7 Best Gaming Chairs For PS4 and PS5 Compatibility

Only some of the best gaming chairs for PS4 and PS5 are compatible with the Sony gaming console. You need to know how you can connect your chair to the console. Alternatively, you can choose any best console gaming chair to stay comfortable while enjoying your favorite console games.

How to connect your gaming chair to a PS4 or a PS5 gaming console

There are 2 main methods used to connect a gaming chair to a PS4 or a PS5 console. You can use both depending on the accessories shipped with your gamer chair.

  • Us a wireless DAC adapter

You need to install the DAC adapter if you want to stream audio directly to your PS4 gaming chair. You then tune the chair to the frequency of the DAC adapter for the audio connectivity.

  • Use an optical wireless connectivity

You can use an optical cable connected to your PlayStation console and the wireless DAC converter (that also needs a power connection).

For PS4 – go into Sound and Screen menu – Audio output settings – Primary output – Digital Out (optical) and set the Audio Format Priority to Linear PCM

For PS5 – go into Settings – Sound – Audio Input – Turn on the Switch output device automatically button.

Some of the following PS4 game chairs are made with compatible audio while others are simple gaming chairs you can choose for their comfort or for how they look even when playing on a PS4 or PS5 console.

1.     X Rocker Pro Series 2.1

The Pro Series 2.1 PS4 gaming chair gets its name from its built-in speakers. It features 2 lateral speakers and a subwoofer for one of the best audio experiences you can imagine on a PS gaming chair.

It won’t run the audio of the PS console without cables and adapters. Luckily, it comes both with cables and adapters so that you can stream the sound from the TV to your gaming chair to get an immersive gameplay experience.

This chair isn’t made with real leather but with synthetic leather. Soft and cushioned, it can be seen as one of the leading solutions for all-day comfort.

This PS4 game chair has an ergonomic design with lumbar support. You will be sitting straight up a bit better than on most other similar pedestal gaming chairs for PS5 or PS4.

Main features

  • 1 audio system
  • Compatible with PS4 and PS5
  • Foldable design for easy storage
  • It connects to multiple X Rocker chairs
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2.     X Rocker 0717301 Premier 2.1

A full recliner might seem like a stretch, but those who’ve tried gaming on it never look back. This gaming chair compatible with PS4 is one of the leaders when it comes to all-day gaming.

As a recliner, it reclines to a position you feel so comfortable in that you can fall asleep even while gaming. It includes a small footrest so that you are fully supported by padded surfaces. Even its armrests are padded. There are even 2 cup holders on the armrests so that you don’t need to pause your PlayStation game to get drinks.

This chair also features X Rocker’s 2.1 audio system. The gamer chair for PS4 includes a subwoofer with the ability to tweak bass power so that you don’t wake up the entire house when you decide to play in the morning.

Main features

  • It connects to a PS4 and a PS5 by wires or wirelessly
  • Included Bluetooth chip
  • Made with suede
  • Included vibration motors
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3.     X Rocker 2.1 Black-Fuchsia

The Black-Fuchsia PS4 game chair is made with black and red. Its red color is made with a lot of pinks so it would suit a positive person, both a boy or a girl. But this sturdy game chair that compliments your PS4 is also used by adults as its supportive.

Based on its Bluetooth connectivity, it’s compatible with your TV. You can easily connect it to stream the audio to its 2.1 stereo system that so many gamers have grown to love.

It features a pedestal design which means it sits on the floor on a short leg. However, its pictures might be deceiving when it comes to weight. This PS5 game chair is quite heavy and you will have a difficult time moving it around the living room on your own.

Main features

  • Contrasting red and white PS4 and Xbox One gaming chair
  • Designed as a rocking chair
  • Compatible with HDMI to HDMI audio extractors
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4.     VIT Gaming Recliner

It’s now time to consider a recliner as a possible best gaming chair for PS4. This VIT design comes with a full recline down to 180 degrees which means you can take a nap in it, watch TV in it, and play your PlayStation favorites on it.

Covered in PU leather, this gaming recliner chair is among those products you can simply grow to love under certain conditions. One of those conditions is having sufficient room for it in your bedroom or front of the TV. This can be easier said than done for those living in small apartments.

With the benefit of a metal sturdy frame, the gaming recliner has a large weight capacity of 300lbs. This makes it ideal for all types of users and most importantly it reassures you it’s going to last a bit longer than its alternatives.

Main features

  • Made with a large 18” x 24” reclining backrest
  • High-density sponge cushioning
  • Based on a sturdy metal frame
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5.     Best Choice Products Reclining Floor Gaming Chair

If you need a versatile lightweight gamer chair for PS4, look no further than Best Choice. This brand has created one of the lightest floor chairs in its class which is a top benefit most other gaming chairs for PS4 don’t offer.

You can move it from one part of the room to another and even though the hours yourself. With a weight of just 25lbs, it’s the type of gamer chair that doesn’t break your back. Sure, it doesn’t feature a 2.1 surround sound audio system. But at least you know you can play in different areas of your house with minimum effort.

Benefiting from a textile cover, this gaming chair compatible with PS5 consoles and PS4 PlayStation consoles is made for the warm summer days as well. You won’t deal with excessive sweating after long hours of gaming.

Main features

  • Suitable for gaming and watching TV
  • Reclines in 4 fixed positions
  • Covered in linen fabrics
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6.     X Rocker Emerald RGB

This best PS4 gaming chair comes with adaptable RGB lights. You choose it over the other recommend options on this list for the spectacular way it looks. There are over 30 illumination modes you can choose from and all of them impress when it comes to gaming dynamics.

This rocker gaming chair also swivels. Even if you sit low on the ground with it, you can still turn and lay back to stretch your legs and back from time to time. Designed with padded armrests, it feels like it invites you to stay gaming longer.

However, you need to decide here if its RGB lights are right for you. Some gamers hate them saying they hurt their eyes. Otherwise, it’s yet another popular X Rocker release to count on for years to come.

Main features

  • Includes SMD RGB LEDs
  • Oversized construction
  • Rocking and folding design
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  1. VIT Gaming Recliner Chair Racing Style

This Vitesse gaming recliner is among the most beautiful options compatible with your PS4 gaming lifestyle. Its stitching is unique and this is high praise in a world where most gaming chairs tend to look the same.

Cheap gaming chairs for PS4 are never as good-looking. But its looks are what made thousands of gamers order it to date. You can consider it for your PS4 setup if you don’t care about built-in audio.

Even its footrest is made with distinct contrasting stitching. The game chair compatible with PS5 is among the most important releases that recline to 180 degrees. However, it will also be a bit more difficult to move without help as it weighs nearly 70lbs.

Main features

  • Designed with contrasting stitching
  • Includes side storage bags
  • Made with a large lumbar support pillow
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X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 is the best PS4 gaming chair. This gamer chair for PS4 consoles is also the best for PS5 through audio compatibility. It’s compatible with your PS console and it also comes with an ergonomic design with cushioned construction. Alternatively, you can consider all other gamer chairs for PS4 if you don’t like a more traditional office chair for your gaming needs.