Herman Miller Questions Answered

This post is dedicated to those new to Herman Miller and its office chairs. We’ve compiled a list of preliminary questions you might have as a new user.

Why are Herman Miller chairs so expensive?

Herman Miller makes performance sitting chairs which are the result of extensive posture research. Over 20 physicians and specialists can work on the design of a chair which reflects in its high price.

How to adjust Herman Miller chair?

A rotating knob controls the recline function of a Herman Miller chair. Lumbar adjustment is also made through a rotating knob on the Herman Miller chairs that support this function. Armrests are controlled individually. Most of those using these knobs to control the chairs recognize there are of the highest quality.

Who is Herman Miller?

Herman Miller was the businessman who bought the Chicago-based Michigan Star Furniture company almost 100 years ago. This company went on to become Herman Miller.

Where to try Herman Miller chairs?

You can try Herman Miller chairs in places such as Cooper Hewitt, Design Within Reach, or Herman Miller stores.

Where to buy Herman Miller chairs?

You can buy Herman Miller office chairs on Amazon, Costco, and other authorized retailers online and physical retailers. These chairs can’t be sold in unauthorized stores.

Where is Herman Miller headquarters?

The headquarters of Herman Miller is found in Zeeland Michigan. This small municipality of just 5.000 people is the home of the brand.

What size Herman Miller Aeron chair do I need?

There are 3 sizes of Aeron chairs. You can consider the right size according to the following guidelines.

By weight

  • Size A – up to 120lbs
  • Size B – up to 250lbs
  • Size C – up to 350lbs

By height

  • Size A – up to 5’1”
  • Size B – up to 5’9”
  • Size C – up to 6’6”

Where is Herman Miller manufactured?

Herman Miller chairs are manufactured in China. Dongguan is the home to the main facility of the brand.

How to replace Herman Miller armrests?

You can replace armrests on Herman Miller chairs by removing the old ones first. A classic T25 Torx Bit is the tool you need for the job when replacing armrests on the Aeron chair.

How comfortable is Aeron Herman Miller?

High levels of adjustability and breathability recommend the Aeron for all-day sitting. This means the chair is highly comfortable even when you have to sit for 8 hours.

Where is the production date on Herman Miller Aeron?

The production date of your Herman Miller chair is found on the seatpan, close to its front edge. It should be printed on the manufacturing label which also contains information such as the serial number and the country of manufacturing.

Herman Miller Aeron how to stop lean back?

You can control the lean back function by turning the dedicated knob counterclockwise. You stop when you reach the lean back resistance level most favorable to you.

How to disassemble Herman Miller Aeron?

You first need to remove the bolts on the back of the chair to remove its backrest. You then remove the armrests. Nuts and bolts need to be removed from the seatpan next. The cylinder of the casters is then removed with a rubber mallet.

Where to get Herman Miller chairs cheap?

You can’t buy cheap Herman Miller chairs. A couple of ways of saving involve buying second hand Herman Miller chairs or looking for Black Friday discounts.

How long should Herman Miller Aeron chair last?

The official warranty of Herman Miller office chairs covers them for 12 years. But these chairs can last even longer up to 20 years. Plenty of good-condition second-hand chairs on sale on the web prove these chairs last for decades.

How much does Herman Miller Aeron weigh?

The Herman Miller Aeron weighs around 40lbs, it holds up to 350lbs, and it has a shipping weight of 50lbs.

How to spot a fake Herman Miller?

A serial number, a manufacturing date, the country of manufacturing, and other data should be printed on the manufacturing label underneath the seat. This is where you find all of the information you need to authenticate your chair.

How to clean Herman Miller Aeron?

A mild microfiber cloth soaked in warm water with a bit of cleaning solution is all you need to clean the Aeron. Don’t forget to rinse its materials with a clean damp cloth.

Why do I get forward tilt on Herman Miller’s chair?

You get forward tilt of the Herman Miller chair because of low tension in the tension knob. You need to tighten it to prevent forward chair tilt.

How high can you raise a Herman Miller Aeron chair?

You can raise the Aeron A chair to 19”, the Aeron B chair to 20.5”, and the Aeron C chair to 20.5”/

How to sell Herman Miller chair?

You can sell your Herman Miller chair by placing an ad on Craigslist or a similar website. Alternatively, you can send it for recycling or offer it to a friend who needs better posture.

Does Herman Miller ever have sales?

Herman Miller can run different sales during the holiday period. You won’t find these chairs particularly discounted on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Is Herman Miller made in China?

Yes, most Herman Miller chairs are made in China. Some of its chairs are made in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Mexico.

Who buys Herman Miller chairs?

People with back pain or those who need to sit long hours at the desk are those who typically buy these chairs.

Is Amazon an authorized Herman Miller dealer?

Sellers on Amazon such as Office Designs are authorized Herman Miller sellers. They are also authorized to offer a 12-years warranty for the office chairs.

Is Herman Miller a Fortune 500 company?


Is Herman Miller warranty transferable?

Herman Miller’s warranty is generally not transferable. Make sure you ask your dealer about potential exceptions to this policy.

How long is Herman Miller warranty?

A typical Herman Miller warranty is 12 years.

What does Herman Miller warranty cover?

All mechanicals, electric and physical parts of the chairs are covered by warranty under Herman Miller policies.

Is Herman Miller overpriced?

Herman Miller chairs are some of the most expensive on the market. But they aren’t overpriced as they are the result of direct Herman Miller ergonomics research.

Is Herman Miller good for gaming?

Herman Miller has its Embody Logitech chair specifically made for gaming. It features thicker cushioning.

Are Herman Miller chairs ergonomic?

The main reason to buy Herman Miller chairs is ergonomic. Teams that study ergonomics at Herman Miller include PhDs, physicians, and vision specialists.

Are Herman Miller chairs the best?

According to many specialists and users, Herman Miller chairs are truly the best as not many other companies afford to hire so many specialists to work on every newly released chair.

Is Herman Miller Aeron worth it?

The Aeron is worth buying as it’s one of the few office chairs that remains cool even when sitting long hours.

Is Herman Miller Embody worth it?

Embody office chair is worth buying as its backrest moves with your torso so that you don’t suffer from stiff muscles after sitting the whole day.

Is Herman Miller Sayl worth it?

Sayl is the most affordable way of getting an appreciated Herman Miller chair.

Which Herman Miller chair should I buy?

If you can afford it, the Aeron and the Embody chairs are the leading options from Herman Miller. they have the best ergonomics.

What are some cheap alternatives to Herman Miller?

Steelcase or Workpro chairs can be cheaper alternatives to Herman Miller. None of them features the same high-quality materials though.

What are the benefits of a Herman Miller chair?

Improved posture, reduced lower back pain, reduced shoulder pain, and a cool body are some of the benefits of using a Herman Miller chair.

How did Herman Miller become a furniture giant?

Herman Miller becomes a furniture giant in a little over a century. It acquired the Start Furniture Company in 1909.

What are the colors of the Herman Miller office chair?

Black, grey, navy, red, white, and beige are just a few colors you can customize your office chairs with.

Do Herman Miller chairs have good resale value?

Typical office furniture depreciation value is 5% per year. This can be higher for office chairs. You can still get up to 50% back by selling your chair within the first 5 years of use which is considered good resale value.

Is Herman Miller Aeron mesh sticky?

Aeron’s mesh is made to prevent slippage, but it shouldn’t be sticky. You need to wipe the mesh with a damp cloth if this is the case with your chair.