7 Best Overbed Tables With Wheels and Storage [Possible Ikea Imitators]

Joy Overbed table is the best ovebed table on wheels. The overbed table fits king size and queen size beds with sufficient capacity to hold laptops, food trays, and other goods. This table is also height adjustable for the ultimate in-bed comfort.

Finding the best overbed tables on casters isn’t easy. There are thousands of products to choose from but many can be wobbly, poorly built, or complicated to use. Without wheels, these overbed tables would be very complicated to move above the bed as two people would need to lift it and place it in its final position.

What can an over the bed table be used for?

Known as hospital tables, overbed tables can be used by those with a medical condition who can’t get out of bed. If you suffer from a spine condition, leg condition, or any other health issues that prevent you from freely moving around, it can be one of the smartest purchases to limit the dependability on others.

  • Eating

The first use of a hospital table is holding meals so that patients can eat. In almost all cases, eating is a sign of recovery and having the ability to grab a quick bite without much effort is ideal. Alternatively, overbed tables with cup holders can be used to eat in comfort at home even if you’re perfectly healthy but just a bit lazy.

  • Working

Tables that go over the bed are also ideal for late morning or late evening working. They offer sufficient support even for the heaviest laptops so that you can catch up with emails or other urgent work-related tasks.

  • Reading

These specialized tables for beds are also useful for reading. You can rely on them for multiple reading sessions per week as many even feature an angle adjustable tabletop to hold your books, e-reader, tablet, or laptop. Most adjust up to 80 degrees.

Features to look for in an overbed table

An overbed table on casters is a simple product that can become a bad one mainly when unstable or when complicated to use. In broad terms, here’s what you need to look out for when it comes to the best products.

  • Height adjustability

Without adjustable height, your table might not even go over the top of the bed. Fixed height overbed tables aren’t the best choice especially since you aren’t sure you can fit comfortably underneath them.

  • Casters or wheels

Casters are ideal when it comes to moving the overbed table in all directions. It might even make the table used for all other chores around the bedroom. You can even use one as a computer desk as long as you can move it easily in any direction. Wheels only go back and forth and this mainly anchors the table to the edge of your bed.

  • Weight capacity

Most overbed tables are made with the measured weight capacity. An average overbed table has a weight capacity of 300ls when sitting on 4 legs and 40lbs when sitting on 1 leg with casters that slide under the best.

  • Room for accessories as laptops or smartphones

Apart from all of the food, books, and laptops you might need in bed, a smartphone, headphones, and magazines are also good to have nearby. Ideally, you should consider all of the products you need before you purchase so that you get the best overbed table for you, with or without storage.

The following over the bed tables are made by small and large companies. All of them are already successful and most importantly, practical. They are backed by warranty and they can be moved by a single person, which can be helpful when you’re buying one for your elder parents, as an example. Otherwise, all of them ship in a box and you need to assemble them. This is something to consider when buying them as a gift for seniors. Without further delays, here are the leading overbed tables you can order online.

1.       Joy Overbed Table with Wheels Reviewed – Best Overbed Table With Wheels

The best overbed table with wheels comes from Joy furniture manufacturer. This table that goes over the bed on casters is arguably the most aesthetically-pleasing and practical solution to use at home. It features an elegant design, excellent functionality, and it allows you to lie in bed whenever you want. Alternatively, you can use it as a medical overbed table.

Here at StandorSit.com, we appreciate tables and desks that adjust by height the most. This is why Joy’s best overbed table is our first choice. It adjusts vertically from a minimum of 40 inches to a maximum of 46 inches. You need to measure your bed from the floor and up to the mattress top ensuring you have enough leg clearance for it to fit.

These large and best overbed tables with wheels king size fans love are perfect for eating, writing, and even working on multiple laptops at once. The backing can also be installed on it if you think your smartphone, tablet, or plates are going to slide off.

Its casters are also some of the best we’ve seen. You shouldn’t worry if you have hardwood floors at home as this is the type of over the bed table with casters that don’t leave marks. They even lock in places so that your table doesn’t bump into the bed when moving. This is one of those small but powerful pros of the table.

If you haven’t used one before, we simply recommend pulling and pushing it from the cutout handlebar in the middle of the table. This way you can move it around easier instead of moving one side and then the other side.


  • Ideal for eating, writing, and seniors
  • It doesn’t look like medical overbed tables, ideal for stubborn seniors
  • Highly practical as a normal table when its casters are locked


  • Limited 40lbs maximum weight capacity
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2.     TigerDad Overbed Table Reviewed – Best Metal Overbed Table

This desk table is height adjustable and it can be recommended for those with spine, coccyx, and leg issues as it can also be used by those who want to work from home while in bed.

One of its most considerable advantages is its size. It fits over king size and queen-sized beds which makes it ideal for almost any bedroom. Sitting on casters, it simply slides over the bed for easy use.

Its height adjustment is manual, but this isn’t a considerable problem given its height is mainly going to stay the same once you find the perfect level. 2 screws on each side of the bed hold the table up. You unscrew the knobs by hand and you elevate the table to the height you need. This is a 2-man operation for most seniors.

The height adjustment range is generous as well. It raises from 25.6 inches to 37.4 inches which makes it highly attractive for several users, including those who are overweight.

The bed also features a main tabletop platform with a length of 47.2 inches. It allows you to place a laptop on it, drinks, and even food as the surface is still generous, similar to the standard length of a desk.

With a metal frame, it comes with a high weight capacity. It easily holds up to 350lbs which makes it ideal for heavy loads. Some even use it as a laptop overbed table for children due to its adjustability.

Based on adjustable height and a sturdy metal frame, this best overbed table is ideal for frequent use. Those who need it daily are going to appreciate its functionality over aesthetics the most.


  • Durable metal frame inspired by hospital bed tables
  • Available on black and oak
  • It uses a 15mm sturdy MDF board


  • Not as elegant as all-wood adjustable overbed tables
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3.     Zerodis Overbed Table Reviewed – Best Overbed Table With Storage

This adjustable overbed table on wheels comes with elegant MDF boards on a metal frame. The overbed table with storage allows you to store magazines, TV remotes, smartphones, or headphones next to you without even leaving the bed. There’s small storage hatched attached to the table and if you’re the type of person who needs quick access to multiple objects, this can be just the right choice for you.

Designed with lockable casters, the overbed table shines when it comes to ease of use. Its lightweight metal frame allows you to easily push it around the bedroom as needed.

But the biggest advantage of this table is how its MDF natural wood look appears. It seems like it’s more expensive, and this is never a bad sign. For most users, its tabletop is also quite versatile. You can place a laptop on it and adjust it by angle. There are even cutouts for smartphones so that your phone never slides off the table.


  • It adjusts from 23.6 inches to 35.4inches in height
  • Adjustable overbed table length from 47inches to 74 inches
  • High 330lbs weight capacity


  • No USB charger
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4.       Komorebi Overbed Table Review – Best Overbed Table for Laptops

The Komoreby overbed table is ideal for laptops. It allows you to use a laptop at different angles with its adjustable tabletop. It can be one of the main attractions of the bedroom as it allows you to work and play on your laptop without getting out of bed.

It is also an overbed table with a cup holder to prevent accidents. The tilt-top overbed table is ideal for those working in bed or for people who can’t get out of the bed due to a medical condition. As a bed table on wheels for such uses, it features a sturdy metal frame and durable lockable casters.

Its main advantage is that it doesn’t feature a tilt angle for the entire tabletop. Instead, it features a cutout laptop or tablet mount with angle adjustability that you can use while still keeping a plate on snacks nearby at a flat angle. The height-adjustable overbed table is made from particleboard.


  • Made with a cutout tabletop for laptops
  • Included cup holder
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not available in multiple colors
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5.       Outdoor Doit Overbed Table Review – Best copycat Ikea Overbed Table for Hospitals

An Ikea overhead table might be a bit more difficult to buy today. The Ikea Malm overbed table isn’t found today in most Ikea stores, but you can buy a copycat that looks exactly like an Ikea design from Outdoor Doit.

Made from thickened faux wood, this heavy-duty overbed table is ideal for long-term use. If you’ve even made a DIY overbed table, you know that wooden adjustable designs aren’t easy to manufacture. This is why this table comes with a fixed length as you can only adjust its height. But at a length of nearly 70 inches, it holds sufficient distance to slide over a king-size bed. For adjustable tables for the elderly, you can look at laptop-capacity designs which tend to have the best space for customization.

You can choose this table if you value the design. Since it looks as good as a real wood table, you can even use it as a standing desk or as a simple decorative desk in your bedroom when not in use.


  • It looks like an Ikea overbed table
  • High 350 pounds weight capacity
  • Spacious tabletop


  • It doesn’t feature drawers
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6.       Vaunn Medical Adjustable Tilt Overbed Bedside Table  Review – Best Overbed Table for Hospitals

If you’re after a practical and adjustable medical overbed table, you need to consider this Vaunn design. This table is very easy to use, it slides right under the bed with its casters allowing its tabletop to sit above the bed. As a medical overbed table, it can be used at home in certain conditions.

The rolling bed table comes with an adjustable table to portion, ideal for reading books or for using a laptop. It also has a fixed tabletop area ideal for meals.

Overbed table for patients tend to be made from hardened materials, but it can be the best-overbed table for easy use as there’s a simple knob that allows you to tilt the tabletop.

Hospital bed trays on wheels also look very similar. In this case, the tray also supports easy reading from a sitting position on the bed.

Ideally, this can be used by pregnant women and by those who can’t get out of bed. As a medical bedside table, it is also easy to clean which is a must, especially for seniors who like to spill drinks or food. Some even use it as a hospital table with storage where the fixed part of the tabletop is used to store things you need close by at all times such as medication or water to take the medication with.


  • It only weighs 26lbs
  • 40 pounds maximum weight capacity
  • Made with a tilting top


  • Not available in different colors
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7.       Seville Classics Airlift 30” Review – Best Hospital Bedside Table

Seville classics is the pure winner for the best medical bedside table or the best medical bedside desk with height adjustability. It uses a durable gas spring and given its high-quality materials, it is our recommended choice for exclusive hospital use, space where durable materials are needed for intense use with multiple patients.

With a weight of just 40lbs, nurses can easily move it around next to a patient’s bed. Adjusting it only takes seconds, unlike with most other overbed tables. This hospital bedside table that goes over the bed is easily height adjusted by pressing a lever to activate the gas lift and raise or lower the tabletop.

This medical-grade hospital overbed table is designed with water-resistant materials. It resists constant cleaning with disinfectants as well as accidental food spills. Its smart design also features beveled edges so there’s no risk of patients hurting themselves.


  • Adjusts by height with a gas cylinder
  • Designed for hospitals
  • Its castors can slide under the bed


  • None
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With such a great number of good options, the purchasing decision becomes easier. Make sure you remember to clear the floors in the room to avoid any accidents around the house either when using the overbed table yourself or when offering it as a gift. If you’re going for the Seville Classics overbed table to use in a hospital, make sure you check the hospital’s policy to see if you can bring your overbed table.


What are bed tables called?

Bed tables are called overbed tables or hospital tables. They were first used in hospitals where the casters needed to slide under the patient’s bed so that the table would sit above the patient unable to get out of the bed.

Why does the hospital adjust tables?

Hospitals adjust tables for the height of each bed so that patients can feed themselves easily without getting out of bed.

Are wheels needed for an over the bed table?

Yes, wheels are a must for an overbed table for easy sliding.

What is the difference between wheels and casters?

Wheels typically move on one axis while casters move in all directions. While wheels are largely independent, casters also include the mounting bracket or the top (metal) piece which attaches to a base.

How much weight do you need your overbed table to hold?

Your overbed table needs to hold around 300lbs if you want to store more than a plate of food on it. Most of overbed tables have up to 350lbs maximum weight capacity.