5 Best Glass Top Computer Desks [Ranked by Practicality]

If you’re into a different look for your office, you can choose one of the best glass top computer desks to give the impression of space. These desks can be seen as more fragile. But tempered glass is used on all of the ranked computer desks below. This even allows you to place your cup of coffee on the glass without fear. However, finding a glass desk at the local furniture store can take too long and you might not even be able to find anything that isn’t made out of wood. You can choose one of the following glass desks which you can buy online and assemble yourself at home instead.

1.     Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation

Made with a large glass desktop, this computer desk is excellent for storage and aesthetics. The glass construction makes the desktop transparent and it may add the feeling of space in some areas. When you use it in a corner, it allows more natural lighting to make it towards its base which also means this desk isn’t one that keeps natural light away as other wooden alternatives.

A hatch-style top shelf made out of wood is added to the desk. It can be used to store monitors and different other office accessories such as essential books, desk lamps, and flowers.


  • Made with a tempered glass desktop
  • Includes casters for easy transportation
  • Made with a hatch-style top storage shelf
  • Includes a pull-out keyboard tray with sufficient room for a mouse
  • It holds up to 71lbs
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2.     Jerry & Maggie Tempered Glass Computer Desk

If you need a solid glass computer desk, Jerry & Maggie offer one of the best solutions for your workstation. This elegant desk is made with thick metal legs which are some of the most modern you can find in these setups.

The desktop is entirely made from one piece of tempered glass. Thick and supportive, it can hold laptops and even 2 large monitors. With a length of 47”, the desktop is one of the longest and one of the best for your complete office setup. You can store all types of accessories here. Of course, you need to be wary about adding a desktop lamp to a glass computer desk. This would come with too many reflections to truly be a comfortable setup.


  • Made with a large 47” x 23” glass top
  • Designed with large steel rectangular legs
  • Modern waterproof design
  • One of the most stable desks for heavy loads
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3.     Christopher Knight Home Eghan Tempered Glass Computer Desk

If you only need a minimalist design desk, this can be your top glass choice. It has excellent reviews on durability and aesthetics. Unlike other desks that come with extras such as shelves, this one only has a glass desktop and durable metal legs.

The legs of the desk sit towards the back of the desktop. This is what also makes it look more like a desk and less like a table. But you can also appreciate the quality of the materials on this simple setup. Thick 10mm glass has been used to create the top surface which means you won’t have to worry about breaking or shattering the glass even if you have to type all day at your mechanical keyboard.


  • Made with durable iron tubing
  • It includes a 10mm tempered glass top
  • One of the simplest workstations made out of glass
  • Based on a long 47-inch desktop workspace
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4.     Urred Glass Computer Desk

This desk is made for all users who care about design. It uses unique X-type legs which add durability and which also elevate its looks. But the large glass top of the desk is what attracts the most attention. It comes with waterfall rounded edges which makes it safer if you have kids running around. But the rounded glass desktop also makes it look very different from many other traditional computer setups.

The top is made with an anti-scratch coating. It will last longer and it helps you keep the desk in mint condition for years. But this sturdy desk is also one that we recommend when you want to keep your printer and a large monitor on it. The manufacturer made it with extra load capacity. It’s tested up to a load of 660lbs, making it the most robust proposition on this list.


  • Made with rounded edges tempered glass
  • Reinforced beams design to reduce sway and wobbling
  • Medium to large working area at 39.4” x 23.6” x 28.7”
  • Designed for impact resistance
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5.     Flash Furniture Glass Computer Desk

We recommend this compact glass computer desk for those living in small homes. The advantage of its size is that it might even fit in your bedroom. It comes with a simple glass top and a pull-out keyboard tray.

Given its reduced dimensions, we also recommend using a monitor stand if you’re pairing it with a desktop computer. If you’re only using it with a laptop, it reduces size might even feel right as some users don’t feel it’s too small for them.


  • 25″W x 23.5″D compact desktop
  • Made with wooden cherry-finish X-style legs
  • Included floor glides on the legs
  • Minimalist design made for small spaces
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6.     bonVIVO Writing Desk Massimo

If you love the styling of Ikea desks, the Massimo is going to offer a similar experience but with the advantage of glass construction. This elegant modern desk comes with 4 wooden legs, a glass desktop, and a wooden storage tray.

Its size is modest at a mere 29.5” x 43”. This recommends it for small city apartments and for all other areas where too much space isn’t available to fit a full regular desk. The storage area underneath the glass even recommends it for a minimalist setup as it can hold your laptop whenever you finish working.

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Final words

Only the best glass top computer desks can be considered for your home. Low-quality glass isn’t made to deal with any weight but the desks above prove you can even use large monitors and all of your office accessories without relying on a wooden desktop. All of these glass desks also come with an airy feel that allows more natural light to pass through the desktop.