holds your elbows so that you can type in comfort. These armrests don’t go back and forth, but it’s not a bad design for an office chair with adjustable armrests under 200.

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With a generous 24 x 21 inch seat, this office chair offers one of the most comfortable sitting solutions for both big and small users. Tall users feel right at home with full support while short users can rest assured the waterfall seat edge provides the cozy platform for long hours of sitting.

4.       Amazon Basics Swivel Office Chair

This best leather office chair under 200 is made by the online retailer Amazon. Compact and designed with classic lines, it’s the type of office chair you choose when you simply don’t want any trouble. It covers the basics well. This office chair even has a decent maximum load of 275 pounds which isn’t bad considering its reduced sizes.

The seat measures 20 x 16 inches which means it’s rather small compared to the big and tall office chair above. But for the average users and the short users, this office chair provides one of the ideal sitting platforms with a relaxed construction and sturdy fixed armrests.

The black office chair under 200 is also available in white. Amazon Basics is a budget brand but lest it offers this practical office chair in multiple colors unlike most other office furniture brands struggling with one color alone.

This mid-back office chair under 200 does have its limitations at this price. Somewhat expected, the limitations can be something you can overlook or they can be something that makes you choose another chair from our list. The biggest concern is the lack of adjustable armrests. If you’ve struggled with this issue before, this is not the ideal office chair for you. On the other hand, not all users need to adjust the armrests up and down constantly and they can even find such office chair accessories as flimsy or prone to breaking in which case this office chair is a perfect choice.

The upholstered office chair under 200 uses fake leather which looks just as good as real leather. While it’s a budget option it certainly has its place among your cheap office products and desk accessories you can buy on a budget.

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5.       Smugdesk Office Chair With Headrest

This Smugdesk chair is the ideal choice if you need a computer task chair under 200 that resembles the Ergochair 2 from Autonomous. It was named as an Autonomous chair alternative a couple of times but the resemblance is there in terms of aesthetics.

Made with a breathable backrest, this task computer chair is ideal if you suffer from back pain. It features a breathable back and a removable headrest which can take some of the pressure away from your upper back from constant hours of sitting.

However, the Smugdesk is a bit different from the Ergochair. Apart from its lower price, it also comes with fewer functionalities, as expected. First of all, it features fixed armrests not adjustable armrests as the Ergochair. At the same time, it comes with reduce recline capacity and only 2 colors to choose from.

However, this affordable office chair under 200 features height adjustability, a swivel seat, a headrest, and 300lbs weight capacity. All of these strengths place it in the top 5 office chairs under 200 you can blind buy without the fear of missing out on this budget.

Another interesting part of the office chair that might draw new users to it is the included lumbar support backrest. Thicker at the lower back area, this lumbar support design is ideal if you work long hours. Unlike other office chairs that don’t cost much, this office chair is made for 6-8 hours of daily sitting and heavy work at the computer.

Mesh materials are used for the backrest and to cover the sponge on the seat. Sure, the sponge will eventually flatten in a few years. But it will be a bit more breathable than leather-covered office chairs since it only uses a mesh cover. This office chair is made for proper ergonomic sitting as well. It can be said the only real drawback to think about here are the fixed armrests.

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6.       Berlman Ergonomic Hollow Out Mesh Office Chair

The Berlman mesh office chair under 200 is the ideal choice if you value the design of your workspace. Some would say its hollow-out feature is unique. But to others, this looks like a mid-century modern office chair. What we know for sure is it looks good and it might work at the office where aesthetics tend to count more than when working from home.

Mesh materials cover this attractive cheap office chair. Both the seat and the backrest are completely covered in mesh. This makes it lightweight and maybe not as luxurious-looking as the Amazon Basics office chair above. However, since not all users want a leather office chair, it does have a large potential pool of fans.

As an office chair that reclines under $200, it’s also worth considering if you need to take frequent short breaks at the desk. Instead of getting up, you simply recline to stretch your back. If you work in coding or a similar field requiring constant attention to small details, such office chair features can be impactful.

Most importantly, this office chair is made to look good. Sure, other minimalistic office chairs look great. But how many of them are cheap? This is the main advantage of the current office chair and seeing it in a minimalistic office desk setup is where you can best imagine this chair.

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7.       Vanspace Big And Tall Office Chair

As a 400lbs capacity big and tall office chair this Vanspace design tries and succeeds in being a Jack of all trades. It offers the height weight capacity overweight people need without sacrificing style, which is almost impossible under 200 dollars.

The Vanspace Big And Tall Office Chair is our recommended choice if you’re a heavy user on a budget. It features thicker cushioning compared to all other chairs on our list. It comes with a thick seat and a thicker headrest that’s built into the backrest. It’s even designed with thickly padded armrests that are perfect for almost any style of typing position at the desk and for easily getting up.

The diamond design backrest also gives it a different allure, a compliment we can’t give too many other big and tall office chairs. Made for a sink-in feeling, the office chair is among the top considerations for thick back support as well.

You will have to get used to the padding on the backrest if you come from a mesh office chair. It comes with very thick padding regardless of your standards and this might mean you will face cloud-like sitting compared to more rigid ventilated mesh office chair sitting experiences. Made with 400lbs maximum weight capacity, this office chair is also made to last. If you carry excess body fat, it might be among the few good sitting chairs on a budget.

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8.       Ticova Executive Office Chair

Ticova’s executive office chair with a footrest under 200 is one of the favorites of users who like thickly cushioned sitting. This upholstered office chair is a bit larger than others such as the small Amazon Basics chair above. It features a 21.7 x 23.2in-seat which makes it ideal for both short and tall users. The average height user is going to feel the most comfortable on it, however.

This office chair features a cushioned backrest split into 3 main support sections which also prevent its thick sponge from moving around too much. It does feel comfortable and all of its 3 parts feel like a single backrest.

As any executive office chair, it also places an important focus on style further. Its chromed armrests look amazing on black contrasting cushioning. This is why the office chair looks great.

But even a director’s office chair is made for a few short breaks with its added recline function. Its backrest goes back to 140 degrees unlike most other office chairs in the 200-300 price range that only go back to 120 degrees. At the same time, the 13-inch cushioned footrest acts to improve sitting comfort while taking a break from stressful work.

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9.       OFM Essentials Racing Style Leather Office Chair

This OFM diamond-pattern racing style office chair looks good and feels comfortable for a very low price. Ideal for men, the office chair can be one of the most important purchases to make when you value sitting comfort and when you want a gaming chair but you can’t get away with getting one.

Designed with an integrated headrest, this tall office chair under 200 is one of the ideal purchases if you don’t like mid-rise office chairs. Offering full back support, the office chair sits comfortably among the most important products of its kind since it doesn’t truly have a good rival at this price apart from the Vanspace chair above. However, the Vanspace office chair is made for overweight users while this OFM Essentials chair only comes with 250lbs maximum weight capacity.

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10.   Icomoch High Back Office Chair

If you need an office chair with good wear durability under you need to pay attention. This office chair is inspired by other similar big and tall chairs in this class but it does things right. It features a rocking function that allows you to rock your way to relaxation. There’s even a rocking function adjustment function to play with on this chair.

Made with double cushioning, this office chair means business. While 200 won’t get you the ideal memory foam office chair, it will get you dual cushioning office chairs for the right comfort even when you’re overweight.

Covered in perforated bonded leather, the office chair also looks good. You might want to have a second look at its cover as it looks a bit more breathable than its alternatives due to its small perforations.

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Best gaming chair under 200

There’s still hope if you don’t like how these office chairs look. Gaming chairs under 200 can also offer an interesting alternative, especially if you love to take a gaming break. While you can’t take them to work, you can use them if you work from home.

  1. Respawn 110 Racing Gaming Chair

Respawn gaming chair reviews show just how good this computer chair for gaming is. It’s also our first choice as the best gaming chair for under 200 dollars. As a gaming chair, it has a more relaxed design that certainly puts a smile on your face every time you see it.

This Respawn gaming chair offers the ideal setup if you want to take long work breaks as well. It features a full recline backrest. As seen from the affordable office chairs above, they only go down to 140 degrees and not to 155 degrees as this gaming chair.

Padded armrests and a footrest are added to this gaming chair to make it one of the most attractive in its class. Certainly seen as one of the most important gaming chairs for first-time buyers, it can also turn a few of those only relying on office chairs.

It comes with a racing-style design which means it offers sufficient support in the backrest. There’s even a small headrest pillow that goes on top of the backrest if you need a comfortable gaming chair. Made with floor-protecting casters, it’s not a bad deal if you can get away with such a bold design in your gaming room.

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  1. Uomax LED Gaming Chair

A best mesh gaming chair under $200 almost seems impossible to find in stores. This Uomax best-LED gaming chair under 200 combines both breathable materials and illumination to offer a truly unique sitting experience so many gamers can fall in love with.

Sure, not everybody is going to fall in love with its illuminated backrest. But if you work at a computer with an illuminated keyboard you might think about it again. Designed for all of those who want a distinct bold gaming chair on a budget, this Uomax is ideal for relaxation as well as features a reclining backrest.

As the best gaming chair with adjustable armrests under 200, it also works for general office work. Its LEDs don’t have to be on all the time as you can switch the light off during the day.

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What truly matters for the best office chair under $200

When shopping for an office chair on a budget you need to get the basics right. There’s no room for too much innovation here and you need to learn how to eliminate the wrong choices from the start.

  • Maximum weight capacity

What is the maximum weight capacity of your office chair? This is the maximum load of an office chair and you should stay clear from the chairs that don’t offer this information. Brands should know what their chairs can handle even when creating budget products. You might alternatively want to look at office chairs that cost more to see how this number affects durability.

  • Customer service

Most brands selling cheap office chairs have poor customer service. But just because you don’t spend too much doesn’t mean you afford to lose money on your purchase. As a result, you should look at the brands with a good reputation. How can this be achieved? First of all, look at the reviews. Users will typically say whenever something is wrong with their purchase even if they tend not to say anything when they’re satisfied by the product. You can have a better idea of how a company handles complaints by checking office chair reviews at least.

  • Warranty

There should be some type of warranty with every office chair purchase. While not as comprehensive as on office chairs under 300 or office chairs under 500, the warranty plans on this small budget should at least cover your purchase for 30 days.

  • Looks

How well does your office chair look? Do you remember those ugly office chairs at the office? Most of them were quite cheap and you didn’t feel inspired while sitting in them. The same applies when shopping for one yourself. This is why you need to look at the office chairs that have some type of aesthetic coherence to them. It’s not just subjective. Science shows we like our things more when we appreciate how they look first.

  • Ergonomics

Sitting awkwardly isn’t forgivable, even at 200. Neutral position sitting is crucial when it comes to good workplace health. This is why your office chair should support basic ergonomic sitting. No pressure on the back, on the thighs, and plenty of elbow support are key starting points for good office chair ergonomics.

  • The extras

Do you need a headrest? Do you like to recline when taking a break? Is a footrest too much for you? All of these questions have a definite answer and you can make the most of your purchase if you appreciate the extras and if you prioritize the right office chair accessories for you. It’s best to get a chair that offers everything you need from the start as ordering them, later on, proves more expensive with extra shipping costs.

Closing thoughts

A good office chair under 200 dollars is not very easy to find if you’re new to ergonomics. You might even lose money trying to save money by purchasing a low-quality product. But all of the office chairs above already feature proven build quality. They total thousands of reviews from mostly satisfied customers which speaks for itself.