8 Best Recliner Sofas That Actually Look Modern

The best recliner sofa that looks modern is the Novogratz Talluah with memory foam. It reclines for sleeping but it’s also compact enough for it to fit small rooms. Other notable recliner sofas are also listed in this article.

Finding the best recliner sofa is quite complicated. Things are simple when anything works but when you have very specific needs, you might not even find your ideal sofa.

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3 Best Office Chairs For Hardwood Floors

The best office chairs for hardwood floors are the Nouhaus ErgoTask and WorkPro Quantum 9000. Featuring rubber blade-style caster wheels, these 2 chairs for hardwood floors are the most protective. Furthermore, they are among the few ergonomic desk chairs for hardwood floors for the ultimate sitting posture. Here are the main office chairs you can consider yourself with casters for wooden floors.

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