Gaming Desk For Couples – Ideas to Double The Fun For Two

A gaming desk for couples can be built for $297. Wooden desktops start at $47. Gaming chairs start at $123. LED strips and floor mats can cost at least $70. Two versatile monitor stands complete the gaming desk for couples with a cost of $200.

Couples might not feel inclined to choose an all-in-one desk as most people see gaming desks as designs for a single user. But with a bit of creativity, there are a few setups which couples can love. If you want to see a few examples, skip down to the bottom of the article to get inspired for your couples gaming desk setup.

Why choose a gaming desk for couples

A gaming desk four couples is not going to be cheap. It can cost twice as much as a regular desk but the good news is this type of setup looks more impressive and for many gamers, it also creates a unique gaming space. Here are other benefits of using a gaming desk for couples.

  • Extra space

The storage capacity of a large desk is impressive. Most recommended solutions below are actually in the range of 200cm in length, which means there’s sufficient room for monitors, speakers, and other accessories.

  • Keeping things organized

Getting 2 gaming desks can create more clutter and lose valuable space inside a room. This is only one of the reasons why a gaming desk for couples is keeping things organized.

  • Better cable management

Cables and more cables! Keep them organized with a desk for couples instead of having to work twice as much to keep them out of the way.

  • Style wins

In terms of aesthetics, a couples gaming desk setup looks better. Even single gamers use them at times, as seen from the examples below.

  • Shared couple of DIY experience

Many gaming desks for couples can be built from scratch. The DIY experience is great for couples as it is another activity which can bring the couple closer.

DIY gaming desks for couples

There are two main ways of setting up a gaming desk for couples. Purchasing all components separately can be cheaper. However, its rarely the case anymore, especially with rising costs of solid wood desktops. But for this article, let’s have a look at what can be achieved for couples, apart from actually putting 2 gaming desks next to each other.

Desktops (tabletops) are where gaming desks for couples are won and lost

A bit of creativity can lead to unique gaming desks for couples. Even if desktops are now more expensive, they can all look similar. This is why shopping in other isles can come with huge rewards. For example, a countertop is large enough to support two users and it also looks very different from what is currently seen in many gaming desk setups.

Option #1 – mid-range – IKEA Karlby

Let’s take the IKEA Karlby for example. Made from natural wood and veneer, the countertop has an impressive size of 98” or 249cm by 25”. There’s plenty of room for 2 gamers and even 3 monitors on this counter. It can be matched with any IKEA feet or other stands which come with a width of up to 25”.

Cost: $206.10 | Get it here on Amazon

Option #2 – premium – Forever Joint Tops Walnut countertop

this is how the Walnut countertop for a couples’ desk looks like

This impressive countertop is something couples would fall in love with quickly. Made from walnut strips, it has a unique look. Most importantly, it measures 96” by 26”. This means it is one of the longest solutions in its class. It can be coupled with legs or drawer units remarkably well as a result.

Cost: $825 | Get it here on Amazon

Option #3 – low cost

Not all couples want to splash out on the most expensive countertop for their gaming desk setup. In this case, IKEA might have a few affordable options with the same minimalistic look characterizing the brand. The IKEA Linnmon has a length of 78” (200cm) and a width of 23”. The particleboard is a suitable solution for those on a tight budget but since it’s not made from solid wood, it would need an extra supportive leg right in the middle.

Cost: $49 | Get it here on Amazon

Feet or drawer units

For such long wooden desktops, the feet should offer plenty of support, even right down the middle. However, drawer units can also be used instead of feet, for more practical experience. Let’s have a look at what can be done with all budgets.

Option #1 – affordable feet

The Action Club 28” metal feet are a basic option to hold the countertop in place. The matte black finish looks elegant and nobody will even know that the feet were as affordable as $37. 4 legs and mounting screws are included in the pack, although an additional leg is needed for most setups in the middle of the desk. Get them here on Amazon.

Option #2 – mid-range feet

With an industrial design, the 28” Hairpin Legs offer an elegant support solution. Made from pure steel, these legs are sure to last a long time. At the bottom of the feet, users will also find faux leather protection, suitable against those annoying and inevitable trips. Get them here on Amazon.

Option #3 – high-end drawer units

the drawer units can replace the legs of the gaming desk for couples

Drawer units are a great combination with most types of gaming desk countertops for couples. Placing one on each side results in extra storage space for both gamers. Couples can benefit from the unique look of such a setup as well. It makes the gaming desk a suitable space to use as an office desk as well. The 27 1/2” IKEA drawer unit is easy to assemble. Its all-white construction is a good match for any color countertop. It works well with contrasting desktops such as black or brown options. It may even work with natural wooden desktop looks.

There are 2 ways of installing a desktop on these drawers. We recommend adding a small space on the top which allows couples to enjoy a higher setup. The BQLZR stainless steel feet are adjustable and they can be used to space out the countertop from the drawer units.  But the desktop can also be installed directly on the drawer units for those who prefer a lower gaming position. Get it here on Amazon.

Gaming chairs

Gaming desks for couples still need good gaming chairs. The options are endless and they cover all possible budgets, from $100 to $1.000. Since this is a dream setup, premium gaming chairs are recommended for those who want to enjoy the ultimate comfort.

Alongside the gaming desk, any of the Secretlab’s Omega gaming chairs can be a good addition. The Titan PU leather gaming chair from the Omega series is sure to be a hit. Its ergonomic design reminds of race car seats and with a leather cover, the chairs are also easy to clean. Made with high backrests, they also allow couples to lay back and relax after a long day of gaming. All Secretlab gaming chairs ship in a box and they need to be assembled at home. All assembly tools are already included in the pack.

Floor pads

Which gaming desk setup for couples can be complete without floor pads? Protecting the floor is essential since many casters simply scratch wooden surfaces easily. But what is a fair price for a floor pad? Depending on materials, this varies from $30 to $100. But who would spend so much on a floor pad? The solution is somewhere in-between.

The FlorPad Chill zone is perfect for him and the FlorPad Fury is perfect for her. The gaming desk for Mr. and Mrs. is complete with these elegant solutions. Each of these FlorPads costs $59.99. For both of them, gamers would pay $120. Both flor pads are made with slip resistance so this means there are no accidents to worry about when reclining the gaming chair. Get them here on Amazon.

Ready-made gaming desks for couples

Not many expect gaming desk for couples to be anything else than DIY projects. But shopping around can come with its benefits and ready-made solutions are found, but not exactly in the gaming section.

Balt makes integrated classroom furniture. One of its products is called the Productive Furniture and it represents a solution for two users with pull-out keyboard trays and a central locker with keys. In its 72” version, it suits the needs of gamers. However, its 23” height means that the desk is mainly suitable for shorter couples. Couples would need to pay $970 for the Productive desk.

Cool accessories for gaming desks that couples will love

The accessories for a cool gaming desk are practically endless. They can include speakers, headphones, keyboards and desk lamps. However, we’re only going to look at LED lights and monitor support as the most other goods can be purchased in the future to limit the upfront cost of the setup.

Gaming desks for couples and cheap LED strips

The Amir LED strips are available in 30-LED and 60-LED options. Both are easily installed and USB-powered. Interestingly, they come with remote control operation. For a gaming setup, couples can use it to add that extra cool factor as well as to add some light around the desk.

Monitor stands

A monitor stand is not required but it allows some level of angle versatility. It should mainly be used to improve posture at the desk. For $87, couples can purchase the AmazonBasics 32” stand. The arm extends, retracts and rotates for the ultimate level of adjustability. It is fixed right on the backside of the countertop.

Final considerations and prices

The cheapest setup with the low budget options above starts at $297, without the gaming chairs. With a premium Ikea Walnut countertop and with the gaming chairs, the setup ends up costing more than $2.000. Let’s have a look at some examples of how these setup pieces fall together once fully assembled.


*This setup is a perfect example of how the Ikea drawer units can work together with an elegant walnut countertop.


an example of what a large countertop can hold


the Ikea drawer units in action again

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