Office Hammock Chair Instructions – How To Install It In 30 Minutes

Office hammock chair instructions cover 3 installation methods. Beams, walls and ceilings instructions are the most common as they are solid structures to hold any weight. A drill is needed for two of them while the office hammock may be installed on a beam with no power tools.

If you’re already tired of the same old office furniture, an office hammock can be a great alternative. This is why this article looks at the office hammock chair instructions for all popular methods of installation. But where do you install a hammock in the office? Communal areas are normally the place where hammocks are hanged. Some of them have no desks to work on while others can be hanged right next to a small or large office desk as well. Regardless if you’re working at a desk, reading or simply taking a break from standing or sitting on the same old office chair, this is how you install an office hammock.

Office hammock chair instructions – beam, wall and ceiling installation options

An office hammock needs an anchor point somewhere above your height. Ideally, this would be a point on a ceiling. However, in some cases, hammocks can be hanged off a wall. Of course, there are a few pros and cons to each of these plans.

Office hammock installed on a ceiling beam


  • May require no tools at all
  • Allows full 360 hammock rotation
  • Can be moved easily


  • Requires an accessible ceiling beam
  • The beam needs to support the user’s weight

Office hammock hanged off a wall


  • Simple installation with no ladder in most cases
  • Can hold heavy loads
  • Saves space in the office


  • Requires drilling
  • Needs a supportive wall

Office hammock hanging off the ceiling


  • Allows hammock height adjustments
  • The same anchor can hold different hammocks
  • Can be installed in many locations around the office


  • Needs proper drilling
  • Unsafe if not installed properly

Installing an office hammock chair from a ceiling beam

Installing the office hammock from a ceiling beam is very easy. Of course, you need a metal or a wooden beam for this process.

  1. Test out the beam

The first thing you do is to test your weight on the beam. You can do this by hanging off it for a few minutes. You can also talk to the building’s administrator who should know the weight resistance of the beams.

  1. Install the rope

You can simply throw the rope over the beam in equal parts to the left and the right. You should also tie a knot right below the beam to keep it in place.

  1. Pass the thread through the dowel

Some type of wooden piece is now needed to hold the hammock in place. Normally situated above the textile sitting area, it comes with a few holes. You need to ass the rope through the dowel.

  1. Insert the fabric of the hammock and pass it back through the dowel

The fabric is normally held in place on each end by the rope itself. It’s time to insert both ends of the rope through the hammock’s fabric.

  1. Pass it back through the dowel

You can now pass the ends of the rope back through the dowel, creating the height of the hammock right for you. The rope is tied with a knot at the end to keep it in place. Test it out and feel free to use it.

Hanging an office hammock chair off the wall

Hanging an office hammock off the wall will need a bit more power and a power tool such as a drill. You can borrow one from the building’s administrator or the administrator can drill the hole for you.

  1. Find a wall and use a stud finder

A wall is needed for the operation. Make sure there are no studs before starting to drill. Mark the right height for your office hammock.

  1. Pre-drill with a small bit

Using a small drill bit, you can start making a small hole in the wall looking for wood, metal is not sustainable.

  1. Drill a hole

Using a 5/16” drill bit, you can drill a hole for a standard 3/8” eye bolt. Drill through wood only.

  1. Install the eye bolt

The eyebolt can be installed with simple turning movements. Screw it into position with a large screwdriver through the loop towards the end where it gets more difficult.

  1. Hang the hammock

You can now hang the hammock using the eye bolt.

Installing an office hammock chair from the ceiling

A similar procedure applies when installing an office hammock from the ceiling.

  1. Find the ceiling joist

You will need to pre-drill to find the ceiling joist. You will need to drill in a line for a few times before you find it.

  1. Drill the hole for the eye bolt

You can now make the permanent drill for the hammock’s eye bolt.

  1. Install the eye bolt

You can now screw the eye bolt in. In case you don’t have the strength for it, you can use a thin metal piece such as a screwdriver or a thin pipe to screw it into position.

  1. Hang the hammock

You can now safely hang your hammock on the ceiling.

A few quick tips on office hammock chair instructions to remember

  • Always measure the hammock’s height before you start drilling
  • Remember the hammock will stretch a bit when you sit on it
  • The hammock should be at least 2 feet off the ground
  • Always pre-drill ¼” holes
  • If you purchase a third-party eye bolt, make sure it can handle your weight
  • Before drilling, make sure the beam or the ceiling joist can hold your weight
  • Never install your hammock next to a fire hazard

Final words

Installing an office hammock chair is not too complicated. These office hammock chair instructions are here to prove it. However, you will need a supportive beam and a power drill for the process. Since there are thousands of office hammock chairs to consider, they might look different, but most are installed via an eye bolt.

One frequent mistake made during the installation process comes with the actual height of the hammock. You need to determine just how high you want to be off the ground, especially if you place the hammock chair next to a desktop computer to work.


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