7 Best Slide Under Sofa Tables

Only the best slide under sofa tables allow you to work on your laptop, drink a coffee, or enjoy snacks in a relaxed position. These slide under sofa tray tables are typically small and practical. Made with or without wheels, they can be an alternative to always holding your laptop on the sofa. If you have minimal work to do on a portable computer, one of these best slides under sofa tables can be an inexpensive addition to any furniture set.

Wood, plastic, and metal are used on the best tables that slide under the sofa. Even if these are premium materials, the reduced size of the table is what makes it rather affordable. Here are the most inspiring designs of the moment.

1.     Eknitey C-Shaped Side End Table

This C table is one of the most practical options you can consider for your home. It features the C design which allows it to slide under the sofa but which is also practical when placed next to it.

One of its major advantages is its functional side pocket. You can use it to store newspapers, magazines, or a couple of books. Interestingly, most another slide under sofa tables don’t offer such a side pocket and this is the main reason so many people buy it.

Another reason to get it yourself is its rather luxurious grain wood desktop. This makes it even look more expensive than it is. Most importantly, this table comes right over the sofa and over your feet providing permanent elevation for laptops, tablets, cups of coffee, beer cans, snacks, and other sofa essentials.


  • Recommended for extra storage space
  • Multi-directional casters
  • Available in brown and walnut finish


  • It needs better instructions
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2.     Simplihome Industrial Mango Wood Slide Table

Hardwood slides under sofa tables are so rare that you can count them on the fingers of one hand only. But seeing mango wood on these tables is even more impossible to imagine. Yet, Simplihome uses real mango wood on its C table which makes it look fantastic and not like a cheap DIY table you keep next to your sofa.

Its desktop looks solid and it comes with a brown finish to match almost any type of sofa. It has a 10-inch width and an 18-inch length. Sitting at 24 inches above the ground, it can be just the right table for your sofa to rely on for heavy loads such as hefty gaming laptops.

Sitting on a metal frame, the dark cognac table can be a solution for your home if you have carpets to slide it on. Without wheels, it’s not going to win any contests on keeping your hardwood floors in mint condition.


  • Made from real mango wood
  • It slides under a couch or a chair
  • Recommended for intense use


  • A bit heavier than others
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3.     TigerDad Over Bed Table

This adjustable slide under the sofa table is specifically made for laptops and tablets. It features 2 small desktops that are angle-adjustable. You can tilt them up or down so that you can view the display of the laptop properly from multiple angles.

While not specifically the best solution as a coffee table, this laptop slide under a sofa table can be used for multiple tasks. However, its height adjustability mainly recommends it for work and leisure on a laptop.

You can adjust its height anywhere from a minimum of 23.6 inches to a maximum of 37.4 inches which should offer sufficient clearance for almost any type of sofa.


  • Stable when rolled on carpets
  • Height adjustable desktop
  • Mainly made for laptop work


  • 22lbs maximum weight capacity
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4.     Hoobro Side Table

A slightly smaller option can be considered if you have a small room or a small recliner sofa. The slide table from Hoobro comes with a desktop length of just over 19 inches and a width of just 13 inches which makes it perfect for either a laptop or a plate of food.

Rolling casters make this sliding table for the sofa one of the most practical recommendations on our list. You can use it on tile and hardwood floors as well as on most carpets. Its only drawback is that it uses particleboard (albeit higher quality than expected) instead of hardwoods.


  • Compact and easy to pull or push
  • Included Allen key for quick assembly
  • Made with a powder coat finish metal frame


  • Small casters for thick carpet
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5.     Siducal End Table

If you need both height adjustability and more storage space, this Siducal slide under a sofa table can be your first choice. It’s not the most elegant but the added storage space doesn’t aim to create a particularly visually appealing design. While not ugly, the sofa end table can be used for all types of tasks.

With a side basket and a bottom grid, you can even consider it your sofa office. It offers good storage space for laptops, keyboards, and other computer accessories. With a weight of just 9 pounds, it can also be a small sliding TV table you can count on for snacks and other treats.


  • Made with extra storage space in the form of metal grids
  • Height adjustable (22” to 29.9”)
  • Smooth wheels


  • Not the prettiest design
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6.     Monarch C Accent Table

If you’re after a C shape sofa side table slide inspired by Ikea designs, this Monarch release can be an interesting solution at a fair price. It can be seen as a stable surface to use just above the sofa’s cushions.

But the most important aspect of this table is its drawer. You can store remote controls, TV guides, and tablets here. As a tool for entertainment or family TV time, it can be hard to fault. On the other hand, it won’t be the top choice if you’d prefer to use it for laptop work.


  • Available on white, black, and cappuccino finish
  • Slides easily on carpet
  • Mainly popular for its drawer storage design


  • Not made for laptop work
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7.     Huanuo Adjustable TV Tray Table

The Huanuo adjustable slide under a sofa table comes with a top innovative design. It folds down when not in use, it raises and lowers and it even adjusts the tray’s angle. You can even hold your cup of coffee with a dedicated cup holder.

While lacking the finesse of all-wood slide under sofa tables, it makes up in practicality. Families are among its target customers. Adults might prefer a different height to children or the elderly. But raising from 19 to 27 inches, this TV tray table for the sofa might be the inexpensive solution that lasts based on its plastic construction.


  • Available on black or white plastic
  • It only weighs 6.8 pounds
  • Ideal for families or multiple users


  • Only partially foldable
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A slide under a sofa table can be an affordable purchase for your home. But you still want to add value to your sofa space with an inspired, functional design. For laptop work on a comfortable sofa, slide under tables tends to be the top option that doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars.