14 Ergonomic Recliners Covered by Warranty

Mcombo makes the best ergonomic recliner for the money. Ever Advanced and Nouhaus are two other brands that make worthy ergonomic recliners you can use at home both with textile and with leather covers.

An ergonomic recliner chair is not easy to use. After sampling the market for hours, you’d still find it difficult to choose one recliner for yourself.

This article investigates the nominees for the title of the top ergonomic recliner chair. All of the options are good and there’s not much between these apart from materials and how they look. Without further introduction, here are your main options.

1.     Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner

Overstuffed padding and a smooth TUV motor make this ergonomic recliner the best option for most users. Made according to ergonomic principles, it allows your back to sit straight both when sitting at 90 degrees and when fully reclined.

It also elevates your feet for the ultimate comfort. Those who like to sit in comfort or even to have their feet up for better blood circulation can consider this recliner for home use.

Designed with overstuffing, it offers the long-term comfort you need when watching TV or simply when sitting for hours.

The Mcombo ergo recliner chairs impress with their functionality best on a quiet metal motor. They assist you in getting up which has been one of the most appreciated functions for the elderly. This recliner for seniors has what it takes to get you up easier.


  • It includes USB charging ports for your smartphone
  • Made with 2 cup holders
  • Designed with side storage pockets


  • Heavy to move around with its 121lbs weight
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2.     Ever Advanced Lift Chair

The Ever Advanced super comfort recliner is made to look impressive. Inspired by premium classic designs, it comes with distinct faux leather and visible stitching which makes it look like a premium product. More importantly, it comes with plenty of cushioning in the backrest, seatpan, and armrests for ultimate comfort.

As a self-respecting electric recliner, it also helps you get out of the chair easily. Its electronic assist works smoothly and it helps you get up at a push of a button.

This smooth electric assistance isn’t the only area where the Ever Advanced reclining lounge chair excels. It also features a massage mode which you can appreciate on a new level at its maximum 150-degrees recline angle.

It features 3 massage timers so that you know just how long you’ve been relaxing. It massages your back, upper back, and even your legs. Some even recommend it as an orthopedic recliner chair for the ergonomic position you sit in while enjoying a massage.

2 cup holders are added to the armrests for you to enjoy your favorite drink while sitting back and watching TV.

Most importantly, this recliner looks good, which is hardly the case with most of its alternatives.


  • One of the best ergonomic recliners with USB ports
  • Included side pocket storage
  • Available on black, brown, and dark brown leather


  • It ships in 2 boxes
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3.     ANJ Home Single Recliner

If you’re after an elegant design, you shouldn’t look further than to ANJ’s high backend recliner. It features an elegant apricot color (even though it’s also available in gray) which makes for a bright recliner almost impossible to find elsewhere.

This vivid recliner is very comfortable and its microfiber cover has a lot to do with it. Soft to the touch, it offers one of the best materials you can consider for recliners you can sleep in.

But this soft material isn’t backed by a robust metal frame. It lifts the leg raise instantly when you pull the latch and it also handles high loads properly. It has been tested for over 25.000 actuations which makes it one of the most durable adjustable recliner chairs you can find today.


  • Extra-padded back region
  • Thick button and back regions
  • Unique breathable materials


  • It doesn’t rock
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4.     Nouhaus +Posture Ergonomic Office Chair

Nouhaus office recliner chair impresses with its overall durability and work profile. It combines both worlds of recliners and office chairs into a unique comfortable sitting solutions. These office recliner chairs are comfortable recliners for desk work.

Most people use it when working from home as a recliner chair with lumbar support. There’s plenty of adjustabilities so that you don’t have to suffer from low back pain. The recliner lumbar support area is fully adjustable for users of various heights.

But this ergonomic recliner chair is one that mostly impresses with its thick padding. Once you put it together, you will sit on it to be amazed at just how comfortable it truly is.


  • 5 levels of lumbar support
  • Excellent orthopedic recliner faux leather
  • Proven class 4 hydraulic gas lift


  • It takes up to an hour to assemble
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5.     Tuoze Recliner Chair

Almost all ergonomic recliner chair reviews mention a fabric-style recliner with minimalistic padding. Tuoze chair is the right option for you if you’re after such a performer.

Smaller or less bulky, this chair is suitable if you’re limited on space. You might be living in a small apartment or you might have a tight free space in front of the TV for it to squeeze in.

Well-padded, the recliner doesn’t truly make you miss these over-padded options above. It even features rounded armrests so that there’s no additional pressure on your forearms.

It helps blood circulation in the feet, it’s breathable, and it looks good. A small part of people choosing it over other bulkier lumbar support recliners is typically interested in how their room looks. If you’re an Ikea minimalism fan, it might also be the right product for you.


  • Made with breathable tufted materials
  • Available in an aquatic light blue color
  • It reduces leg fatigue


  • It doesn’t rock
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6.     Esright Grey Fabric Massage Recliner Chair

A chair that reclines, swivel, and rock are quite hard to find. Of course, when you have $1.000 to spend, it might not be such a big issue. But Esright is one of the most impressive ergonomic chairs that recline on the list and the market.

Its 360 swivel allows you to easily turn to talk to others or to reach for the remote control. It also allows you to enjoy better light as you adjust your reading position.

The rocking function of this chair is also very solidly-implemented. It feels like it could handle users of all weights.

But its massage function is the most complex. You can select from full-body massage, back massage, thigh massage, leg massage, and lumbar massage modes. There’s even a heating mode for the cold winter nights.


  • It rocks
  • It swivels
  • Included massage function with 5 massaging modes


  • Not the most innovative design
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7.     Windaze Recliner with Ottoman

The Ergonomic recliner and Ottoman can be one of the most interesting options if you suffer from low back pain. This Back support recliner features an Ottoman to keep your feet up as much as needed without fearing some mechanical failure when you put your feet up hundreds of times per day.

As a small reclining chair, it still comes with plus sponge filling for extra comfort. It’s often the main talking point at a home party and guests can take turns in sitting in this ergonomic living room chair.

Its base is also made with a swivel design. It turns 360 degrees easily and you won’t have to make an effort to turn to your partner or the TV.

There’s a matching Ergonomic living room chair Ottoman that gets shipped with it. This leg support chair is particularly useful when you recline the backrest (up to 135 degrees) as it might even put you in a sleeping position.

Orthopedic recliner chairs don’t typically come with a lumbar massage function. But this Ottoman ergonomic lounge chair features multiple massage modes and a heating function.

Ergonomic living room furniture that goes best with it is also typically made with leather. It wouldn’t match a nearby sofa with textile materials such as microfiber.


  • Unique round 360 swivel base
  • S-curved backrest for better ergonomics
  • Tight knob for easy recline angle positioning


  • It sits close to the floor for seniors
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8.     Mecor Massage Recliner Chair

This Mecor seems to be made with more of everything, especially more padding. It features the most padding on the armrests and one of the most padded feet areas of a recliner.

People appreciate it as it’s one of the perfect all-in-one packages with a rocking function, recline, and swivel. One of the main issues of lower back pain is sitting in a stiff position. But this isn’t a problem with this recliner as it allows you to switch up your sitting position.

The recliner lounge chair is made to look modern in various colors. You can match it with your living room furniture without too much headache. As one of the most comfortable recliners in various colors, it might be an option for the elderly as well due to its thicker padding.

Other ergonomic recliners for homes don’t have a massage function. But Mecor’s recliner chairs with lumbar support comes with a built-in massage function. Sure, you can’t hope for a vigorous massage, but it’s just as good as what you can get from thickly-padded recliner chairs with adjustable lumbar support.


  • Included cup holders
  • Available on beige and blacks
  • Made with a lightweight wood frame


  • No USB ports
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9.     Esright Heated Grey Fabric Massage Recliner

Ergonomic recliners with fabrics tend to be more and more popular. This wasn’t how they got popular back in the golden era as leather was the main material for these chairs. But the fabric has its place and Esright has its offering on this front of extra breathability.

Highly practical during the summer, this ergonomic recliner shines in warm weather. Its thick padding is comforting. It even has a thicker headrest so that you can still watch TV while reclined to 135 degrees.

2 front cup holders can be used for soda drinks, beers, and other refreshments. Its 360 swivel function ensures you can also turn to get a new drink easily in case you need more. Side pockets are added for the TV remote controls and newspapers so there are no good reasons to get out of the chair and simply enjoy it longer.


  • Excellent in high heat
  • Included assembly instructions
  • Soft fabric excellent for sensitive skin


  • It ships in 2 boxes
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10. Flamaker Power Lift Recliner

If you’re after a similar experience and design but on leather, Famaker’s High backend recliner chairs can be a good alternative. This chair is also recommended if you need a high backrest with a thick headrest. It elevates your head even when sitting further reclined. You might need this position when watching TV or reading.

It comes with the already popular 2-cup holder armrest design. Its thick cushions also ensure proper comfort even on leather.

But the biggest advantage of this recliner apart from its thick headrest is its lift mode. With a press of a button, you can easily stand up which is of such help that many of those falling asleep in the recliner feel the need for some help to get up.


  • Made with leather
  • Designed with a thicker headrest
  • It lifts you up


  • Not the most original design
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11. ComHoma Massage Recliner Chair

The ComHoma ergo living room chair is made for comfort and entertainment at home. It includes speakers so that you can listen to music or so that you can enjoy movies with a surround sound experience.

It ticks all of the boxes of a classic ergo lounge chair with its leather covers and thick cushioning. You need to know that it’s not the thickest cushioning you can see on a recliner which recommends it for areas where you can have guests over where style is still important such as the living room.

The ergonomic armchair handles weights of up to 275lbs and at this weight, it still swivels. It represents an adjustable design you’d have no trouble integrating into your living room under the condition you like vintage designs.


  • Made with integrated speakers
  • Thin elegant padding
  • Included rocking function


  • Vintage look not easy to integrate with living room furniture
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12. Great Deal Furniture Merit Black Leather Recliner

Some recliners look like casual armchairs. If you like the idea, the Great Deal Reclining ergonomic chair is the right option for you. A bit wider than other recliners, it gives you a place to breathe. If you like cuddling up with your partner, it might also be an interesting recliner for you.

Made with a leather finish, it’s available in different colors. Its black version proves to be the most versatile. Its brown version gives it a vintage look while its red version is the one to go for when you want it to stand out.


  • Smooth rocking
  • It looks timeless
  • Available in 3 colors


  • The footrest is a bit difficult to put down at first
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13. Smagreho Recliner Chair

This ergonomic recliner chair is a bit more stylish than the average alternative. It features textile materials with a soft touch and a modern look. Its high backrest is ideal for tall users and those looking to even have the entire family sit in it by turn.

The thick headrest keeps you in an ergonomic position even at its most elevated sitting position. But you’ll soon want to recline as this product features 8 massage modes.

All of these modes can represent vibration intensity and you can rely on them to relax after a long day at work. There’s a heating function addition to help you relax further.


  • Made with a high backrest
  • 360° swivel function
  • Inspired by mid-century designs


  • No integrated cup holders
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14. Polar Aurora Massage Recliner

Polar’s Reclining ergonomic chair is one of the most durable on the list. Its main materials include iron, sponge, and PU leather. With a high 300lbs (136 kg) weight capacity, it can be the right choice if you’re after a gift for your parents or if your entire family plans to use it. In such cases, high weight capacity is needed as you never know who might sit in it.

Made with a bulky profile, it features thick sponge padding so that you can relax in freedom for hours. Sure, there are no USB ports or built-in speakers here. But who needs these extras when the chair is so comfortable and so smooth in operation as you just lean against the backrest while pushing its armrests to recline in comfort.


  • Included lumbar heating
  • High 27.9” backrest
  • Proven with weights of up to 300lbs


  • No built-in speakers
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How to choose an ergonomic recliner

As you can see, there’s not much between these best ergonomic recliner options. All of them can get the title of the best ergonomic recliner chair but there are small differences to take into account, especially if this is not your first recliner and you need to make an upgrade.

  • Cushioning

Sponge and foam are the main materials seen in a modern ergonomic recliner chair. Affordable and comfortable, they meet the criteria needed for comfy cushioning chairs. If you want the best chairs, you need to know that you should respect maximum weight recommendations as doing otherwise can flatten the cushioning.

  • Materials

PU leather and fabrics are used as the main cover materials on ergo lounge chairs. Real leather is expensive and not the easiest to care for and this is why faux alternatives are generally seen as a better choice. You should know that leather chairs that recline are cold at first when you sit on them, especially during the winter. Fabrics are a bit better from this perspective but not as easy to wash in case of accidental spills.

  • Design

Which design do you prefer for your ergonomic recliner chair? All of the options listed above come with accessories such as cup holders of side pockets. If you don’t need these, it’s best to skip to cheaper best ergonomic recliner chairs with no storage space at all.

In terms of aesthetics, ergo recliner chairs should always match your living room furniture. Office recliner chairs are typically even simpler and they can feature faux leather as it’s easier to clean since more people tend to use these chairs in an office environment.

An ergonomic lounger that looks good should also be color-matched to immediate nearby furniture. While recliner prices vary for rare colors, it’s worth spending more upfront just to have a setup that is abiding by minimum aesthetic guidelines. Ergonomic living room chair reviews show most people prefer black, brown, grey, and blue colors. This is why most of the best ergonomic recliners for back pain listed above are chosen by these colors.

Ergonomic recliner Maximum weight capacity
Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner 320lbs
Ever Advanced Lift Chair 350lbs
ANJ Home Single Recliner 300lbs
Nouhaus +Posture Ergonomic Office Chair 275lbs
Tuoze Recliner Chair 280lbs
Esright Grey Fabric Massage Recliner Chair 300lbs
Windaze Recliner with Ottoman 350lbs
Mecor Massage Recliner Chair 300lbs
Esright Heated Grey Fabric Massage Recliner 300lbs
Flamaker Power Lift Recliner 360lbs
ComHoma Massage Recliner Chair 275lbs
Great Deal Furniture Merit Black Leather Recliner 300lbs
Smagreho Recliner Chair 270lbs
Polar Aurora Massage Recliner 300lbs


Final words

Ergonomic home furniture may come at a high upfront cost, but it normally lasts for years. The funny side is that no matter how advanced technologies come up with new materials and simpler chairs, it’s still the classic high back recliner that is popular when you need to relax.


What are the benefits of an ergonomic recliner?

The first principle of ergonomics is to support proper posture. An ergonomic recliner doesn’t impact your posture. It also helps you relax and it may even offer a much-needed elevated feet position for better circulation.

What are the most comfortable ergonomic recliners made of?

Even the best living room chairs for back health or recliners are made from sponges. A thick sponge is breathable to a higher extent than foam filling and as a result, it’s the main material for proper comfort.

What extras does an ergonomic recliner need?

Your recliner typically needs a cup holder and side pockets for remote controls. You might get away without them if you have a nearby coffee table to use instead. A recliner for degenerative disc disease needs to come with an S-shaped backrest for proper ergonomic low back support.

How much does an ergonomic recliner cost?

Most recliners cost between $90 and $350. Those mentioned above are closer to the $300 mark as this is where you start seeing benefits such as a good warranty and materials that last.