7 Best Ikea Desks for Gaming [Compared By Design And Storage Space]

Bekant is the best Ikea desk for gaming. It offers a wide desktop and height adjustability for the ultimate sitting and standing ergonomics. Fredde and Linnmon are also popular gaming desks Ikea makes.

The purpose of this article is to help you identify which is the best Ikea desk for gaming in your home.

Since every user is different, almost all of these desks made by the Swedish brand are unique.

Most are computer desks but they can easily be used as gaming desks. Here are your top options.

1.     Ikea Bekant

A gaming desk Ikea makes is rarely purely made to play games. It’s rather made as a versatile computer desk. This is the case of the Ikea Bekant, a desk that is constantly growing in popularity.

The Bekant Ikea desk for gaming comes in white, black, and blue. The standard Bekant has a length of 62 inches and a width of 31 inches. But this gaming desk also comes in different sizes and even in an L-shape desktop version.

But the biggest advantage of this best Ikea desk is its height adjustability. From a minimum of 25 inches to a maximum of 33 inches, the desk can easily be used for a wide range of new games both sitting and standing.

As far as possible drawbacks go, you need to know this is not the most stable Ikea height adjustable desk. However, it’s sufficiently sturdy for a few monitors, a gaming laptop, and a gaming keyboard. A standing desk balance board or a cool purple gaming chair are suitable for the Bekant.


  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • One of the cheapest standing desks
  • Clear Ikea instructions manual


  • You need a bradawl for the assembly holes of the desktop
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2.     Ikea Fredde

The best Ikea desks for gaming need to nominate Fredde as well. This small gaming desk is one that is made for accessories. Some gamers prefer to have a cup of tea nearby when playing. A cup of coffee can also be helpful when playing through the night. Fredde is the only Ikea computer desk with cup holders.

It also features plenty of storage levels. You can have a gaming setup with up to 4 monitors, external speakers, and room for headphones on these best Ikea desks for gaming even if they look so small. Your computer can also sit off the ground which means it will be easier to clean under the desk to enjoy a pleasant gaming station.

With a total of 6 storage shelves, this might be the right setup for you if you also have gaming figurines and other artwork to showcase.


  • Useful to store gaming accessories
  • Fits gaming monitors of up to 32”
  • Lateral panels to reduce monitor glare


  • It takes about 2 hours to assemble
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3.     Ikea Linnmon

The Linnmon gaming desk Ikea makes is often confused with a simple table. In a way, it’s just a simple MDF table and it works. Mot DIY gaming setups on the web use a variation of Linnmon which goes to show just how versatile it truly is.

This Linnmon Ikea desk gaming fans use is available in a few colors such as white, black, and birch. Even its metal legs are available in different colors. You can buy them in white, blue, and black. Quickly assembly is characteristic of this desk and you’ll be ready to play in minutes.


  • Available in multiple colors
  • Lightweight compared to other best Ikea desk for gaming
  • Assembles in minutes


  • No storage shelves
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4.     Ikea Linnmon Computer Table with Drawers

This version of the Linnmon comes with 5 drawers. A gaming computer desk Ikea makes should have some sort of storage space, especially since gamers love accessories such as controllers.

Made from lightweight wood, this Linnmon Alex desk comes with a size of 120cm x 60cm and it represents a rather compact Ikea gaming setup. If you have limited space in your bedroom, you might have no other choice but to choose one of these smaller Ikea computer desks. The good news is that you can at least store some of your accessories in the elegant drawers of the desk.


  • Made from fiberboard
  • The clean acrylic waterproof paint finish
  • Plastic edging for added durability


  • Drawer assembly is required
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5.     Ikea Alex

Alex with 2 drawers is another popular option among Ikea gaming desks. It uses a traditional writing desk design with 2 drawers under the desktop. Made with drawer stops, these are designed so that you never pull them out completely.

But the Alex gaming computer desk Ikea makes stands out with its thin metal frame. This is where it tends to be seen as one of the space-saving designs for small spaces. Drawbacks include a design without any cable holes but a good drill should be sufficient for you to have these holes on the desk where it makes the most sense for you. Not ergonomic as the Bekant, the Ikea Alex is still one of the cheap gaming desks you can buy at any moment.


  • Made with 2 drawers
  • Based on a thin metal frame
  • Acrylic white or black paint finish


  • Not ergonomic
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6.     Ikea Micke

The Micke Ikea PC gaming desk comes with a wide desktop and cable management holes. This is why you might consider this affordable option when you want your cables out of the way. Unlike an Ikea gaming table, it feels like a real desk and you might also rely on it for work.

The elegant design of this desk is also worth considering. It uses a frame with wood and metal to offer a distinct look which even makes it appear more expensive than it is. The Micke Ikea gaming desk setup can be assembled in the middle of the room. It comes with a finished back which still looks as good as its front side.


  • Made from lightweight engineered wood
  • Step-by-step assembly instructions
  • Sturdier than other Ikea desks for gaming


  • Not designed for C-clamp monitor arms
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7.     Ikea Micke Small

Ikea gaming desks are rarely more petite than the small Micke. A bit too small for most users, it has its place in compact rooms or for users who only play on a compact gaming laptop. If you don’t need an extensive gaming desk setup, then this desk is worth the money.

This best Ikea computer desk also works for studying and homework. You can consider it for your kids if you don’t have space for a large desktop like the one on the Bekant.

Some of the best Ikea desks for gaming are compact as this is the Scandinavian way of minimalism. You can even purchase 2 of these if you’re into DIY projects that can feel a bit more special and fully accustomed to your needs, especially for 2 gaming monitors.


  • The best Ikea gaming desk for small spaces
  • Included compact drawers
  • Legs can be mounted to the left or the right


  • Small Ikea desk gaming setup for tall users
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How to choose the best Ikea desks for gaming

The size, storage, and looks of your gaming desk are important. With Ikea, you’re not going to pay as much as with other gaming desks, but here’s what you need to consider.


What size do you need for your desk? All of these best Ikea desks for gaming are available in different sizes as follows.

  • Ikea Bekant – 160 x 180cm
  • Ikea Fredde – 185 x 74 x 146cm
  • Ikea Linnmon table – 100 x 60cm
  • Ikea Linnmon computer table – 120 x 60cm
  • Ikea Alex – 51 5/8 x 23 5/8
  • Ikea Micke with 2 drawers – 142 x 50cm
  • Ikea Micke with 1 drawer – 73 x 50cm

Storage space

An Ikea gaming setup needs sufficient storage space. This can be the most important when it comes to the overall versatility and keeping tour gaming space organized. In theory, you can always buy shelves and other Ikea drawer units for gaming. But it’s nice to have them upfront if you’re paying the money for a gaming desk.


Even the best Ikea computer desk needs assembly. Most instructions from the Swedish brand are image-based. However, you need to expect an average of around 30 minutes to assemble these desks as they all ship inboxes.

Final words

Ikea desk gaming might stretch the idea of what a perfect setup is. But if you’re on a budget and if you have no time to research all types of small furniture manufacturers, it can be a time-saving choice for many gamers.

A computer desk from Ikea is easy to buy. You can purchase it in stores or order it online. An Ikea computer gaming desk comes in cardboard boxes and you need to assemble it according to instructions. If you’re a bit impatient until your order arrives, you can download your assembly instructions online. Make sure you take the time to read these as there are many examples when the assembly took hours for some gamers. A computer desk from Ikea is only easy to assemble if you know what you’re doing.


Are Ikea desks good for gaming?

A computer gaming desk Ikea makes can be used for gaming. As long as you have sufficient space for your gaming PC or gaming laptop, these desks are versatile, affordable, and easy to assemble.

Is Ikea Linnmon good?

Some of the best Ikea desks for gaming DIY projects are based on Linnmon. This proves its versatility and its appeal in the world of gamers. All computer desks from Ikea have online instructions which should further shorten the assembly process.

How big is Ikea Linnmon?

Ikea Linnmon comes in different sizes. Our recommended size is 100 x 60cm.

How do you connect 2 Ikea tables?

You can connect 2 Ikea tables using legs or Ikea drawer units. They are sold separately for those who love DIY projects.

What is an Ikea desk made of?

Engineered wood is the main material of Ikea desks. Often called particleboard or MDF board, the materials used on Ikea desks are not solid wood. This is also why they are cheaper than others.