The Best Standing Desks For Short People And Why They’re Worth It

If you are below 5’8”, you need to a standing desk that descends under 25”. Most standing desks only descend to 28”. Women or men with an average height of 5’4” can even comfortably use a height of around 24”. But only the best standing desks for short people can offer such a low level of desk surface adjustability.

If you’re a short person, you need a desk that has a short minimum height. The problem here is there are just a small number of these desks, regardless of your budget. You can even be willing to spend $1,000 on such a desk and be completely out of luck.

The best standing desks for short people – Here’s are your solutions

After researching all major standing desk brands, I concluded you won’t find a good option easily. Since not everybody has time for a custom-made desk, the following options are the main routes you can take if you want to work standing with a desk surface that is at the right level without having to close the angle of your elbows when holding the mouse or typing at the keyboard.

1.       Seville Classics Airlift Pro S3

I was always a fan of Seville Classics. Most of their products are truly smartly designed. But the Airlift Pro S3 standing desk is the real bread and butter of those seeking a low height standing desk.

The minimum height on the Airlift Pro S3 standing desk is 25.6 inches. This is already a bit better than the average alternative (anywhere between 28 and 30”).

With a lower minimum height, shorter people can work standing as well. The ergonomics of this desk is what matters most but we’ll also go over a few of its other top characteristics as you might be getting a very good deal on it.

There’s an elegant 54” X 28” wood top that comes with the desk. It’s a single-piece surface that is perfect for easy cleaning. On the right side of the top, you find the height adjustment presets, as with most height-adjustable desks.

But the desk might also be a good purchase if you love long warranty office products. It gets 7 years warranty for all of the non-electric parts and a 2-years warranty for its motor..Find it here on Amazon.

Why buy it?

  • A low minimum height of 25.6”
  • It keeps your elbows at 90-100 degrees
  • Long warranty
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2.       Vari Electric Standing Desk 60

The Varidesk Standing Desk 60 is another very good option if you can’t comfortably reach a regular-height adjustable desk. It is also a budget option for a premium brand. Vari is popular and it might have good resale value. From the start, you need to know that its top surface is not made from real wood. If this isn’t an issue for you, the desk is not going to disappoint.

It has a minimum height of 25.5” which also places it as on our list of recommendations. While it expands to 50.5”, it might just be one of the desks that cover a wide adjustability range and which may also work in offices with multiple users.

With a weight capacity of 200lbs, it sits just in the average range of the market. There are 4 programmable heights to choose from and they are backed by LED digits to that you can see them in the evening as well. Find it here on Amazon.

Why buy it?

  • A low minimum height of 25.5”
  • Available in different colors
  • Extremely sturdy for the price
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3.       Direction Electric Height Adjustable Standup Desk Frame

Short persons deal with a lot of issues finding suitable everyday products. From clothing to shoes, it takes a bit of research to find them. For many of them, even a 25” desk is a bit too much. In this case, creativity is going to be key. You can find a standing desk frame and add a tabletop for a partially-custom sit-stand working alternative.

A good place to start is right with Direction Electric’s standing desk frame. It has a minimum height of 23”! This is an incredible alternative that might make the difference in terms of ergonomics. The key here is to go with a thinner tabletop to take full advantage of the short minimum height.

The advantage of such a low deck height for short people is in posture, especially for the upper body. Your spine can finally sit in a natural upright position. You will even feel better, especially if you work at the desk all day.

There is 4 height presets you can count on for a bit more adjustability. It might also be wise to choose a premium tabletop to also make it look a bit more special. Since the frame comes on silver, black, and white, you can go with a natural wood tabletop. Find it here on Amazon.

Why buy it?

  • Very low 23” minimum height
  • Advantageous for DIY projects
  • Made from robust metal
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4.       ErgoMax Height Adjustable Ergonomic Standing Workstation

With a minimum height of 24.8”, the standing workstation is another good option for shorties. It raises to 55” and it can be a good computer desk to use at home if shared with your spouse as well.

Made from durable steel, the standing desk is among your top choices if you also want to work while seating on a comfortable ergonomic chair.

It also has 225 lbs weight capacity which means you can add any tabletop or poly top you like. Most users go with one of Butcher Block countertops from birch or maple. Find it here on Amazon.

Why buy it?

  • Low minimum height
  • 3 height presets
  • Compact at 60 X 23.8 X 50 inches
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5.       Haiaojia Electric Stand up Desk Frame

This dual-motor standing desk frame features a minimum height level of 25.2”. It also features a higher 270lbs load capacity.

But you’d be looking to purchase it over Direction Electric’s frame mainly for its USB ports. It features 2 USB charging slots you can rely on to keep your smartphone fully charged.

When buying this standing desk, you also benefit from a high-quality product. It meets ANSI and BIFMA standards. Most importantly, it’s backed by a comprehensive 5-years warranty. Find it here on Amazon.

Why buy it?

  • A low desk height with USB charging ports
  • It only weighs 70lbs
  • Designed with 3-stage lifting
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Final words on the best standing desk for a short person

Naming the best standing desk for short people is easy. The Seville Classics’ is a must-have for most people. However, you’ve seen among the standing desks listed above that you can also find a 23” standing desk. These adjustable desks are perfect for short users who struggle to find an ergonomic working position on the most standing desk which simply won’t go below 28-30”.