5 Reasons Why Secretlab Chairs Are Worth It

Secretlab chairs are worth it due to the high customization options and their minimalistic look. No other gaming chairs offer tens of colors and 3 cover materials (PU leather, textile fabric, and Napa leather). Furthermore, these chairs are covered by warranty for 5 years.

Secretlab chairs are worth it if you need a mid-range gaming chair that is firm. These chairs are an upgrade from a cheap office chair or an entry-level gaming chair priced between $100 and $200. These chairs also last longer, with a minimum warranty of 5 years.

Given their high popularity in the gaming world, many wonder if Secretlab chairs are worth it. The short answer is yes, Secretlab chairs are worth it. How they feel, how they look, and their durable build recommends them for gaming.

In a world where knock-off gaming chairs represent more than half of the market, it can be complicated to see the real worth Secretlab has to offer. This Secretlab review looks into the reasons that make these chairs worth the money and a couple of drawbacks you need to take into account at this level (which might not have been an issue with a cheap gaming chair alternative).

Are Secretlab Chairs Worth It? Top 5 Reasons To Get One Yourself

We must admit from the start Secretlab has aggressive marketing. From constant pop-ups to YouTube ads, it seems these chairs are impossible to overlook. They’re sold both in the US and in Europe.

  • Secretlab Europe ships from Poland
  • Secretlab USA ships from Tennessee and Utah
  • Secretlab UK ships from Devon
  • Secretlab Canada ships from Ontario

While shipping is not an issue, you might be thinking the true worth of a gaming chair is seen in the attention to detail. You are right. Here’s why these gaming chairs Secretlab makes are better than the average.

Source: Flickr / Lol Esports Photos

1.     Secretlab chairs aren’t copycat chairs

This shouldn’t be taken as an absolute remark, but Secretlab gaming chairs are original designs. These chairs aren’t gaming knockoff chairs. You simply cannot say this about most of its alternatives which seem to be the same gaming chair with a different logo on it. Here are your 3 main options.

  • Secretlab Omega
  • Secretlab Titan
  • Secretlab Titan XL

Omega is the smallest chair, Titan is the mid-range category chair, and Titan XL is the large gaming chair from Secretlab. All of them have original designs. You can pinpoint a Secretlab gaming chair even when surrounded by other office chairs easily.

2.     Build quality is impressive

Good durability is the second reason why Secretlab gaming chairs are worth it. The Omega, Titan, and Titan XL are all gaming chairs with a 5-year warranty. First Secretlab reviews after a couple of years of daily use confirm these chairs are in pristine condition, above expectations. This gives them a true sense of worth.

3.     Secretlab gaming chairs are averagely priced

Secretlab Titan XL costs $499 in PU leather. Its softweave fabric alternative costs $499. For the money, these chairs offer what you expect. These materials are durable. There’s a growing debate between Secretlab PU leather vs Softweave. Over the years, Softweave proves even more durable with no scuffing.

Are Secretlab chairs worth the money?

  • Omega – PU leather ($359), Softweave fabric ($379), Napa leather ($749)
  • Titan – PU leather ($399), Softweave fabric ($429), Napa leather ($799)
  • Titan XL – PU leather ($479), Softweave fabric ($499)

Secretlab gaming chairs are worth the money when you choose the base package with PU leather. Prices are fair and competitively priced for this type of faux leather. The Softweave Secretlab fabric gaming chairs are likely to last longer and they cost a bit more, but still worth it if you want to play on them for at least 5-6 years. Secretlab Napa leather gaming chairs aren’t worth it. This real leather is the premium choice but it doesn’t make these chairs twice as comfortable as those covered in PU leather.

4.     Secretlab chairs look the best

The way gaming chairs look is always a matter of subjective interpretation. Not everybody likes their racing style design. But let’s start with the premise you like how gaming chairs look in general. Secretlab chairs look better than DXRacer chairs. There’s more cohesion to their style. From some angles, Secretlab chairs even seem to have a minimalistic look. We’ve seen how minimal desk setups are rising in popularity in our previous blog.

Dual stitching makes these gaming chairs look impressive. The removable PU leather also ensures you can replace your cover after 5-6 years without buying a new gaming chair, which can also be seen as a plus. This also allows you to easily change the cover of the gaming chair in case of cuts, nicks, or accidental spills.

5.     Secretlab chairs are highly customizable

All Secretlab gaming chairs are highly customizable which is where their true worth lies. Only Secretlab offers as many customization options as we’ve seen so far. Take the Softweave Titan Gaming chair. This fabric material comes in black, charcoal-cream, charcoal-blue, and even pink. The colors are impressive. Made in low-profile colors (except the pink version), these materials are sensible and not tiring to the eyes as many other vividly-colored gaming chairs.

A couple of reasons why Secretlab chairs aren’t worth it

Since this is not a paid advertisement or some sort of biased review, we must look at some of the drawbacks of Secretlab chairs. None of them are exclusive to the brand. But since we’re discussing a medium to medium-high price range for the chairs, we need to assess these issues.

  • Large branding

Large branding on the chairs makes them look different but also like a large advertisement. The name of the chair on the back looks unprofessional. The large logos on the front part of the backrest such as the large ‘T’ from Titan and the large ‘Secret Lab’ logo on the headrest makes it look a bit more suitable for teenagers rather than for mature gamers.

  • Excessive sweating

Sweating is a real problem with PU leather gaming chairs. This problem is present in Secretlab chairs as well. After 2-4 hours of sitting, excessive sweating is problematic during the summer months. This issue is solved by cleaning your chair as often as possible but mainly by getting up and taking gaming breaks every hour or so. It might not be the worst as you need to move to stay healthy.

This is also the reason why the only Secretlab chair to be 100% worth it is the Softweave version. This textile fabric is a lot more breathable than the 2 other options (PU and Napa). Plus, you get a material that makes your gaming chair look like a $1000 chair rather than a $300 chair.


All Secretlab chairs are worth it if you find the right size for you. For the leather versions, you need to expect sweating while gaming all day with no breaks. On the other hand, this is an issue with all gaming chairs. The correct ergonomics, good lumbar support, and waterfall seat edge are all major posture aces of Secretlab gaming chairs. The ergonomic design of these chairs is hard to match and their minimalistic look makes them appear more modern than most other gaming chairs.