The Best Free PC Games You Incredibly Have to Pay Nothing For

If you’re looking for the best free PC games with download links, you came to the right place. I researched what others think the best games are to enjoy for free and then I added my favorites to the following list.

The best free PC games with Steam or direct download

Made for adults or kids, the following games have left a mark on the gaming community. They come up all the time in discussion boards and they’re worth having a look when you’re bored at the office.


If you’re tired of playing the same old games, Alchemy offers a simpler alternative which puts your mind to work. The main idea is to create elements, objects, or locations using a different combination from the tools you see on the right side of the screen. For example, the air + water combination is what’s needed to create rain. Air + stone is needed to create sand, etc.

Alien Swarm 

Developed by Valve, the game is now available for free when played on PC. It can gather an entire team of co-workers from the office with its co-operative team approach. The game aims to eliminate aliens as efficiently as possible juggling all types of science fiction levels with access to around 40 weapons for a bit more fun.

All of Our Friends are Dead

The small 14MB game runs for free on Windows. It has a Super Mario appeal to me but it has a bit of shooting. The overall vibe of the 2D game is a bit horror-inspired and I wouldn’t play it alone at home. However, it’s not the scariest game on this list and you can’t fault it too much given its simplicity.

America’s Army 3

If you’re a fan of the military, you can now play this game for free. It features various missions with various weapons soldiers need to carry out. For example, you need to safely escort national importance secret documents to a dedicated area of the extraction.

America’s Army: Proving Grounds

As the official game of the US army, the expectations are high for this 2015-released game. But it can be just the right type of action game to play during short office breaks as it features short tactical missions only. If you want to perform them to perfection, you don’t need too much practice.


The objective of this game played in the browser is to capture the enemy’s crystal. There are 2 crystals on both sides of the screen. In the initial stages of each game, there’s a truce period in which you can build up your base and strategy.

Battlefield 1942 

The 2002 game which was the building ground of the Battlefield series is available on free download. Excellent in offices where there are more than 3 people who can play together online, the game offers a bit of adrenaline to wake up after a few hours of boring work.

Bejeweled 2

If you’re looking for puzzle games you can always consider the sequel of Bejeweled which is available for free on PCs. The game is not complicated as it allows users to use the right jewels in a Tetris-like experience which is one of the most popular types of games to be played while at work.


The game might be pixelated but it offers a unique playing and exploration experience. You wander the city streets of alien cities and you can explore all types of scenes from stress to bars and schools. It has been described as above expectations by those who first saw screenshots of the game.

Black Shades

The game runs for free on PCs and Mac computers. The pixelated game is similar to Bernband as it comes with vast spaces featuring infinite randomly-generated scenes. You aim to stop assassins as soon as possible.


You and up to 7 friends can start joining this impressive online community of fighters with epic energetic fighting. While it’s not Mortal Kombat, it has plenty of fighting scenes and it supports fighting on multiple levels when jumping.

Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead

Apocalyptic games abound and there are thousands to choose from. I’d play Cataclysm if I’d played it before as it’s a nostalgic release that might not be stable with all PCs. The survival game is also very easy to play.

Cave Story

As a man born in a cave, you need to fight the evil doctor threatening the world’s safety. The retro-inspired game is pretty fast to complete but it should provide a few days of nostalgic fun during work breaks.

Close Your Eyes

The horror game has a very solid atmosphere that impresses fans of the series. You can only fight your enemies when you close your eyes. While the free game is simple, following the dark corridors isn’t always easy and it provides hours of fun without charge.

Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun

Straight from the golden age of gaming, Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun is one of the free games you can download and play on your computer. You need to apply a patch for it to work glitch-free.

Cube Escape Paradox

Good escape games are few and far between. Cube’s Escape Paradox follows the story of Dale Vandermeer who’s looking to get out of different universes. It combines game-film playing experiences similarly to games such as Fahrenheit.

Doki Doki Literature Club

If you love crosswords, this might be the game for you but with a twist. There are a few anime characters part of the game. To me, the game has little appeal but it’s still going strong in the gaming community.

Dota 2

With constant evolution and plenty of features to discover, Dota 2 is one of the excellent games when it comes to hours and thousands of hours of playing with thousands of other players online. Often called a multiplayer masterpiece, the game is going to be talked about even 20 years from now.

Elder Scrolls Arena

The 10th anniversary Elder Scrolls is available for free. You can run the game on all versions of Windows and it. The game needs no further introduction.

Everquest 2

The massive multiplayer gaming offers plenty of features and a large playing community. Solo, groups, and raid playing modes are possible in the game. If you like creatures in their thousands, it might be the right game to spend your time with.

Fallen London

The story-based web game looks into the London underworld. If you like British English, this is one of the games where you can practice their terminology. You can make a small fortune in the game while solving mysteries. You also escape in key areas of the city such as one the Watchmaker’s Hill.

Fallout Shelter

Shelter is one of the games which allows you to manage a virtual community while building up their homes. You can ensure the happiness of your community by proving them with jobs that allow them to live successful lives. You can excavate and build thousands of rooms while seeing your community populate these spaces.

Fistful of Frags

The skillful shooter game takes place in the Wild West. It prides itself with non-stop action. But I like it because of the scenes in the game which remind me of one of my favorite Desperados games. If you want to play with friends, you can gather 5 more people to get going with the non-stop action.


This game also doesn’t need any introduction. You can have endless battles with your friends in the Fortnite World. You can play both Battle Royale and Fortnite Creative for free. The game is highly addictive and I try to stay away from it to get work done.

Gotham City Imposters

Gotham city is out of control. You can join Batman’s friends to take control of the city with plenty of gear options. With plenty of guns to choose from and 1000 levels to go through, it can be an option for anyone who’s a Batman friend.


This first-person shooter game offers plenty of fun hours for those who like robots. Given you’re a type of cyborg running around, I’d say the game has good originality with good graphics as well. With multiple maps to choose from, it may keep you busy for weeks.


The worms clone is a fun game to play for a few minutes per day. It features various maps and those inspired from ancient Greece are those which I like the most. Still, the introduction of flying objects such as UFOs and airplanes gives it a bit of a twist.

Hero Academy

The cross-platform game can be one of the options if you want to play on Steam and iOs. The fighting options of the game are non-stop. However, it’s one of the PC games which have a short learning curve and you can quickly jump into action.


The minimalistic is a high-speed game with 12 unique enemies you have to shoot. Mostly played in the dark, it doesn’t stand out on graphics. However, the non-stop action will soon have you forget about low resolution.

Heroes & Generals

This free to play the multiplayer game is one that comes with very good graphics. You can add your friends to the game for a bit more fun at the office. I like the game a bit more than similar other releases based on its WWII European maps. A few planes from the era also make it a bit more realistic.

Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe

This WWII tactical shooter with RPG elements was released back in 2000 with no followup. With many levels and varied missions, it feels like it’s the type of game and can finish time and time again. However, controls might be difficult for the younger user today.

Horse Riding Tales

You can ride horses online with your friends. How cool is that? Girls can have hours of online fun with this simple game and the maps are cool as well. Castles aren’t missing from the game either.

Jagged Alliance Online

The game is free to play and it relies on your skills of staying hidden in the shadows before eliminating your enemies. Thousands of guns are available in the game and the maps are located around the world which changes up the atmosphere from one level to another.

Katawa Shoujo

This game is a choice-based release. You read various statements and options and you can answer according to your preferences. The result of all of this is thousands of options for endless dialogues which unfortunately can be boring at times even compared to the daily stand up meetings at work.

Kingdom of Loathing

The game is an option for the fun-loving player. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and this can be seen from the hand-drawn characters it comes with. However, humor and references to popular culture might make it an option to lose a few hours at work.

League of Legends

Made for both Windows and Mac, the multiplayer battle game is one of the most popular in the industry, with all of its versions. Custom maps allow players to consider any map with any combination of participants for more personal gameplay. In-game purchases are paid, however.


This game goes way back. While it was developed in 1991, it still comes up in my conversations. As a result, I think it’s worth giving it a shout out here. You have a few obstacles to overpass if you want to save your Lemmings. Make sure you clear all the obstacles in time to save your people.

Let It Die

The action-packed game takes place in 2026 A.D. after the mass destruction of the world. It seems like an expensive game for its free license. However, it’s pay to progress faster game but for the fans of the series, it might be worth it.

Mario Kart

Mario Kart is one of the classics which keeps you on the edge of the seat. It represents one of the most popular games of the series and it represents a must-play for fans of the little guy with a mustache. It’s now available for free in different versions on different websites.

Mechwarrior Online

The tactical online shooter is based on the large mechanized units called Battle Mechs. Since you have to fight for supremacy in the inner sphere, the game will keep you motivated for weeks.


The MMOFPS Warframe game is one of the best free PC games of the moment. It features an open-world map which gives the user a sense of freedom. It allows users to go into space and come back down. It also allows users to make a series of weapons such as crossbows. As a free license, it can’t be overlooked.

Guild Wars 2

Focusing on the journey and the experiences on the journey, Guild Wars 2 is another classic. It allows players to choose their profession which then dictates how wards are played. In time, players learn to master their profession and make the most out of the game by anticipating the movements of the opponent.

MU Legend

The dark fantasy game follows in the footsteps of the dungeon crawlers. But even as a free PC game, it’s not something many feel enthusiastic today as it’s filled with gaming clichés such as oversexed female characters and never-ending fantasy obsessions. Still, I have to admit playing it for hundreds of hours.

North and South

A step back in history takes us back to the days of the Civil War. This game was huge in the ’90s and if you like a good story, it might be the right choice. For those days, even the graphic is still fine as you’re transported in the groups of the Yankees and Confederates.

Not Tetris 2

As far as the best free PC games go, Not Tetris 2 is a very interesting choice. It follows in the footsteps of the revolutionary Tetris but it adds physics to the game. You can download and play the game on your PC and in short work breaks, it might be a bit easier to digest than a heavy fantasy game. You can still play like in the old days under Stack.


This classic is also a release gamers recommend among the PC games to be played for free today. Your role in the main seat is to guide your troops after landing on Notrium. It’s here you need to face unknown maps hidden in darkness as well as aliens who’re after you and your crew. There’s no time to waste trying to escape and conquer this new world.


The critically-acclaimed Neverwinter is an action-packed game. However, the game is not entirely free as you will need to make certain purchases. If you’re a fan of Dungeons and Dragons, it does offer a pleasant playing experience up to level 70. If you have a low-end laptop or a cheap office laptop, it might be just the game to choose from.


Outside might not be the best game to play if you’re working the night shift. However, it offers a very good story that is hard to overlook when it comes to the ultimate free horror PC games. Your role is to make it through the night and escape the region from a maniac out to kill you. Your first-person survival game is not the average free game as its atmosphere is realistic.

Path of Exile

The Path of Exile is another name that should be on your list. In the world of Wraeclast, you need to fight your way out of exile. Dominated by the theme of revenge, power, and freedom, it’s The Revenant of the action RPG world.

Pinball Space Cadet

Space Cade is the Pinball version of the popular 3-game series that also included Full Tilt and Dragon’s Keep. This makes it one of the reasonable options for true game classics and a solid performer when it comes to overall playing freedom. You can play this game freely for hours with no repeating sensation.

Planetside 2

The free first-person shooter PC game is a vividly-colored action-packed game. With shooting taking place across continents, it has that special feeling of being part of something bigger. Based on a rewards system, it unlocks various features keeping you motivated and hooked to the game, even if I like to have all the features of a game from the start.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Lite

If you’re a football fan you can’t go far without hearing about Pro Evolution Soccer. A simple version is available for free. Sure, it doesn’t have too many teams or too many playing modes, but you can play football and for some gamers, that’s all that’s needed. You may even purchase a controller but I prefer to play one or 2 games simply using my keyboard as I don’t have free time to get into the game.

Project Reality

If you’re a fan of the military, Project Reality can be a good free game. You need to download the installer and ensure there’s no Project Reality Battlefield 2 to avoid conflicts.

Puzzle Bobble

When you’re tired of Tetris, Puzzle Bobble can be a good alternative. Dealing with colored bubbles, the game offers plenty of fun hours of play keeping in mind it’s fairly simple. Among the best free PC games to download, you can also include Puzzle Bobble if you want a fun game without thinking too much about the gameplay.

Puzzle Pirates: Dark Seas

If you’re a fan of online puzzle games, Puzzle Pirates is now free and it offers hundreds of hours of fun playtime. You can sail the seas with your friends to unlock ships and levels. If you have experience in puzzle games, you’re going to feel right at home here.

Quake Live

Over 100 arenas are open to play in the true classic. If you want to play short 10-minute games with your colleagues at work, it’s the type of shooter that doesn’t require intense knowledge or secrets to have fun with. It’s going in and out the free to play Steam category and you need to keep an eye to catch it as a bargain.


This intense game comes with a few patches which fix the common errors it has on the PC. It features a fighting system where players need to go against each other. The victory gives access to new fighting gear.

Realm of the Mad God

Simple pixelated graphics can’t go far right? Well, this is not the case here as the game is often mentioned among the best free PC games of 2020, 2019, and 2018.


The free singleplayer and multiplayer shooter might only have personal significance for those who already played it. When it came out, it came with an open-source design.

Sensible Soccer 

Sensible Soccer remains the first soccer game I ever player and the first decent one ever made. Simple with a special atmosphere, it’s perfect for the short office lunch break.

Star Conflict Mesa

The dynamic MMO game includes a Unique sandbox mode. You can fight with other players and control new territories.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

You can redeem your free PC game version once per account. You can play along 60 levels building your alliance and choosing the friendships you trust during your adventure. It’s Star Wards, so there are galaxies in there as well.

Star Chef: Cooking & Restaurant Game

With millions of downloads, the game offers the 5-star restaurant running experience. It might be a simulator forgotten in history, but today, with restaurants and bars close to the pandemic it shows how important these businesses are.

Sven Coop

Originally based on Half-Life, the game offers a multiplayer experience for you and your team. It features many servers. For me, it was troublesome when I tried it as it only allowed LAN connectivity.

System Shock

As a hacker making a path his way in the corporate world, this game already sounds appealing to me. While I haven’t tried it myself, it’s been recommended a couple of times and I’ll give it a go when I have a couple of free days.

Team Fortress 2

If you don’t like online games, Team Fortress 2 might change your mind. Yes, there are thousands of online games you can join today. But this game is simply fun and this makes it very different. Game reviews show 94% very positive votes.


The 2D multiplayer platform shooter is another fun game you can still play today. Freely download it and begin the journey of jumping around the screen while shooting. Expect the moon to do weird stuff in this game.


The game allows you to play on your own or in a multiplayer mode. It has the makings of a classic. However, while many gamers still recommend it, the community around it is already very small and you should not have high hopes from this perspective.

Tetris 99

With a classic appeal, Tetris 99 has you playing aging 98 other online players. Download and play to see if you can outrank all of them.

The Battle for Wesnoth

The complex games is a turn-based strategy release worth having a look at. It has a few playstyles taking place in a day and night cycles. However, if you want to enjoy the game to its fullest you’ll need to create or join a multiplayer campaign.

The Button Affair

If you’re interested in a James Bond-style game you can consider The Button Affair as a free PC legacy releaser. Jumping through doors, walls, windows, and getting the girl are all the elements you can find in this release. Once finished, you can still enjoy the game’s soundtrack as it’s also free to download.

The Incredible Machine

This game remains one of my all-time office favorites. There are times when colleagues make their way to see how I manage to create new machines offering interesting tips and tricks. At some point, you also need to play this game with your kids as it’s like a puzzle but put in practice and based on physics.

The Settlers

The Settlers are back and mostly free. The fantastic game is a true inspiration for me, even if I played Zeus a bit more for its different appeal. Still, if you like building games and if you have the patience to see your community growing in a few weeks, it might just be the options on this list for you.

The Spirit Engine 1-2

The game is categorized as an adventure RPG. It has a simple story and 2D graphics compatible with most work laptops as it’s not a hardware-demanding release.

The Witcher III

Stories, quests, fights, good dialogues, and free horse armors are the norm in The Witcher III. If you want to save people over the baron, you need to take combat and choices seriously here. As you can recall, there are a few endings to this story. The replay value of the game is 10/10.


The game requires the player to fight opponents based on personal movements. You can design your movements and enjoy complete character control. Released in 2006, the game had an appeal even in a pre-Steam age.

TrackMania Nations Forever

Fast cars and a simple game to keep you occupied for hours. Expect frequent flying off the road.

Tribes: Ascend

The shooter comes as a popular free to play the game to spend a few hours with. It currently has around 67k downloads and the number is growing. It features 2 playing modes of capture the flag and classic deathmatch.

War of Tanks

If you’re into tanks you can now download the free Windows-compatible War of Tanks. The free PC game comes with a few different settings out of which I love the snowy fields fighting off other tanks.

War Thunder

War Thunder offers aircraft, tanks, warships, and 80 maps in historical battle locations. New vehicles and maps have been updated several times


Fast-paced and offering a good playing experience with good graphics, it can be a good choice for realistic playing. You can even play in known Chernobyl surroundings.


The open-world game has often been named as the best free PC game for online game fans. However, you can download it for free with several quests to follow. However, what I don’t like about it is that the game doesn’t tell you what to do next and you can lose hours and hours with it.


The game is a free shooter you can play on your PC fast-paced. You can jump, dodge, and even wall jump in crazy shooting action.


The tactics of the game require players to rebuild mankind after being nearly extinct. The graphics are limited, however.

World of Warplanes

If you’re interested in iconic airplanes from the USA, USSR, Japan, or Germany, this might be the right type of game for you. However, you need to download it and if your work PC has user limits set on it, you won’t be able to install it without a password administrator. Otherwise, it offers a nice flight simulator alternative.

World of Speed

If you’re a serious racer, you still have hope in the free PC games world. In fact, World of Speed is a very decent game with realistic cards that costs nothing to install.


The game has been described as an action-packed experience. It includes functions such as rewind. Its soundtrack is 10/10 as well.


Are all free to play PC games on Steam free?

Free to play games on Steam are mostly free of charge. Some levels might not be free as are some of the features of the games.

Can I play old games on the PC?

Most of the games mentioned here can be played on Windows-operated computers.

Will my office PC run free games?

Since most of these games are made a few years back, they work on laptops or office desktop computers.

Final considerations

While some of these releases are not the best free PC games, their popularity has put them in positions of dominance over the years. Among them, I’m sure you’ll find at least a few games to play at work and the best part is all are free of charge.