5 Best White And Gold Desks Under $200

The best white and gold desks are made with a luxurious appearance. These desks are rare but they have that royal feel that combines pure white with vivid golden colors for a distinct airy appeal. Historically speaking, the combination of white and gold colors is present from Roman times when golden head wreath leaves were combined with pure white clothes. For your office, a desk with white and gold can offer a similar timeless look.

1.     Tribesigns White and Gold Computer Desk

This elegant white and gold desk comes with a considerable 55-inch length. It can be one of the few white and gold desks that are made for those who work long hours. With a pristine white desktop and 2 storage shelves, it can even help you organize your typical accessories such as files, markers, and stationery.

With added anti-scratch pads, this desk can be used on any surface. Most users of such desks in these colors use them at home. This is where you need to be careful not to scratch your hardwood floors. But with anti-scratch legs, this becomes less of an issue.


  • 18k gold stoving varnish
  • White marble print desktop
  • Includes storage shelves


  • Not made with real wood
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2.     Tribesigns Modern Computer Desk

With a clean minimalist design, this white and gold desk is the modern choice when you need more space. You might be working with 2 monitors and multiple accessories and this is where its 50-inch desktop proves highly satisfactory.

But the biggest advantage of this desk is its sturdy thick metal frame. With no wobble, its U-shaped legs represent one of the most interesting additions to your workout space when you have to type a lot. Desk wobble tends to be the most annoying issue to avoid with such elegant desks that are mostly made to look good first.


  • It holds up to 55lbs (25kg)
  • Made with a certified E1 board
  • Designed with adjustable (1-2cm) legs


  • No monitor shelf
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3.     Mr. Ironstone L-Shaped White And Gold Desk

This simple L-shaped desk is made with an efficient no-obstacles design. Its top wooden desktop is all-white and its metal legs come in a golden finish.

One of the most interesting aspects of this white and gold desk is that’s accommodating. It features a 32-inch left side and a 32-inch right side so that you have plenty of space to work.

As a regular user, you get to store 2 to 3 monitors on this desk. Made with an MDF board desktop, this desk can be used for writing, studying, gaming, or a simple bedroom desk.


  • Made with adjustable feet
  • Included elevated monitor shelf
  • X-shape frame support improves stability


  • No keyboard tray
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4.     Mr. Ironstone Folding Computer Desk

If you’re after a white and gold desk that is foldable, this might be the best solution for your limited storage space. Mr. Ironstone is one of the few brands that make these white and gold desks and you can benefit from them yourself if you need that luxurious look at a low price.

The folding desk has a length of 31.5” and it is less accommodating than the Ironstone L-Shaped White and Gold Desk. But this still means you get the chance to use one monitor or one laptop properly. At the same time, this can be the type of desk you can move from one room to another. This might be the right desk when you want to work in front of the window one day and in front of the TV another day.

Storage space is typically limited on small desks. But this white and gold desk also ships with 10 hooks you can use to organize cables or hang your favorite headphones.


  • Practical rectangular folding desk
  • Primarily made for small spaces
  • It ships with 10 S-hooks for bags and headphones


  • No storage shelves
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5.     Serenity Writing Desk

This white and gold desk is one of the few that come with built-in drawers. You can use it for white and gold accessories such as white and gold desk lamps and even pair it with white and gold desk chairs.

Made with MDF particleboard with a white finish and powder coated golden metal legs, this desk elevates the look of your working space considerably.

To the surprise of many potential users, it also includes s wireless charging spot on the desk. While you might consider it a white and gold make up vanity table, it’s certainly a desk as it charges your smartphone and it also stores desk accessories.

Assembly is quite straightforward. You need a screwdriver and a mallet to have it assembled rather quickly. Due to its bulkier design, this white and gold desk can also be considered a bit sturdier than the folding Ironstone desk above.


  • It holds up to 80lbs
  • Designed with laminated MDF
  • One of the few white and gold desks with wireless charging


  • 2-person assembly
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Final words

When you’re after a white and gold desk, you need to look hard to find a design that is usable. Most of these desks are made for light use. You wouldn’t rely on these desks for 8-hour workdays. But if you work from home a few hours per day or if you need a dedicated office space where the desk looks high-end, a white and gold desk can be an affordable elegant choice to make.