Fezibo Standing Desk – Why the Reviews Praise It?

Without a doubt, a Fezibo standing desk review is going to surprise many readers. This desk is one of the most affordable electric standing desks you can find but it offers the most rewards of its expensive alternatives.

The Fezibo standing desk is available in multiple sizes. You can find it in 40, 48, 53, 55, and 63 inches. With varying tabletop lengths, you can ensure you get just the right size for you. Those with the free space for it are always going to go for one of its larger options.

Fezibo standing desk review with features pros and cons

Made with a particleboard desktop, this standing desk is also available in a splice board option combining black and natural wood-looking materials. This is the only real area of the desk that doesn’t feel premium as there’s no solid wood to count on. However, solid wood standing desks are typically at least 3 times more expensive.

For this review, the particleboard desktop is going to remain undiscussed as it’s neither good nor bad, it resembles the ones you can find in almost all other brands. You either like it or you triple your budget for something more expensive.

Assembling the Fezibo standing desk

It takes around 20-30 minutes to assemble the Fezibo standing desk. You assembly it upside down so that its feet are on the tabletop. Directions can be misleading as the electronic control panel can appear on the right side of the paper when you have to mount it on the left side. But you simply take this into account to route the cables from the opposite direction.

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Fezibo standing desk features

  • Adjustable height from 28.3 top 46 inches
  • Spliced tabletop – 2 sections you need to put together
  • Maximum weight capacity of 176lbs
  • Included swivel lockable casters
  • Included desk hooks for headphones and other accessories
  • Shipped with a cable management tray
  • Made with a pull out drawer
  • A choice of particleboard and bamboo tabletops

A stable desk that works

The biggest question you might have at this point is if Fezibo best is worth it. This desk is stable and it moves up and down steadily. It also has all of the extras you’d have to pay for separately from other companies. Yes, the Fezibo desk is worth it.

One of the biggest advantages of the adjustable desk from Fezibo is that it uses proven motors you can find in other similar products. Its high weight capacity works for a few monitors and even for a printer. All of these are real benefits when it comes to everyday use.

At the same time, the standing desk can easily be considered to improve posture. Your body doesn’t know if you’re using a cheap or an expensive standing desk and as a result, your posture gains will be as visible with this desk as with its expensive premium standing desk alternatives.

The extras are worth it

Other smaller good reasons to buy the desk are its accessories. Almost all other standing desk brands ask for extra investment and to buy these separately.

  • Swivel casters

Its swivel casters are easily the desk’s most important accessories. These allow you to move your desk freely through any room. If you have hardwood floors or tile, it will slide easily. Even on the thin carpet, these swivel casters are a big deal. Just imagine how important it is to move the desk through the day as the sun goes down and the light changes in your office room.

  • Cable management tray

A cable management tray is offered with the desk. It allows you to have all of your monitor cables together which is useful when trying to create a tidy working place. With desk lamp cables, laptop cables, and other multiple cables, it can easily become overwhelming and you can pay up to $80 with other standing desk brands to purchase it separately.

  • Desk hooks

Desk hooks are also shipped in a box. You can rely on these to hang your headphones or a sports coat. At the same time, all of those who love using balance boards for standing can hang them on these included hooks,

  • Pull-out drawer

A textile pull-out drawer is an appreciated extra that’s also included in the pack. It gives you the freedom you need when it comes to keeping pens, paper, cables, chargers, etc. All of these are out of your sight so that your desk is finally free of clutter.

Fezibo standing desk error codes

I also want to touch upon a few issues this desk might have. One of them is that its tabletop needs to be assembled by you as it comes in 2 pieces. But its error codes might also trouble you if you don’t know how to deal with them.

Er3 is one of its famous errors. Your standing desk is stuck, it can’t go up and down even after you unplug it. You need to press and hold both the up and down direction arrows at the same time for the error to clear.

An inexpensive way to start standing

This inexpensive standing desk can become even more practical. You can get a Fezibo single or dual monitor desk mount stands to help you get your display higher and to start working in an ergonomic position. The Fezibo standing mat is also useful. Alternatively, if you don’t have space for a full standing desk, you can go with the Fezibo standing desk converter.

But owning a full standing desk at a fair price for the first time is going to bring up brands such as Fezibo. Its products are versatile and while they lack the hardwood tabletop options, they make up in usability and number of accessories. Simply put, there’s no other deck that offers so many accessories without also coming with a high price tag.

Ergonomic posture is all that matters with this desk. It might not be the last standing desk you get, but it can be a top choice to rely on for years to come. Some of the company’s products are backed by a 10-year warranty which makes Fezibo standing desk a futureproof choice.