4 Best Office Chairs for Pregnancy And How to Use Them Properly

Pregnancy office chairs are made with enhanced lumbar support to minimize the pressure on your lower back. These chairs allow you to bend your legs underneath the seatpan while also keeping your back straight. All of these chairs are made with breathable materials and with a thick seatpan for your growing weight.

Generally referred to as pregnant chairs or pregnancy office chairs, these sitting tools should be as adjustable as possible. If you’ve been pregnant before, you know just how different your body can feel from one carrying a baby to another.

How to sit in an office chair during pregnancy

Even with the following pregnancy chair with back support recommended in this article, you still need to know how to use office chairs and alternate sitting with standing to avoid sitting discomfort while pregnant.

  • A straight back posture is ideal during pregnancy

Let’s start with a straight back position. If you think your chair’s headrest is pushing your head forwards when sitting, you need to remove it so that you sit with your chest high and your shoulders back to avoid pressure on your belly.

  • Consider changing the position of your legs

Your legs aren’t going to feel comfortable in any position when pregnant. Cross-legged sitting isn’t a position for you at the office at this stage. You will need to tuck your legs under the seat or simply keep them straight while maintaining a straight back posture.

  • Invest in reliable armrests

A chair without strong armrests isn’t of any help during pregnancy. You need a bit of help getting out of your office chair and this is where you get it from.

  • Adjust the backrest

Pregnancy is certainly the time to adjust the backrest of your office chair. You shouldn’t push your belly out too much but aim to add just sufficient tension or support so that you take some of that extra pressure off your lower back. This being said, here are the pregnancy chairs for work you can order today that can be used by these guidelines.

1.     Hbada Ergonomic Home Office Chair

Hbada’s main ergonomic home office chair has exploded in popularity. It sits well above other brands and office chairs in online sales and we can see why.

Its ergonomic design means you can sit up properly, even while pregnant. It won’t push your belly in and it won’t cut off the circulation in your legs with its waterfall seat edge design.

Why it works during pregnancy?

These Hbada pregnancy chairs recline so that you will allow your body to go back a bit when you’re past that 3-month mark when the belly starts to grow.

Most importantly, this pregnancy chair with back support comes with an adjustable lumbar area. This is crucial for your back that is going to signal its extra weight soon enough anyway.

Made with breathable materials, it will not make your body overheat. This is yet another crucial benefit of the chair. The thick high-density cushion for pregnancy seems made for this purpose, even if Hbada made the office chair for all types of users.

Other smaller benefits include an angle-adjustable headrest. We don’t particularly like headrests on pregnancy office chairs but we feel the 30-degree adjustment should be suitable to keep your head in a straight position. All in all, it gets high praises for its ergonomic sitting as one of the ideal ergonomic office products as well.

Main benefits

  • Adjustable lumbar support ideal for pregnant ladies
  • Adjustable headrest angle
  • Soft seatpan that doesn’t cause numb feet
  • Breathable materials
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2.     Komene Home Office Chair

This Steelcase office chair alternative comes from Komene and it’s just as good. Featuring breathable materials, it has a 330lbs weight capacity, ideal for ladies dealing with that extra pregnancy weight at the office or even while working from home.

Why it works for pregnancy?

Designed with robust flip-up arms, the office chair for pregnant ladies is among the leaders in terms of proper support while getting up. You shouldn’t entirely transfer your body weight to your hands while getting up in case the chair slips, but you can use its armrests with attention while getting up.

The seatpan is also comfortable. With 7cm of sponge cushioning, it offers just the right amount of proper support for your bottom. The Komene chair for pregnancy will eventually start flattening. Early reports show no sponge flattening for about 7 months which should at least cover your needs until the due date.

Main benefits

  • Designed with flip-up armrests
  • Included backrest tension control
  • Flexible backrests that moves with your body
  • High 330lbs weight capacity
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3.     Halter Office Chair

If you’re after a comfortable pregnancy office chair, Halter might work for you. It features thicker cushioning and padded armrests which are going to make this demanding and stressful period a bit easier to deal with.

Why it works for pregnancy?

Feeling like a true executive office chair, it comes with a 350lbs weight capacity so that you can sit on it up to the 9th month without it falling apart. It even features a deep 30.7” seatpan, ideal for the extra space it creates for your tummy.

Made with thick cushions, this chair is heavy. It weighs around 50lbs which means it won’t be easy to move from one room to another by yourself. But if you only use it in one place, you won’t see its higher weight as a potential drawback.

Main benefits

  • Made with a high maximum weight capacity
  • Designed with a leg rest base
  • Thicker cushioning
  • Trendy design
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4.     Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair

Steelcase Leap is the ideal pregnant chair king. It features an elastic backrest that moves with your body. This backrest has won multiple international design awards and you can leverage its benefits for your pregnancy. This backrest moves with your back and you want it to move instead of being stiff and transferring all of the sitting stress on your spine.

Why it works for pregnancy?

The contoured backrest supports your spine’s natural S-shape. Ideal during pregnancy, this ergonomic office chair design is going to make you feel just a little bit more comfortable until you’re ready to get away from the desk.

It also comes with fully adjustable armrests. While all office chairs for pregnancy focus on lumbar support, the leap Chair comes with armrests that adjust in all directions and which might take all of the pressure off your shoulders and upper back as well. You can even adjust these armrests closer or further away from the desk as your belly grows and as you need to sit further away from the office desk yourself.

Main benefits

  • Contoured backrest for extra support
  • Height adjustable lumbar support (sold separately)
  • Made with air pocket seat cushions for extra comfort
  • Adjustable durable armrests
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5.     Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair with Footrest

If you think you need a footrest and a chair that reclines to take a break while reclined, you will love Hbada’s office chair. It’s the same office chair we’ve seen on the first spot of this list with an extra footrest that extends from under the seat pan.

This pregnancy chair for home is both ergonomic and relaxing. However, it might only be used up to 6 or 7 months as it’s going to be a bit more difficult to get out of the chair after this point.

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Niceeday Lumbar support pillow

Back support for the chair during pregnancy is crucial. You might not get it 100% with these office chairs and this is why you can choose a lumbar support pillow to add to your chair for pregnancy.

This pregnancy office chair pillow relieves back and lumbar pain. Most importantly, it helps correct your sitting posture at the desk which is going to be under a lot of stress for 9 months and maybe more until you’re back in shape.

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What to look for in an office chair for pregnancy

In general, you will find it difficult to pinpoint a specific office chair for pregnancy. However, this doesn’t mean certain features shouldn’t be prioritized.

  • Backrest design

The backrest should be ergonomic with an S-shape. This is what helps your lumbar area and with almost impossible to avoid pregnancy lower back discomfort issues.

Lumbar support adjustability office chairs are also crucial. You need to adjust them by height and by depth according to where you need the most lumbar support.

  • Materials and breathability

The breathability of the office chairs is also important. Many women prefer textile backrests and seatpans to leather alternatives. However, you should not be sitting so long that you begin to sweat while pregnant anyways.

  • The adjustability of the armrests

The armrests are there to support your arms. You can lean on them when getting up as well. But adjustable armrests might also come further away from the desk as your belly grows.

Tips on how to make the most of your pregnancy sitting posture on an office chair

Even when all of the research says one thing, pregnant women might still need to sit how it feels comfortable for them.

  • This is how you sit in a chair during pregnancy

The correct sitting posture while pregnant is with a straight back. Your chest should be high and your knees should be pointing outwards so that you have an open pelvis and sufficient room for your belly without pressure from your legs.

  • Your slouching affects the pregnancy

Research suggests consistent slouching while pregnant can be detrimental. This is why you should always remind yourself to sit up straight in your office chair.

  • You shouldn’t sit a lot during pregnancy anyways

Even with the most cloud-like sitting, you still need to get up and move. Sitting all day isn’t good for your health. Sitting all day while pregnant is certainly more problematic.

Final words

A good pregnancy office chair is always adjustable, lightweight, and made to handle a larger maximum weight. You can rest assured all of the chairs listed above are made with durable materials. They also include a good warranty plan so that you can rely on them after your baby is delivered.