Top 6 Office Chairs Without Wheels

The best office chairs without wheels often look better but they don’t scratch hardwood floors either. The problem is not many brands make such chairs today. If you need the best chair without wheels, you need to look at Amazon’s line of products as well as a few other lesser-known brands as the big players in the industry tend to overlook them.

Why buy office chairs without wheels?

If you haven’t used an office chair without wheels before, you need to know it comes with different benefits as the following.

Avoid scratches on wooden floors

Since there are no plastic casters to scratch your floors, these wheel-less chairs are amazing on hardwood floors. You don’t want to damage these wooden surfaces and most chair legs are finished with rubber insertions to protect such delicate surfaces.

Sit safely on raised platforms

Raised platforms are common in certain offices. In such cases, a chair with wheels is not going to be safe. You need a chair that sits in a place like one without wheels.

Avoid chair wobble

Almost all office chairs with wheels are wobbly or at least they move around. For some users, this is not an issue. For all others, the following designs are better alternatives.

1.       Yeleo Office Chair

We like Yeleo’s Office Chair because it comes with no wheels. It uses a simple bent metal frame to support the seatpan. But there’s more to this chair than just eliminating its wheels. For example, it has the right ergonomic construction.

There’s a rounded backrest on the chair that supports your lumbar area properly. Users of the chair don’t have any low back office chair pain as a result. Its ergonomic shape is backed by breathable mesh materials. The only other additions to the backrest are a few fixing screws you need to tighten during the setup.

The seatpan is also breathable but it benefits from added cushioning. But with a weight of just 24 pounds, this cushioning won’t impact its easy carpet sliding. Get it here on Amazon.

Key chair references

  • 3” seatpan width
  • 7” leg chair height
  • 4” total seat height

2.       AmazonBasics Mesh Mid-Back Chair

Made by Amazon, this chair is mostly known for its ergonomics and breathability. You might be interested in it for another reason as well. The office chair without wheels is made with powder coat finish legs that ensure your floors won’t get easily scratched. Its stability also makes it a valuable option if you plan to work long hours.

With a mid-back curved design, it’s not far from the best ergonomic office chairs twice as expensive. Even the seatpan is contoured (on a plastic base) which makes it a bit more interesting than other plain alternatives with no lateral support.

Furthermore, it might be among the few chairs without wheels that come in different colors. We recommend its gray version even if it’s all-black alternative is also popular. Get it here on Amazon.

Key chair references

  • 2lbs office chair weight
  • 18” chair legs
  • Allows sitting with no bounce

3.       AmazonBasics Leather Office Frame Chair

A leather chair without wheels is almost impossible to find. But looking at what Amazon has to offer under its brand, there’s hope for all tastes. Without the same thin mesh-style materials, it offers plush cushioning with a premium feel.

Both the seatpan and the backrest are made with thick cushioning. There’s a durable steel frame that holds these 2 parts of the chair together.

We also have to point out a few design characteristics. The chair might be covered in leather, but it looks contemporary unlike most other chairs in its class.

If you think it might be too cheap or unreliable for long hours of working at a desk, you’ll be surprised as just how well it responds to daily use. It’s even BIFMA certified, meeting standards for comfort, safety, and durability. Get it here on Amazon.

Key chair references

  • 250lbs weight capacity
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • It weighs 29lbs

4.       Space Seating Professional AirGrid Eco Leather Seat

A combination of cushioned leather and breathable mesh materials is possible even on office chairs without wheels. Space Seating is a highly underrated office chair brands.

Thick eco-leather seatpan characterizes this very comfortable chair. The sides are made with mesh materials so there’s some breathability to the seat pan.

But what we like the most about its design it’s the heavy-duty sled-type base that replaces 4 traditional chair legs. Get it here on Amazon.

Key chair references

  • 75” seat height
  • 250lbs weight capacity
  • Made with recycled leather, fabrics, polyurethane, nylon, and polyester

5.       Office Factor Reception Guest Chairs with Flip Up Arms

The modern-looking office chair without wheels is one of the few options with flip up arms. In normal circumstances, people think choosing a sled chair is going to come with too many drawbacks and make them say goodbye to many features. This is not the case here. The ideal user of this chair is a person that values the rib-style backrest which is harder than other mesh-only alternatives.

Otherwise, the high backrest of the chair allows you to lean back from time to time to relax properly. Putting it together is not complicated either. Upon delivery, you get all the screws you need during setup as well as an Allen key. Get it here on Amazon.

Key chair references

  • 300lbs weight capacity
  • 30lbs office chair weight
  • Textile materials throughout

6.       CoVibrant Modern Office Chair Without Wheels

If you purposely seek modern office chairs without wheels, this option from CoVibrant is truly hard to match. It uses 3-layer ribbed leather to offer a unique sitting space, comfortable for any user.

But we like the ergonomically curved backrest the most. The main issue with it is its somewhat reduced breathability. If you work long hours, we recommend a mesh backrest seen on any chair listed above.

Designed with a minimalistic look, this office chair is perfect for a simple office setup. While it might look fragile, you need to know it’s one of the most capable chairs in its class with a high weight capacity. Get it here on Amazon.

Key chair references

  • 300lbs weight capacity
  • 7” seatpan height
  • 9” seat width

Final words

Choosing the best office chairs without wheels is an easier task when you know where to look. You won’t easily find them at superstores but you may find them online as seen with the examples above. Here are a few final tips on buying an office chair without wheels.

– Leather isn’t always genuine. Pebble PU leather is mostly used on office chairs

– Office chairs without wheels are more durable than chairs with wheels

– ‘Sled’ is a term used to describe office chairs sitting on bent frames

– Most office chairs without wheels have a weight capacity between 200 and 300lbs