Best Lap Desks For Kids According to Parents

Only the best lap desks for kids can be considered by those who want proper support. Lap desks are more complex today. Just imagine your child sitting on the bed with a flimsy lap desk which mostly causes grievances. Your child wouldn’t have the ability to concentrate on such a desk. But the lap desks we recommend in this article are proven by parents whose reviews confirm their practicality.

1.     Saiji Lap Desk

As the most complex lap desk on the list, the Saiji is a design that is made for function. It comes with a desktop adjustable angle from 0 to 36 degrees. It also comes with height adjustability from 9.4” to 12.6”.

The materials on the desk are quite comfortable and even waterproof.

With a size of 23” x 12”, this is also one of the largest lap desks you can find at a cheap price. It still comes with impressive extras. One of them is the slide-out tray which can hold reading glasses and various pens.


  • Made with the adjustable desktop angle through locking clamps
  • Unique left-side drawer
  • Available in black and white


  • It uses PVC leather instead of real leather on the desktop
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2.     Neetto Lap Desk

If you’re a fan of classic wooden finish desktops, this lap desk might be right for you. It can also work for kids and teenagers who need that extra height and angle adjustability. Children can even use it with gaming laptops given it comes with a high weight capacity.

Supportive with laptops of up to 17”, it can be one of the classic choices to match classic children’s room furniture.

Parents also report using it for working while standing as it can be placed on top of a desk to add elevation for those who don’t like sitting.


  • 0 to 35 degrees desktop angle adjustments
  • Useful for laptops and tablets
  • It holds heavy gaming laptops


  • A bit bulky for small kids
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3.     HLHome Laptop Bed Desk

Made with an ergonomic design, the versatile laptop bed desk is among the few products with a front desktop cutout. For a small number of users, this means having the freedom to type a bit better on the laptop with a more natural wrist position.

But this stand is truly remarkable all in one solution as it even features 4 USB charging ports.

It can easily be used to keep your tablet or smartphone charged. Some even use these ports with USB lamps. With rounded corners, this lap desk is also one of the top choices for child-friendly design.


  • Made with a cup cutout
  • Includes USB charging ports
  • 88lbs weight capacity


  • Not desktop angle adjustment
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4.     Nnewante Drafting Table Laptop Desk

A wooden lap desk for kids is one of the leading designs for added durability. It also adds a bit of class to any work/study setup. It comes with multiple incline positions for the desktop which makes it quite versatile.

But it also comes with built-in bamboo legs you can easily adjust in 3 height positions.

With a front lip that prevents your laptop from slipping, it’s the type of converter desk for kids that is mostly addressed for those who can appreciate the finer things in life similar to the first lap desks.


  • Made from lightweight bamboo
  • 5 angles of incline
  • 3 height levels


  • No anti-slip coating
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5.     Mavo Craft Folding Lap Desk

This foldable plastic lap desk for kids is the right choice for durability. Available at the price of a few cups of coffee, it can be one of the real solutions you choose for your kids to move around the house themselves as it’s also lightweight.

The lap desk come s with a desktop opening which allows the little ones to store pens, paper, calculators, and all other accessories they need for studying.

Interestingly, the legs also fold flat underneath the lap desk. Once your children are done studying, you can simply slide it under a bed for storage.


  • Made from durable plastic
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Stores learning essentials


  • It feels cheap
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6.     ECR4Kids Portable Lap Desk

Made with a textured angled surface, this portable lap desk is made for sitting on the floor or the sofa rather than for sitting on the bed. You sit on one part and you write or study on the standing part.

Kids love this lap desk as it allows them to easily stand on it and have fun moving it around. Since it’s made out of plastic, it’s also easy to hold.

Made with non-toxic materials, it’s safe for kids of all ages. It even comes in more than 10 colors which makes it an excellent choice for the little ones to match their personality.


  • Highly affordable
  • Made from durable plastic
  • Fun to use


  • Only suitable for ages 6 and up
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7.     Foldable Lap Desk With Legs

This lap desk is recommended for kids who need to store multiple items in their workspace. You can add cups of tea, a smartphone, and even a tablet vertically on this table with legs.

Made with foldable legs, the lap desk for kids sits in place properly as these can lockout once in position. You can rest assured it won’t wobble like others which don’t come with a leg lock bracket.


  • Wide desktop at 23” x 15.5”
  • Included carry handle
  • Made with a non-slip surface


  • Heavy at 2.6kg
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8.     OPPIS Lap Desk

Made from solid MDF wood, this little lap desk is known for its wide working space. Your kids can easily place their laptops on it while sitting on the sofa to play or study. It still allows plenty of space for headphones, a mouse, and a notebook.

The primary benefit of this lap desk for kids apart from its size are its materials.

It can be considered by parents who want to match the desk with other MDF particleboard furniture. Most importantly, it can be used to relieve neck and shoulder pain from awkward sitting positions.


  • Large 60cm x 40cm desktop
  • It resembles real wood
  • Designed with foldable feet


  • Thin anti-slip covers on the feet
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Final words

Some of these best lap desks for kids are made with high-quality materials for a very low price. Since most are low-tech products, they don’t cost too much and you can’t go wrong with any of them. However, it’s recommended to choose a product your child will appreciate as complex lap desks with angle adjustment are the ones that kids have the least patience with.