8 Best Xbox One Gaming Chairs That Are Ergonomic

The X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 remains the best Xbox One gaming chair. It features solid construction, ergonomic sitting, and audio compatibility with your Xbox gaming console. This chair is also made to look distinct with visible hand stitching.

If you’re after the best, you need to know which types of gaming chairs are truly worth your investment, especially since you might need to spend more on games.

Types of Xbox One gaming chairs

There are 2 types of Xbox One game chairs you can consider at the moment. Some are made with compatible audio while others aren’t.

  • Chairs with compatible audio

Xbox chairs are made with built-in speakers. These connect to the TV or your Xbox One controller via 3.5mm jack cables. These cables should come in the box with your chair.

  • Chairs without audio and vibrations

Alternatively, you can simply game on an office gaming chair that won’t come with speakers. The benefit of this choice is versatility as you can also use it as a desk chair for work or studies.

According to popularity, the following Xbox One gaming chairs are truly worthy options for your game.

1.     X Rocker Pro Series 2.1

The X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 is the wireless gaming chair Xbox One fans need for the ultimate gaming experience. It features wireless audio capabilities as well as wired audio connectivity through a splitter.

This gaming chair with speakers impresses with its audio quality, which is one of the best reasons to consider it. The Xbox gaming chair comes with a built-in subwoofer so that you can truly get an immersive play experience. It also features jack ports so that you can connect your wired gaming headphones to it easily.

There are 2 speakers at the sides of this chair and a subwoofer under the backrest for that audio boost gaming fans need.

Audio cables to connect it to the TV are also included with this chair. You can connect the red and the white wires to the audio outputs of your TV.

This affordable Xbox One game chair comes with leather and stitching. It’s generally considered solidly built and one of the leading solutions for gamers who want to play a lot.

X Rocker also added vibrating functions to the game chair. This is why it’s reviews rate it highly for realistic play.

The only reason not to rate these Xbox One game chairs a perfect out of 10 is the volume adjustment knob’s position for left-handed players. The volume knob is located on the right side of the game chair, which is fine if you’re right-handed.

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2.     X Rocker Pro Series H3

The Pro Series H3 is another best gaming chair for Xbox One that sits low on the ground. Known for the immersive audio, these Xbox One chairs impress with their overall build quality. The leather feels similar to the materials used on expensive gaming chairs. The stitching almost makes it look Italian-made.

All of its controls are situated on the right side. It controls the levels of vibrations and it even allows gamers to control the base level of the audio.

The Pro Series H3 games chairs for Xbox 360 connects audio through a headphone jack or RCA. This allows you to directly input the audio so that you have it right next to you with the help of the built-in speakers.

Alternatively, you can also plug in your favorite Xbox One headphones to the chair.

But these game chairs compatible with Xbox One are also known for their resilience when it comes to storage. You can see them as folding Xbox game chairs that you can put into storage when playtime is over.

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3.     BraZen Pride 2.1

This game chair compatible with Xbox One is among the leaders in terms of comfort. It features fixed armrests that help you enjoy ergonomic sitting when you hold the Xbox controller.

It features Bluetooth connectivity. While Xbox One doesn’t have a Bluetooth chip, it might still connect to your TV for a wireless game experience.

With a total height of 92cm from the floor, the BraZen Pride 2.1 also comes with its built-in speakers. You can easily listen to your favorite games’ soundtrack with it.

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4.     Homall Gaming Recliner

Xbox One compatible gaming chairs typically come with the possibility of tuning into the TV’s audio. But you can also consider a regular gaming chair which is always a good option no matter how many new Xbox releases we’ll see from Microsoft.

This Homall gaming recliner is known for its added cushioning. Even its armrests are padded, which can’t be said about the game Xbox chairs above.

Used as an Xbox 1 gaming chair, this Homall release can recline while also lifting your legs. It supports the most comfortable gaming position and if you aren’t paying attention, it’s certainly the Xbox recliner you can fall asleep in.

It handles higher weights of up to 265lbs. Even adult game fans can use it as a result.

As far as drawbacks go, you need to know this chair takes up more space than those recommended above.

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5.     Vitesse Gaming Recliner

Made with a large lumbar support pillow, this Xbox gaming chair is still popular as it was still a good choice among games chairs for Xbox 360. It features superior lumbar support and a large headrest so that you can recline in full comfort while playing your favorite titles.

Made with premium PU leather, it’s also very easy to clean. Since you might be playing for hours, it can be one of those Xbox One game chairs that you need to wipe every day.

Gaming furniture for Xbox One and PS4 chair fans love can be used for the X Series upgrade. This is where the Vitesse gaming recliner proves a long-term option if you plan to play on it for about a decade.

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6.     VON Racer Rocking Video Gaming Chair

Xbox One game chairs that are ergonomic aren’t easy to find. The ergonomic Xbox One Von Racer game chair is perfect if you suffer from low back pain. It features a curved backrest and lateral backrest support so that you feel nested while gaming.

This chair connects audio for its speakers via Bluetooth and aux in. Bluetooth might be a bit more tricky to set up on an Xbox gaming console, but you can use this wireless connection option for movies and other forms of entertainment.

The gaming chair is solidly built and it comes with flip-up arms so that you can easily get up after hours of gaming. Since it’s not height adjustable, it will stay on the ground so you will feel like you’re in a racing position.

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7.     Ohaho Gaming Chair Racing Style

If you need a footrest, your best choice for Xbox one compatible gaming chairs is to go with an office-style design. Ohaho has all of the right solutions which even include pink gaming chairs for the gamer girls who simply cannot live without their Xboxes.

This gaming chair for Xbox one comes with all of the perks you’d expect such as height adjustability and armrests’ adjustability. It features lumbar support and a headrest pillow for higher comfort than a regular office chair.

Since it comes in 6 colors, you can choose it as the ultimate game chair for a custom Xbox One set up in your home. Its PU leather is made to last so you will count on it for a few years even if it’s probably the cheapest gaming chair for Xbox One.

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8.     AKRacing Core Series EX Gaming Chair

If you can spend a bit more, you can get even more adjustability and an even better ergonomic gaming chair for Xbox. This solution from AKRacing looks like a true racing gaming chair. It features an anatomic backrest for proper posture support.

Most importantly, gamers buy it for its 3-way armrests adjustments. It can be one of the top options for those seeking to adjust the armrests up and down, to the sides, as well as back and forth.

Made with fabric upholstery, these Xbox One chairs are suitable for gaming in hot weather. You won’t sweat while playing games during the summer months sitting in it.

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This is how you connect your X Rocker game chair to an Xbox One (wired)

You can connect an X Rocker game chair to an Xbox gaming console using the cables it comes with. These are the following.

  • A red and a white female cable
  • A red and a white male cable with a headphone jack (3.5mm)
  • A red and white audio cable

The red and white male cable and female cables are connected to the TV using the headphones jack. This headphones jack is typically located at the back of your TV. The remaining red and white male cables are connected to your X Rocker Xbox One or Xbox One S gaming chair.

*All of these audio cables and adapters should come with your game chair. However, you might need to purchase them separately if you decide to go with another brand.

This is how you connect your Xbox One gaming chair’s audio (wireless)

You can also connect your Xbox game chair’s audio wirelessly. You need an analog wireless transmitter, which typically comes in a box with gaming chairs for Xbox One S such as those from X Rocker.

For the analog transmitter shipped in the box, you need to connect it by 3.5mm headphones jack to your TV. Alternatively, you can use a wireless DAC transmitter with optical cables.

Xbox One chair Connectivity
1.            X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 RCA cables


2.            X Rocker Pro Series H3 RCA cables


3.            BraZen Pride 2.1 Jack
4.            Homall Gaming Recliner N/A
5.            Vitesse Gaming Recliner N/A
6.            VON Racer Rocking Video Gaming Chair 3.5mm jack
7.            Ohaho Gaming Chair Racing Style N/A
8.            AKRacing Core Series EX Gaming Chair N/A


Final words

Finding the best console gaming chair can be tricky with so many good options to choose from. Game chair compatible with Xbox One can be a bit more expensive than the average PC gaming chair. But in the end, you can use any option for your gaming. Just remember to check if your dedicated Xbox game chair comes with the audio cables as we’ve seen dozens of brands that don’t offer them as standard accessories.