5 Best Office Desks Under $200 That Look Expensive

Only the best office desk under $200 can be both practical and affordable. While cheap, these desks are still made from MDF, hardwood, metal, particleboard, and engineered wood. You can purchase these desks for your office but you need to know where to shop as this price range can be full of unwanted surprises.

Here at StandorSit.com, we believe the office space is what impacts your posture the most. Sitting for long hours at a desk is something we have to face at our jobs. A good computer desk is where it all starts.

What makes the best office desk under $200 a worthy purchase?

Choosing your next cheap office desk might not be an easy task. But after seeing most of them, we can agree the worthiness of these desks is in the details.


Finding a hardwood desk at this price is difficult. But here’s why it’s not mandatory. It’s only the desktop that needs to be made from wood or wood alternatives for the office desk to look good. As you can see from the examples below, there are a few good options even at this price.


The usual size of a desktop is around 55-60 x 24” in this price range. It’s a fair size that can be useful in different stages of your career as there’s sufficient space to store a monitor, a laptop, and even a printer on such an office desk.


What makes an office desk ergonomic? Is its ability to promote proper posture for the best productivity. Follow the examples below to find out just why this is the most important and also the most overlooked characteristic.

Examples of best office desks under $200 that look (and feel) expensive

These office desks are right under our given budget. But nobody believes they are so affordable just by looking at their pictures.

1.       Foxemart Computer Desk 55” Modern Sturdy Office Desk

Starting we have an incredible standard 55” (desktop length) office desk from Foxemart. Simple, efficient, and elegant, this desk is impressive for what it offers. It’s unlikely minimalistic desks are going to be out of style anytime soon and this is why it takes the first spot on the list.

White, teak and black colors are available for the MDF (medium density fiberboard) desktop it comes with. It looks good on any of these colors and it sits on sturdy and elegant metal legs. With the benefit of the scratch-resistant melamine finish, the office desk is in top shape for office use or to support your work needs in a home office.

See it here on Amazon.

2.       Joiscope Computer Desk With Shelves

Not all computer desks are created equal. But just because you spend a couple of hundreds on your next desk doesn’t mean you can’t expect more from your piece of office furniture. This is why Joiscope stands out with its storage shelves (9.8” wide) which can store folders, printing paper, small printers, laptops, and other office accessories.

Its working desktop surface with a length of 60 inches makes this desk a bit larger than others. However, if you’re tight on space, you can choose its 55 or 47” alternatives. But we recommend the 60” version for a bit more storage space.

Black oak and vintage oak options are available as finishing options for this office desk. Made from high-quality particleboard with smooth finishing and smooth edges, it’s just the right type of desk to use that cleans easily.

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3.       NSDirect Home Office Desk

Made with a large 63” fiberboard desktop, this is the right option if you crave a larger office. It even features a 29.5” height that recommends it for the average height use so you’ll feel right at home transitioning from your old office desk.

Since it’s not an overly complicated design, you can even assemble it yourself. The lower parts of the desk that form its legs are made with attachable pieces which are assembled using a simple Allen key. After assembling the legs, you place the large one-piece desktop on top for the finishing touches. Available in black and natural wood finish, this desks certainly looks a few times more expensive than it is.

See it here on Amazon.

4.       Tribesigns 55 Computer Desk

Made with a 55.11” desktop that is easy to clean, this desk is a similar option, but at manageable dimensions for smaller offices. Based on a luxurious-looking E1 particleboard desktop, it sits on sturdiness-giving large stainless steel legs.

We love its sturdiness and the overall premium feel it gives out as a result. At first, you might think that the entire desk setup is simply too heavy to assemble on your own. But at a weight of 24kg, it’s far from heavy and you don’t need anyone’s help to have it installed in a matter of minutes.

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5.       OneSpace Executive Desk

This classic office desk is an inspiration for the golden era of these pieces of furniture. Far from being ergonomic, it’s still a very good option today, especially if you love additional storage space such as its elegant hutch.

While it looks classic, the desk comes with an integrated USB port. Based on MDF materials, its available in a few different colors. We love coffee and white oak colors the most for their versatility. But we also find its 47” length to be the right choice for small spaces such as in corners, next to furniture, or even in-between pieces of furniture. If you’re tight on space and you want to elevate the look of your room, this is the type of desk to go for.

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Office desk under $200 Materials used Size Warranty Finishing options
Foxemart Computer Desk 55” Modern Sturdy Office Desk MDF


55.2” x 23.7” x 29.2” 2 years White, teak, black
Joiscope Computer Desk With Shelves Particleboard


60” x 23 x 29.5” 1 year Vintage oak

Black oak

NSDirect Home Office Des Fiberboard


63” x 23.6 x 29.5” 18 months Black


Tribesigns 55 Computer Desk Particleboard

Stainless steel

55” x 23.6” x 28.74” 1 year Walnut and black
OneSpace Executive Desk MDF 47.2” x 21.5” x 36.2” 1 year Classic oak, espresso, golden cherry, white oak


Final words

When choosing any of the above office desks, you need to know they all require assembly. Assembly instructions are printed and shipped out with the desk. You can also ask for them to be sent by email in case you want them on your smartphone as well. Most of these desks are assembled in 15-30 minutes with or without help. Most importantly, they look good and they last for years proving most assumptions about cheap office desks are wrong when you know where to shop.