Top 5 Office Chairs for Heavy People – Big and Tall Sitting Solutions

Office chairs for heavy people are made for the overweight user. They aren’t easy to find as most stores stock office chairs with a weight limit between 200 and 300lbs (90-136kg). If you need a bit more support, the following chairs have a maximum weight limit between 400 and 500lbs (181 to 226kg).

The problem with chairs that have a small weight limit is that they have a narrow seatpan. But most importantly, such chairs would soon become unusable under higher loads. This is why you need a dedicated sitting solution if you’re overweight.

Why you need office chairs for heavy people

In case it’s not already obvious, a regular chair can’t hold up the weight of the heavy user. You’d even struggle to fit in one of these standard chairs you find in stores.

  • Most chairs are too small to sit-in

The width of the chair is measured at the seatpan and the backrest. You need to ensure your chosen chair is wide enough for you if you want to use it properly. You also need to ensure the armrests don’t make it harder to get in and out of the chair.

  • Most chairs don’t support your weight

A chair for heavy persons is going to be a blessing. With a maximum weight capacity of up to 500lbs, it’s also going to last a bit longer. You’re likely to see better componentry on these big and tall office chairs as well. Take the class 4 gas cylinder as an example, it’s made for extreme loads. Even the swivel casters are made to handle larger loads. Without further introductions, here are the chairs made for heavy people.

1.       Big and Tall Office Chair With Lumbar Support

Even looking at the Big and Tall Office chair lets you understand how reliable it truly is. As expected, it comes with an impressive 500lbs maximum weight capacity. Made for the heavier user, it features some of the most durable components in its class.

The seatpan features large coil springs that are going to support the weight for added comfort. With PU leather cushioning, it’s a chair that has the potential to be used even by the average weight user for its rigid springs system.

360-swivel, height adjustments, and recline are all functions that are included here. Even the armrests are padded for your comfort. We estimate it takes around 15 minutes to put the chair together as it arrives in a box. As far as the potential drawbacks of the chair, you need to know it’s not made with real leather but with faux leather.

Key data

  • 29” distance between the armrests
  • 360-degree range of motion
  • 500lbs weight capacity


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2.       Flash Furniture Hercules Big and Tall

With a breathable mesh backrest, the office chair is ideal for heavy people who have to sit for long hours. Its breathability is what makes sitting a bit more comfortable, especially during the summer. The characteristics of the chair recommend it for users of any size and weight.

The seat width of 27.3in makes it easy to get into. The chair is going to feel particularly large for small users but just the right size for large users.

With an added tension control knob, it may even recline a bit up to 125 degrees. Even the seatpan can be raised to 15 degrees just to find a comfortable sitting position a bit easier.

Key data

  • Built-in lumbar support
  • Capped metal base
  • Made with tilt tension adjustability

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3.       OneSpace Taft Mesh Back Oversized Executive Chair

If you’re dealing with low back pain, a chair with adjustable lumbar support such as the one from OneSpace can be the cure. It provides an adjustable lumbar support system you can use as often as needed. At the same time, it also comes with other practical features such as armrests which fold up for easier chair access.

The fabrics of the backrest make this chair a bit more breathable than others. But at the same time, the 4in triple foam of the seatpan doesn’t limit its capacity to offer support and comfort for the overweight user.

A reinforced pneumatic lift cylinder has been added to this chair. It’s the main component that gives it the strength to hold any user up to 500lbs easily. Since it’s over 30 inches wide, it’s one of the largest chairs on the list, with plenty of space for any user.

Key data

  • 5” wide
  • 28” seatpan depth
  • It weighs 58 pounds
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4.       Clatina Ergonomic Big and Tall Executive Office Chair

If you need something a bit plusher, an office chair with fabric upholstery is going to be on your radar. This chair from Clatina is a bit different from the regular leather and PU leather office chair. It’s soft and comforting. The fabric upholstery makes it an excellent choice for those who like thick cushioning all over the chair but who can’t feel truly comfortable on leather.

The padded backrest also tilts a bit so that it offers freedom of movement for those who sit all day. The chair has a seat width of 24” and a seat depth of 19.3” which means it isn’t the largest in its class. You need to check the dimensions of your current chair just to ensure its something you’re comfortable with.

Key data

  • 400lbs weight capacity
  • 5” armrests width
  • 21” seat height range
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5.       Bowthy Big and Tall Office Chair

Made with a heavy-duty base this chair looks and feels like a titan. Using PU leather, it creates a luxurious brown cover that is suitable for the office or as a computer chair to use while working from home.

Its 400lbs weight capacity recommends it among the durable designs of its class. It even features a 90-120 degree rocking angle adjustment that allows the user to move while seated. It can even be interpreted as an ergonomic chair as it comes with a curved lower back adjustable lumbar support.

Key data

  • Seat height adjustable up to 22.8”
  • 4″x20.5″ seat dimensions
  • 40lbs chair weight
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Do office chairs have a weight limit?

All office chairs above have a weight limit between 400 and 500lbs as compared to regular chairs with a maximum weight limit of up to 275lbs.

How strict are weight limits on office chairs?

Weight limits are very strict on office chairs. If you add weight over their maximum limit you can damage them or lose the manufacturer’s warranty.

How wide is an office chair?

A regular office chair has a width of up to 20 inches. A heavy people big and tall office chair has a width of up to 30 inches.