Best Office Chair Mats That Don’t Move Around

The best office chair mat is Anji Mountain Rug’d Collection. Made from textile fibers, this chair mat protects your carpet and floors from long-term damage to your office chair. This product is made for home use.

Choosing an office floor chair mat 0 isn’t easy. There are a few thousand products to consider and this is just at a first glance. It might take days to decide upon the best product, especially since most are so similar. This article explains what separates good office chair mats from the best office chair mats with examples.

1.     Anji Mountain Rug’d Collection Chair Mat

If you’ve already unsuccessfully tried a classic plastic office chair mat, this small rug chair mat is the best option. It can be one of the top options for users who don’t like their office chairs for long hours always slipping on plastic rolling chair floor mats.

The Anji Mountain chair mat is available in 2 sizes and 1/1” and ¼” thickness. The patterns of these desk chair mats include various designs from minimalistic to oriental so that you can offer your space various effects.

All of its versions come in woven polyester as a top layer which prevents the chair from slipping around too much. The mid-layer is made with PVC for added durability. The bottom layer is made with non-marking rubber dots so that the best chair desk mat sits in place on hardwood floors, tile, and even on top of other rugs.


  • Made to prevent office chair slippage
  • Available in multiple color patterns
  • Sits perfectly flat


  • It collects dust over time
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2.     Gorilla Grip Studded Chair Mat

Available in 29 x 47” and 36 x 48”, this sturdy best chair mat is primarily made for home office use. It prevents the wheels of the office chair from sinking into the carpet and it also protects your carpet and floors under intense use.

Unlike about 90% of other chair mats, this Gorilla Grip design ships flat. You won’t have to deal with creases and uneven surfaces on it as a result. Furthermore, since it’s made from thick polycarbonate, the best office chair mat for carpets prevents your caster from sinking allowing you to move freely on almost any soft surface.

In terms of possible drawbacks, you need to know there aren’t too many reasons to worry about. You just need to ensure the 12” width lip fits the space under your desk.


  • It ships flat for easy installation
  • Studded bottom for extra grip
  • It doesn’t smell out of the box


  • Primarily made for home use
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3.     OFM ESS Collection Chair Mat

A lightweight best desk chair mat is offered by OMS for half the price of the Gorilla Grip. The ESS Collection chair mat for medium pile carpets is recommended for the light adult or teenager. Up to weights of around 100-150lbs, it’s hard to match for its affordability. If you’re heavier than 200lbs, you should look at other office chair mats as this one would start to crack under the heavy load.

Made with molded cleats, this office chair mat for carpeted floors impresses with stability and affordability. Office chair mat reviews show the ESS Collection does require a bit of patience when first installed. Since it ships rolled up, you might need to have some patience until it lies perfectly flat on the floor or simply use a fan or a radiator to heat it until perfectly unrolled.


  • One of the most affordable best computer chair mats
  • Anti-slip studs design
  • Clear design that doesn’t stand out


  • Quite difficult to unroll without heating
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4.     Dartry Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor

At a typical size of 47 x 35”, this rolling chair mat comes with a transparent design. It features a narrow lip so that you can slide it under a table or a desk. With a 1.5mm thickness, this chair mat ensures a smooth office chair roll.

But why would you choose it over others? It’s the rather soft surface of the chair mat that allows you to roll it out on all types of carpets which isn’t the case with thick alternatives that often crack under heavy loads. Made with high impact resistance and free from BPAs, it might also one of the safest office chair mats for the children’s room on our list.


  • It protects the floor from scratches
  • BPA-free materials with no odor
  • Textured surface for smooth gliding without slipping


  • Not available in other sizes
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5.     Dimex Clear Rectangle Office Chair Mat

The Dimex 46″x 60″ best office chair for carpet is made with a rectangular shape. Suitable for low pile carpets, it comes with a smooth top surface for the easy roll. It’s clear materials recommend it for any type of carpet up to ¼”.

Made with non-toxic odorless materials, this Amazon best chair mat for carpet doesn’t smell like many of its alternatives. While it does ship rolled, you can apply a bit of heat to allow it to fully unroll with its edges even over the floors before using it for the first time.


  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Made with odorless materials
  • Clear profile


  • Not best for thick carpets
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Comparison chart Size Materials Thickness
Anji Mountain Rug’d Collection Chair Mat 36 x 48”

40 x 54”






Gorilla Grip Studded Chair Mat 29 x 47”

36 x 48”

Polycarbonate 3mm
OFM ESS Collection Chair Mat 36 x 48”

46 x 60”

Vinyl 1/4”
Dartry Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor 35 x 47” PVC 0.06”
Dimex Clear Rectangle Office Chair Mat 36 x 48”

45 x 53”

46 x 60”

PVC ¼”


How to choose the best office chair mat

When you want to choose the best office chair mat, you need to know what to expect. Most office chair mat reviews show the sinking of the casters into the mats is the most common problem

How thick should an office chair mat be?

You need to know not all best desk floor mats for carpet are made with the same thickness. Here’s how to pick the thickness level that’s right for you.

  • Hardwood floors – computer chair mats of any thickness
  • Low pile carpets – up to ¼”
  • Low-medium pile carpet – up to 3/8”

Size wins all

Before you order your office chair mat, you need to ensure it fits under your desk. Some users prefer to add the desk on top of the mat while others prefer to have it fit right between its legs of the desk.

  • For example, the Autonomous Smart Desk 2 has an adjustable distance between the desk legs of 40 to 73 inches.

This is why most office chair mats have a width under 40” while others are mainly used understanding desks or under the legs of the desk.

If you’re worried about the overall size of your office chair mat for thick carpets or hardwood floors, you can opt for a lip design that tends to be a bit more versatile. Please check the office chair mat sizes in the comparison table above to know what to expect.

Office chair mat glossary

Polyester – a textile material made with synthetic fibers

Polycarbonate – thermoplastic polymers typically transparent

PVC – polyvinyl chloride synthetic plastic

Rubber – anti-slip material typically on the bottom of the office chair mat

Vinyl – petroleum-derived chemicals

BPA – bisphenol industrial chemical

Phthalate – a chemical used to increase plastic flexibility

Low pile carpet – a term used to describe short fiber carpets with tight loops

High pile carpet – a term used to describe tall fibers with loose loops

Lip – a narrower side section of the office chair mat

Divots – a cavity

Cleats – chair mat lugs for stability on carpets


What is the best office chair mat for carpet?

The Anji Mountain Rug’d Collection Chair Mat is the best premium office chair mat for carpets. In essence, it’s a small reinforced carpet with advantages such as always laying flat, extra durability compared to PVC alternatives, and a design that makes it look expensive.

Are chair mats bad for carpet?

A chair mat is only bad for carpets if it flattens fibers. This is mainly seen in low-quality chair mats which don’t evenly distribute the weight of the chair.

How thick of a chair mat do I need?

A typical chair mat has ¼” thickness. Which doesn’t include the studs. The thickness of the chair mat on low to medium pale carpets can also be 3/8”.

Why does my chair mat keep cracking?

The chair mat cracks when its plastic (PVC, vinyl, or polycarbonate) materials don’t sit perfectly flat on the carpet or on the floor allowing your weight and the weight of the chair to push harder on some areas of the mat.

Glass chair mat vs plastic chair mat – which is better?

Glass chair mats look more expensive than plastic chair mats. Both will eventually need to be replaced within a few years.

How do I keep the office chair mat from moving?

You need to buy an office chair mat with studs or with a rubberized bottom section. This keeps it in place when moving your desk chair around.