Best 5 Gaming Chairs With 400lbs Weight Capacity

The best gaming chair with 400lbs weight capacity is made for big and tall gamers. Their role is to offer support and a durable base that won’t crack under heavyweight. Gaming chairs of 400 pounds (181kg) weight capacity can also be used by regular gamers who need to ensure their purchase is going to last. This proves nearly impossible with regular flimsy gaming chairs you can buy in supermarkets.

400 lbs gaming chairs – what are they?

At 400lbs, you are one of the big and tall gamers that need the right gaming setup that lasts. If you aren’t sure of real-world examples of what weighs 400 pounds you can consider an adult lion as the perfect example.

You can’t expect a regular gaming chair to hold an adult lion without falling apart.

credits – Fantasylab

This is where the following chairs for gaming with 400lbs weight capacity come into the equation.

1.       Respawn 400 Big and Tall Racing Style Gaming Chair

Respawn 400 represents one the most critically-acclaimed and best gaming chair 400lbs capacity-seekers can find. While many gaming chairs claim to hold up to 400 pounds without hiccups, the reality is very different than what’s promised on paper.

This gaming chair is the first recommendation for users of 300lbs, 350lbs, and above. Its maximum weight limit is ideal for tall and heavy gamers and chances are this Respawn design can only be purchased online given its specialized nature.

Apart from its high weight support capacity, this gaming chair also comes with plenty of cushioning for great comfort. As a bucket style office chair or as a bucket gaming chair, it can be one of the most robust gaming setup pieces you can own.

It even comes with adjustable lumbar and headrest pillows for that perfect ergonomic sitting posture.

But what impresses me, even more, is the asking price. Slightly more expensive than a knock-off gaming chair, it offers the affordability so gamers need.


  • True 400lbs weight capacity
  • Available on blue, gray, green, and red
  • 130-degrees recline support


  • Rubber blade-style casters sold separately
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2.       Blue Whale Big and Tall Gaming Chair

The Blue Whale 400lbs gaming chair capacity is among the first to offer a stylish option for big and tall users. While its weight capacity is its most important characteristic, you shouldn’t overlook how it looks for it. As living proof, Blue Whale made a gaming chair 400lbs alternatives cant’ compete with in terms of looks.

It features an angle-adjustable backrest. As a gaming chair, you can lay back in, it should not offer any reasons to worry as it has the weight balance for your heavy body.

Its armrests are also angle adjustable. Just as the Respawn 400, it also comes with armrests that adjust by typing angle which supports the ultimate gaming position. You can also use it as a 400lbs office chair when you’re done gaming due to the natural ergonomic hand’s position it supports.

One of the biggest ways Blue Whale saves money to offer this gaming chair at a low price is by switching up the foam with a sponge for cushioning. Its sponge should last at least a few years before flattening. But at least you know the chair’s structure is going to last under a heavy load during the time.


  • One of the most beautiful 400lbs gaming chairs
  • Made with visible leather stitching
  • 150-degrees recline support


  • Not cushioned with memory foam
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3.       Killabee Big and Tall 400lb Gaming Chair

After careful research, it turns up Killabee makes a 400 lbs capacity gaming chair with memory foam cushioning that doesn’t cost thousands. It’s quite reliable, it looks good and it comes in the right size.

This gaming chair features a wide 23.2” backrest. It also features a wider 21.7” seat pan. Killabee uses cold cure memory foam on its entire wide gaming chair area to offer unconditional support from all angles. Multiple stitching lines ensure its foam doesn’t move about too much.

You can also appreciate it comes with the largest lumbar support pillow you can get as an extra in a gaming chair. It also fits all those around 6’2 in height wonderfully with its tall backrest.


  • Made with armrests that adjust forth and back
  • Affordable given its memory foam cushioning
  • Ideal for users of 200lbs, 300lbs, and 350lbs


  • Assembly tacks around 45 minutes
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4.       Fantasylab Big and Tall 400lb Gaming Chair

A similar experience but with a different design can be enjoyed on this Fantasylab memory foam gaming chair. Designed for big and heavy users, it impresses with just how wide it is and how good it looks. From some angles, it even resembles a Secretlab gaming chair.

It comes with a seat depth of 20.5” and a seat width of 21.7”. It even features a wider 23.2” backrest. Available in all types of colors such as black and pink, this seems to be too good to be true.

So what’s the catch with it? The catch is this is a knock-off gaming chair shipped from abroad. It can take 2-3 weeks for it to arrive. On the plus side, you will pay next to nothing for it given just how good it looks.


  • Very qualitative given its low price
  • True 400 pounds capacity
  • Larger base


  • It takes a few weeks to ship
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5.       Okeysen Gaming Chair

This 300lbs gaming chair is ideal if you’re not pushing 400 pounds in weight. It features a weight capacity of 330 pounds which means it still works if you’re just above 300 pounds and not closer to the 400 limits.

The gaming chair is the only one on the list with an included leg rest. This can be helpful when you’re after a sleeping gaming chair. But it also comes with fabrics instead of the same old tired PU leather for a change of aesthetics.

The open design of this chair is also a considerable advantage. The backrest isn’t too narrow pushing against your back. Designed with an open backrest that still supports the back, it has that tall guy feeling you need. The same applies to the bucket seat design of this chair as it doesn’t push against your hips at all.


  • Ideal 300lbs capacity gaming chair
  • Includes USB massage pillow
  • Made with breathable fabrics


  • Not ideal if you’re over 330lbs
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Respawn 400 is the best 400lbs gaming chair. Blue Whale, Killabee, and Fantasylab are all solid alternatives for people who weigh more than 300 lbs. These gaming chairs are made with durable stitching and stretch-resistant PU leather so they last longer.  All of them include lumbar support pillows to mitigate low back pain which isn’t uncommon in big and tall users.