7 Best Industrial Desk Lamps That Look Attractive

The best industrial desk lamps include those made with steampunk influence and with water pipe designs. If you’re looking to create your personal industrial office space, you now have a few good options to choose from. At the moment, these best industrial desk lamps also integrate multiple other functions such as charging phones and adjustable LED lighting. But incandescent light bulbs remain of interest in industrial style desk illumination solutions.

10 industrial desk lamps you can order today

The following products have been selected according to their popularity. But the best industrial lamp is the one you can easily match with an industrial desk or with an industrial themed office space.

1.     Seaside Village Industrial Lamp

Some would classify this desk lamp as industrial. Others say it looks like a steampunk lamp. There are even users who call it a ‘vintage’ lamp. What we know is that it uses industrial pipes, largely popular in the industrial office furniture world.

With a height of 23 inches, its perfect for your computer desk. It can be used as a reading light or as ambient light. You also need to know it comes with a large 2700K LED light bulb. This bulb features a tinted glass shelf that maintains that industrial look.

Made from real iron and resin, this lamp also features a USB charger so that it offers a quick charging option for your smartphone.


  • Made with iron piping
  • Included bright tinted glass light bulb
  • Almost impossible to break


  • Heavy at 4.19lbs (1.9kg)
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2.     Goatherd Industrial Table Lamp

With a wattage of 60W, this industrial lamp is one that looks impressive on any desk. A bit smaller than the previous lamp, it comes with protective iron over its light bulb which also makes it a safe option for those using it in a home with little kids.

Compatible with E26 Edison light bulbs (there’s one included in the pack), this lamp easily transitions from an industrial to a vintage look depending on which light bulb you choose.

With a height of just over 8 inches, this can also be a small lamp for busy desks. If you have a monitor, a laptop and a printer on your desk, you might not have the room for a larger lamp and this is where it seems to fit the best. In time, you can also try it out with different halogen, incandescent, and LED light bulbs.


  • Compact size
  • Included E26 Edison light bulb
  • Made with a lampshade


  • Maximum 60W power
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3.     Bridgeport Designs Adjustable Arm Lamp

This rustic lamp is made with a unique look. The industrial style desk lamp even looks a bit rustic with its 3 pulleys. But at the same time, it’s one of those pieces that simply elevate the look of any computer setup.

We also like that the lamp doesn’t feel flimsy at all. Sure, at this price it can’t be entirely made out of steel. For example, its pulleys are made from plastic. But these pulleys don’t wobble and the main structure of the lamp is still made from durable steel that’s going to last decades.

The lamp doesn’t include a light bulb. However, you can use it with any Edison light bulb or an LED alternative between 5W and 40W.


  • It measures 30”
  • The pulleys rotate
  • It assembles in a few minutes


  • Lightbulb height isn’t customizable
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4.     Zitrades Industrial Desk Lamp

This lamp with industrial style ships with an elegant light bulb. It uses touch sensitivity to trigger 3 illumination modes, depending on your activity. You can easily toggle between stronger reading light and a dimmer ambient light with it.

A standard 60 dimmable Edison LED light bulb is included with it. You only need to add the light bulb for the small lamp to work as an assembly isn’t required.

In time, you’ll want to change the Edison light bulb if you go for another look. If you do so, please make sure you get another LED light with a dimmable function to make the most of this little desk lamp.


  • Made with dimming light brightness functions
  • It ships with a light bulb
  • It illuminates at 2700k (soft white light)


  • No light shade
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5.     Savage Metal Rustic Industrial Edison Steampunk Lamp

This unique high-quality industrial-looking desk lamp can be used anywhere around the house. Since it comes with a heavy metal base, it can easily be added to your desk setup for better illumination.

Made from welded recycled metal and scrap automotive metal, it certainly has a distinct charm to it. The lamp even comes with a light bulb shade. It’s compatible with normal socket size E26 Edison light bulbs (not included in the pack).


  • Made from real recycled metal
  • Heavy feel
  • Made in the USA


  • Not compatible with dimmable light bulbs
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6.     Haitral Retro Table Lamp

Dominated by pipes, this large table or desk lamp can be an excellent choice and a good conversation started for your office. Bronze-finish pipes and a red valve are used to give it an industrial design. There’ a short 110V cable that’s attached to the lamp as well.

While there’s no light bulb in the pack, you can order your classic E26 bulb with a maximum output of 60W to use with this lamp. For sure, it can be an excellent gift idea since it comes with an on/off switch integrated into the rotary valve. You turn the valve to switch on the light.


  • Made from durable pipes
  • The valve is functional
  • Compatible with many light bulbs


  • E26 light bulb not included
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7.     Dayn Industrial Rustic Farmhouse Accent Table Lamps

These upscale lamps are only sold in sets of 2. With 2 lights and included drum shades, these lamps look a bit more different than your classic lamp. However, you need to know you can’t rely on them as reading lights as they only come with 4W light bulbs. But you can use them as an excellent decoration for your desk.

If you decide to invest in your own LED filament Edison light bulbs, you can turn them to reading lights, however. They are compatible with all light bulbs of up to 40W.

With a bronze finish, metal construction, and metal shades, these lamps impress those who want something different to elevate their office’s design.


  • Made from metal
  • Included pull chains
  • Included USB port


  • Only sold in sets of 2
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Final words

Some of these best industrial desk lamps are made to last forever. As you can see from these examples, metal is the main material used to manufacturer industrial lamps. As a result, you can easily count on all of these for years to come, especially with long-lasting LED light bulbs.