3 Ficmax Gaming Chairs Reviewed and Compared

You can find a Ficmax gaming chair in different levels of cushioning and colors. These gaming chairs Ficmax makes are designed with a footrest for the ultimate comfort. Often used by gamers due to their comfort and affordability, Ficmax chairs can also be used at the office.

Some of the most impressive Ficmax gaming chair reviews show it scores highly. But is this true and can you blindly buy one without wasting your money?

Ficmax Gaming chairs reviewed

At a first glance, you’d say all Ficmax ergonomic chairs are the same and available in different colors. But they have their differences.

  • Cushioning thickness

Ficmax chairs have foam cushioning that varies between 3.9 and 4.9 inches in thickness. These ergonomic gaming chairs Ficmax makes offer a different level of comfort, but you won’t feel the difference generally. It’s tall and heavy users that are going to find the thickness of the cushioning important.

  • Weight capacity

A Ficmax gaming chair has a weight capacity between 250lbs and 300lbs (113 to 136kg). The most popular Ficmax high back ergonomic gaming chair has a weight capacity of 300lbs.

Here are the main Ficmax chairs for gaming you can buy right now (depending on stock levels which tend to drop fast).

Credits – Ficmax.com

1.       Ficmax Gaming Chair with Footrest

This comfortable gaming chair with a high backrest is the first stop in the Ficmax lineup for many avid gamers. It gets some of the best user reviews and their opinion matters. For example, the Ficmax gaming chair had issues with the assembly instructions in the past. These have been improved. You now get a note saying the chair has been partly pre-assembled so that the assembly process is even shorter (typically around 20 minutes).

Main features

Covered in PU leather and based on an alloy frame, this gaming chair impresses with its multiple features and reasonable prices that many find fair.

  • Rocking function

There’s a rocking function that works within this chair. Would you use it? Probably yes and maybe more than the footrest. This rocking function can be a good option to start moving when you suffer from a stiff back from gaming.

  • Large recline angle up to 180 degrees

The Ficmax ergonomic chair reclines to 180 degrees. It represents one of the most interesting additions in the lineup of chairs that allow you to sleep in. You can lay back when you’re taking a FIFA break or when you want to catch a quick Twitch walkthrough.

  • 8-inch foam cushioning

The cushioning is the thickest from the brand. Based on high-density foam, this cushioning is best for retaining its shape in time better than a sponge and alternative materials.

  • Vertically adjustable armrests

You can count on adjustable armrests for the right gaming position at the desk. They go up and down depending on your height and personal preferences.

  • Lumbar massage pillow

There’s an adjustable lumbar pillow added to the chair (next to the adjustable headrest pillow). It allows you to sit more comfortably and it includes a massage function. But you can’t expect this Ficmax massage gaming chair to be as good as other massage chairs.

  • Large 300lbs weight capacity

This comfy gaming chair also impresses with its weight capacity. It reasonably holds up to 300lbs which means it covers the needs of most gamers.

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2.       Ficmax High Back Reclining Gaming Chair for E-Sports

This Ficmax racing gaming chair comes with a 250lbs weight capacity and it’s available in multiple colors to match your gaming setup.

  • Green chair
  • Blue chair
  • Purple chair
  • Pink chair
  • White chair
  • Black chair
  • Red chair

Ficmax makes it in all colors so that you can find the one for your personality.

Its features are also very impressive. A full 180-degree recline is available on this gaming chair. It tilts, it rocks, and it swivels. You can easily turn to the sides if you have an l-shaped gaming desk.

This gaming chair with a footrest is also made for relaxation. While the footrest wobbles a bit, it might not be too big of an issue if you know you won’t be using it too often.

With good adjustability, this Ficmax gaming chair with adjustable armrests is made to keep you playing in an ergonomic position. You can lay back against the tall backrest so that you play in comfort.

With a 3.9” cushioning foam, it’s not the bulkiest gaming chair Ficmax makes. The official Ficmax website states it handles user weights of up to 250lbs. This is we see it as a perfect option for teens and young gamers.

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3.       Ficmax Racing Gaming Chair With Footrest

If you’re a fan of racing gaming chairs, you need to look at 2 Ficmax options. Made with distinct double stitching, they look like real gaming chairs. The ergonomic support of these gaming chairs is truly impressive and it mimics those found in racing cars.

Unlike other racing gaming chairs under 200 or under 300, it features durable materials. Its PU leather is of better quality than the average as is its foam cushioning.

This gaming chair also includes a durable Class 4 hydraulic piston for extra support.

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With a seat width of 15.8 inches, it might just be the right chair for your long hours of gaming chair comfort. Yes, it’s seatpan also gets warm after a few hours, but you should be taking a break to stand anyways.

One of its biggest features is its built-in leg rest that comes down from underneath the seatpan. This gaming chair with leg rest does wobble a bit but it holds the weight of your legs properly, which is all that matters in the end.

Overall, it doesn’t feel cheap which is fantastic for a gaming chair with a massage.

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Just how big is the Ficmax gaming chair?

Ficmax uses different sizes in its gaming chairs as follows.

Backrest height – 31.7” to 32.7”

Backrest width – 21.3”

Seatpan height – adjustable from 17.3” to 21”

Seatpan width – from 19.7” to 21.7”

Armrest length – from 10.2” to 11”

Credits – Ficmax.com

Final reasons to get a Ficmax gaming chair

As a whole package, Ficmax is seen like a budget gaming chair. But it outshines plenty of competing chairs easily with the following strengths,

  • Included leg rest replaces an Ottoman

The leg rest of the Ficmax gaming chair are reviewed to be wobbly but they are durable. The leg rest extends from underneath the seatpan for the user to roll it with the cushion up for the ultimate leg comfort.

  • One lever to control the gaming chair

Did you know a single lever controls the Ficmax gaming chair? To adjust the Ficmax chair by height you pull the lever while sitting on the chair.

Gamers can push the lever in to lock the rocking gaming chair function. You can rock but you can also use the Ficmax chair as a stable sitting solution.

There’s a secondary lever for the backrest in case you want to change its angle on the seatpan’s edge. Otherwise, this gaming chair is easy to use.

  • 1-year warranty

The Ficmax chair comes with a 1-year warranty. You should not exceed its maximum weight limit according to the warranty.


Is Ficmax a good gaming chair?

Ficmax is a good gaming chair under $300 as it features high-density memory foam cushioning. It also comes with higher-quality PU leather and a footrest which can be a great addition for extra comfort.

Where can I get Ficmax gaming chair parts?

You can buy Ficmax gaming chair parts on the Ficmax official website.

Do I get assembly instructions with the Ficmax gaming chair?

All Ficmax ergonomic gaming chairs are shipped with assembly instructions written in English.

Ficmax vs DXRacer?

For the originality aspect and its value for money, you can choose the Ficmax gaming chair.