Best Computer Desk With a Printer Shelf [Ranked]

When you’re after a computer desk with printer shelf practicality, it’s clear you are limited on storage space. If you’re working from home, such a desk could help you keep your printer off the ground. At the office, these desks with computer shelves can also help you stay a bit more organized and help you keep focused.

With some of the desks with printer shelves listed below, you can start considering your work setup as one entity. You don’t necessarily need to invest in other pieces of furniture to hold your printer and you certainly want your printing device close by when you want to print. Without further introductions, here are your main options.

1.     Mecor Computer Desk

This affordable desk with a printer shelf is one that impresses with how good it looks. The desk features 2 shelves that could work with several standard all-in-one printers. There are 2 drawers underneath the shelves for when you want to store your pens and notebooks out of sight.

As a simple setup to help you stay organized, this Mecor computer desk is worth the money. Its multiple storage options make it a popular choice for those who don’t want to invest in additional storage space for printers and documents. It even comes with a removable keyboard tray for that extra ergonomic typing posture benefits.

Main features

  • Available in walnut and oak grey
  • It uses a sturdy all-black metal frame
  • 2-tier shelving
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2.     Topeakmart 2 Tier Computer Desk

If you’re using a desktop computer, this Topeakmart desk can be a budget option for you. Clearly, it has been designed for extra storage. The shelf on top of the monitor area is where you can keep your small printer. It would work for the regular compact inkjet printer. However, this is not the large desk shelf you need to store your bulky and heavy laser printer.

A slide-out keyboard tray is also added to the setup. But there’s also a side storage rack which can be helpful for students. You can keep your main reading books here, which can arguably help you stay a bit more organized.

Main features

  • Designed with lockable casters
  • Includes a large bottom shelf
  • Made with a compact top shelf
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3.     Techni Mobili Stylish Computer Desk

This desk stands out as one of the few made with a glass printer shelf. It can be among the most elegant solutions to keep your printing device nearby. It has just enough room for a compact printer and it allows you to add paper to the loading tray even without getting off your office chair.

Made from heavy MDF panels, this desk also has another major advantage. It sits on metal legs quite high above the floor. Even its built-in file drawer sits high above the ground. This allows you to properly vacuum clean the space underneath the desk ensuring a properly clean working environment.

Main characteristics

  • Made with engineered wood, glass, and steel
  • Unique chocolate color
  • Include printer and CPU storage shelf
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4.     Complete Computer Workstation

With a low printer or CPU shelf, this workstation is among the compact products you can use in corners or in any small room. Its space-saving design can be seen as a major plus as it comes with a large number of storage options for other office supplies as well. It even comes with one of the smallest drawers you can imagine on a desk.

MDF wood and PVC laminate veneer make this desk easy to clean. If you’re a parent looking for a kids’ room setup, it can also be the desk of choice for you as it is easy to clean and spill-resistant.

Main characteristics

  • Includes 2 printer shelves
  • Made with moisture-resistant finishing
  • Included utility drawer
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5.     Tower Computer Desk with 4 Storage Shelves

One of the best computer desks with printer shelves comes from Rouguoo. This incredible setup comes with 4 storage shelves which you can use as you like. There’s a long storage shelf right underneath the desktop made with a full size as the desk itself.

3 smaller shelves are added to the right side of the desk. They can hold printers, laptops, speakers, flowers, books, lamps, and all other supplied you need at your workplace. With a long 40-inch desktop surface, this is one of the largest desks on our list and as a result, the main recommendation for multi-monitor setups which also needs to incorporate a printer shelf.

Main characteristics

  • Large desktop at 40” x 23”
  • Made with 3-tier shelves
  • Includes a long under-desktop shelf
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6.     Tower Computer Desk with 4 Tiers Shelves

This large desk adds even more storage space. It works for printers, books, drinks, and multiple monitors. It comes with a 47” desktop size which means you can also install the printer on the main desktop work surface.

Made using a sturdy powder-coat finish metal frame, this desk does allow you some room for customization, depending on your space. The shelving unit can be assembled both to the right side and to the left side of the desk. In total, there are 3 shelves you can use plus the main desktop as an additional shelf making this setup perfect to organize your working space supplies a bit better.

Main characteristics

  • It supports 2 monitors
  • 4-tier shelves design
  • Available in walnut and black
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Final considerations

You can choose one of abest computer desk with printer shelf from above to last for years. Some of them even come with a generous 5-year warranty.  They even come with long 5-year warranty plans. But most importantly, they offer you the chance of storing your printer properly without relying on any improvisation. If you work at the desk, you know just how important it is to stay properly organized and how you can work better when the entire workstation is properly organized.