7 Best Computer Desks On Wheels

It can be hard to move around a room without a laptop just to find the perfect working spot. But the best computer desks on wheels can solve this problem as they move with you and with a laptop. You can even use these mobile desks with a desktop computer as long as the power cable is long enough for your planned movement.

A computer desk on wheels also ensures your room is sparkling clean. You can easily move it out of the way when vacuuming floors. If you suffer from allergies, you ensure your working space is always free from dust particles which makes this type of desk look even more appealing. Interested? Here’s a list which might help you choose your next computer desk on wheels.

1.     Tangula Mobile Computer Desk With Wheels

Designed to resemble a classic work table, this computer desk comes with 4 casters that make moving around fun and uncomplicated. You simply attach the caster when you assemble the desk and you’re ready to use it for years.

What we like the most about these casters is they come with a lockable function. This means the desk is stable and it doesn’t move around the room when you bump into it. This may seem like a small advantage, but most desks on wheels don’t come with lockable casters.

With a solid metal frame, this desk looks a bit industrial and very durable. Made with a broad wooden desktop, this setup holds multiple laptops and up to 2 monitors.

Main characteristics

  • Inspired by work tables
  • Includes casters that can be locked into position
  • High 300 pounds weight capacity
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2.     Eureka Ergonomic Rolling Desk

This desk can be one of the most practical seen from Eureka Ergonomic at the moment. The rolling desk comes on casters. You can use it both on wheels and without wheels. But what impresses the most is that it also adds a folding feature to its long list of benefits.

Did you know that a desk of this size can be foldable? Eureka managed to add a 1-button folding system which ensures you can roll this desk under the bed or behind the door when you’re done working. Its rolling design and freedom of movement are the highest on the list.

If you’re after a desk that is the complete opposite of your classic fixed-position work station, it might just be the right option for you. With its decent-size 43” desktop, it can be a solution in busy offices where space is a premium benefit or at home, when you can use it on occasion when not heading to the office on particular days.

Main characteristics

  • Made from lightweight metal and a P2 board
  • Folds flat with the press of 1 button
  • Position-lockable front casters
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3.     Safco Soho Mobile Workstation

Sitting on a steel frame, this compact desk is among the leaders in its class when it comes to durability and mobility. It represents a value proposition for anyone who works with a computer desk instead of a laptop. Its lower storage shelf is perfect to hold the desktop computer.

It also adds on the top shelf for your monitor and a lower-position keyboard tray for easy typing. Using its casters, this rolling desk can be moved from one place to another easily. You can clean behind the desk properly now. But you might also want to choose it to have a new working location when working from home.

Main characteristics

  • Made from steel and cherry-finish PDF wood
  • Designed for desktop computers first
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4.     Natwind 31.5 Inches Height Adjustable Stand

If you want a bit more vertical freedom to add to the horizontal freedom of movement, this height-adjustable stand is perfect for your needs. It expands from a minimum height of 27.9” to a maximum height of 35.4” making this desk one of the leading options for users of all heights.

But is it right for you? If you like to work sitting on the sofa or an armchair, this might just be the right desk for you. Its feet and casters roll underneath the sofa which means you can continue working while sitting comfortably. We mostly see it as a great second desk to have at home or a top choice if you only work with a small laptop.

Main characteristics

  • Made with 360-degree removable rollers
  • Height adjustable design
  • Perfect for sitting on the bed or a sofa
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5.     AIZ Mobile Standing Desk

If you like the idea of a computer desk on wheels that is height adjustable but you need the extra desktop space, this AIZ solution is a top alternative. It doesn’t roll underneath a sofa but it is a full desk of its own. With sturdy metal construction, it comes with manual adjustments and no electronics which means it also lasts a bit longer.

This desk has a working surface of 31.5” X 19.7”. It makes it just a bit smaller than the fixed-position standing desk but it still fits a laptop, headphones, notebooks, and a cup of coffee. Its narrowness also recommends it for tight spaces around your house or around the office.

Main characteristics

  • Reduces posture pressure on the spine
  • Made with a narrow profile
  • 80lbs maximum load
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6.     Jacenthome Office Desk With Wheels

Somewhere between the Natwind and the AIZ desks sits the practical Hacenthome desk on wheels. It offers a longer desktop and a wider working surface. It still features height adjustability.

But this desk also adds 2 storage shelves for a bit more room for your accessories. Tablets and notebooks are the main accessories you can store here as it isn’t a desk that can hold stacks of heavy books.

Main characteristics

  • Long 31” desktop
  • Adjustable height
  • Sits on 4 plastic wheels
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7.     Seville Classics 23.6″ Laptop Desk

Excellent for presentations, compact office spaces, and comfortable sofa working, this laptop desk form Seville Classics inspires with its design. It features sufficient space for a laptop and a mouse and you can use it to sit, stand, and work in various positions.

Designed with wheels, this laptop desk is very easy to move around. At a weight of just 11lbs, it also feels solid. You wouldn’t think it’s as sturdy because it comes with one leg, but it gains all the points in practicality. Seville Classics have done it again as we’ve shown the brand to be innovative before here on standorsit.com. It also doesn’t cost more than 5-10 cups of coffee.

Main characteristics

  • Height adjustable from 20 to 33 inches
  • 7” desktop width
  • 15lbs weight capacity
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Desk Materials Size Colors
Tangula Mobile Computer Desk With Wheels Steel + particleboard 47.5″ x 23.5″ Black


Eureka Ergonomic Rolling Desk Carbon steel + particleboard 43″ X 23” Cherry
Safco Soho Mobile Workstation Metal + wood 35” x 22” Cherry
Natwind 31.5 Inches Height Adjustable Stand Metal + granular wood 31.5” x 15.7” Black


AIZ Mobile Standing Desk Metal + wood + plastic 31.5″ x 19.7″ Black
Jacenthome Office Desk With Wheels Metal + engineered wood 31.5” x 15.7” White
Seville Classics 23.6″ Laptop Desk Metal + wood + plastic 20.5” x 33” White




Final words

Most of these computer desks on wheels impress with their sturdiness. You’d think they would move around the room making it almost impossible to use for prolonged periods. But all of them are sturdy and you can use them in different ways than you’d normally use a fixed-position desk. Furthermore, all of them can be used with or without wheels in case you change your mind.