Top 5 Standing Desks With Drawers

Some of the best standing desks with drawers are rare to find. The load of the drawers puts extra pressure on the adjustable desk’s motor, which means not everybody can create such a powerful setup.

Here on we love standing desks for their ergonomics. So do most of those who try them out. But it was a short while back that we’ve been asked why there are no standing desks with drawers? As it turns out, there are a few good options which come with all of the posture benefits of working while standing while also coming with 1 or 2 drawers to keep pens, notebooks, chargers, and other typical office stationery. Here are the top best standing desks with drawers.

1.     Fezibo 48” Electric Adjustable Standing Desk

Fezibo found a good solution to the problem of heavy drawers, it made one from textile materials. It turned this adjustable standing desk into an all-in-one working station with a drawer, headphone hooks, and a cable management tray. Many of these extras aren’t included as standard accessories with other more expensive adjustable standing desks.

The drawer is used with a simple pull-out movement, just as one made from wood. Of course, we can’t talk about hardwood tabletops at such a low price, but this standing desk uses a reasonable MDF tabletop which makes it look good as well.

Otherwise, it comes with all of the functions you’d expect from such a setup. Memory height presets are added to the desk. But we also recommend an office balance board with it to make it a true setup. This electric standing desk with drawers allows you to spend on a balance board since you save money given its more affordable than all of its alternatives.


  • It includes a drawer
  • 176lbs maximum load capacity
  • Available in multiple colors


  • Not the sturdiest setup
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2.     Fezibo 55” Adjustable Standing Desk

If you need a bit of extra space, you don’t need to look further than Fezibo. This brand comes with a complete selection of desks in different heights. The 55” version of its standing desk also comes with a practical drawer to store all of your office supplies and accessories.

Made with a black wooden tabletop, this standing desk is easy to use and easy to clean. It features 4 height settings and a digital display showing you exactly the height it has been adjusted for.

With a pull-out drawer and a 3-year warranty, it seems like a good deal as a first adjustable standing desk. You might not want to switch to this setup if you already have a desk that adjusts by height. But as a beginner user, you will struggle to find better value for money elsewhere.


  • Made with a pull-out drawer
  • It adjusts from 28” to 46”
  • Long warranty policy


  • It takes some time to assemble
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3.     Stand Steady Tranzendesk

This adjustable standing desk comes with 2 drawers, what can be better than that? We’re not talking about drawers made from fabrics here but about drawers made from metal. Such a durable setup is hard to overlook.

This adjustable desk is also affordable given all of the options it comes with and given it has a full 55” length. Its sleek design seems successful for most people. However, when you adjust it to its lowest height (27.5”), you might touch the drawers with your knees while sitting. This can be a problem for tall users. But if you mostly work on your feet, this type of desk is just what you need.

There’s no electrical motor to adjust the desk by height. It means its manual lever will last for life. But this is also what allowed the manufacturer to put 2 drawers on this desk as it didn’t have to force motors with the extra weight.


  • Made with a 55” length
  • It includes a monitor shelf
  • Designed with 2 metal drawers that slide out


  • Not the best for tall people
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4.     Monomi Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

This desk doesn’t theoretically feature a drawer. However, it does come with an adjustable keyboard tray which can be used for storage if you don’t have a keyboard and only work on your laptop. You can still store all of your pens, markers, post-it notes, and sticky notes here.

There are 4 height memory settings on this electric adjustable standing desk to control. It takes about 20 seconds for this desk to go from its lower height to its tallest height. During this process, there’s no jitter and it remains stable as few of the more expensive options in this class.

We also like the motor of this desk that comes with anti-collision technology. It feels some type of obstacle when going up or down, it simply stops. This is why it protects the motor from overloading


  • Made with 4 adjustable height settings
  • 50db low noise
  • Included cable management hole


  • Not made with a real drawer but with a keyboard tray
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5.     Aeon Adjustable Standing Desk

Based on gas springs, this small adjustable standing desk can be used on top of your fixed-height desk. It uses a simple design to raise and lower a monitor or a laptop. Most importantly, it comes with a lockable drawer. Smartly designed, this drawer can even fit your laptop so that you know nobody will snoop on your work while away from the desk.

Shipped pre-assembled, it only requires a couple of tweaks to be ready to use for the first time. Its 19 inches of free adjustment make it a top choice for anyone looking for those extra mobility points.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Includes a drawer with a lock and keys
  • Based on spring gas risers


  • Too small for some users
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Final words

Some of the best standing desks with drawers impress with their innovation. They make the most out of these designs even if others have completely abandoned the idea of having drawers on a height-adjustable standing desk. Furthermore, all of these are quite affordable which means you don’t have much to lose when you decide to try them out.