Chairs That Turn Into Beds [Ranked] – Practical Sleeper Chairs For Small Spaces

Only the best chairs that turn into beds can be converted thousands of times without damages. While there are many sleeper chairs you can buy for your home or your office, only premium products are truly made to a high standard that doesn’t disappoint.

If you’ve even slept on a poor quality chair that turns into a bed you’ve noticed it’s lost shape. The comfort isn’t there and the bed conversion seems to be more difficult to achieve every day. Low-quality parts are the main fault here, alongside manufacturing cuts that seem to flood the furniture market today.

The best chairs that turn into beds and don’t fall apart quickly

If you’re only looking for the top chairs that turn into a bed, you need to consider the following products.  Available in different designs, they mostly suit office rooms and modern living rooms. But in the right home, they can be paired with similar-design beds where they can offer an emergency sleeping solution whenever you have guests over.

1.     GIA Tri-Fold Sofa Bed Chair

Made with a modern design, the Tri-Fold Sofa Bed is the sleeper you need for the office. You can use it for work as you can sit on it with and work on your laptop. Alternatively, it can be used for quick naps whenever the workload starts to become too much.

The light gray and the dark gray colors seem to be the most professional, but there a few others to choose as well. Made with soft polyester, the chair features 4 positions for you to sit in. There’s even a small pillow that can serve different purposes depending on how you sit. If you use it as a chair, the pillow is great for lumbar support.

However, we like the high-density foam the most. This is why it feels soft but supportive. With a length of over 74 inches and a width of over 30 inches, it might be the quickest option to get some sleep if you don’t have a bed nearby.

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2.     Jaxpety Sofa Bed Chair

If you need a solid chair that turns into a bed, Jaxpety has the right design. It features 330lbs weight capacity which recommends it for communal areas. For example, if you have a shared office space, it might be the right chair to consider. Otherwise, it’s going to be a durable home sleeper chair that you won’t need to upgrade anytime soon.

The adjustable backrest and footrest make it one of the most interesting designs in its class. It even features armrests which set it further apart from other similar options. If you need a bit of support while enjoying a cup of coffee on a work break, this can be the chair for the job.

Filled with both sponge and foam, the chair comes with a sink-in feeling. While this doesn’t make it necessarily the best option for concentrating on work tasks, it certainly makes it comfortable for sitting and sleeping.

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3.     Vonanda Ottoman Folding Sleeper Chair Bed

Who knew that an Ottoman chair can fold into a bed? Vonada offers such an interesting design that has multiple uses. Some use it at the office while others at home, in the living room and next to a sofa. It can be simply used as an Ottoman or as a chaise lounge, a bed, or a sofa chair.

Since it has a bit more structure to it, it’s also’s recommendation for overweight users. It’s 600lbs weight capacity is what makes this fantastic chair a bed as needed. With rugged parts, it doesn’t fall apart quickly as most chairs you buy in department stores.

With soft velvet, the chair might even feel luxurious, even if this is not a word commonly associated with multi-purpose chairs. But there’s even more to it than this. Take its unique colors for example. Mustard yellow, salmon pink, and Prussian blue make it a chair that is very easy to match with other furniture both if you want and if you don’t want it to stand out.

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4.     Powell Furniture Boone Convertible Sofa Bed Chair

Powell’s chair bed is the largest on our list. As expected, this comes with both advantages and disadvantages. The main benefit of owning a large chair is the feeling of comfort it gives you when turned into a bed.  One of its drawbacks, on the other hand, is that it might be a bit more difficult to move around the room than other lighter alternatives (it weighs 76.5lbs).

Designed on a wooden frame with soft upholstery, it can be used as a second bed easily. However, this futon bed is not necessarily the softest on our list and we don’t recommend sleeping on it for a full night but rather using it for quick naps as needed.

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5.     Follure Folding Sofa Bed

Filled with a sponge, this chair that turns into a sofa bed comes with a sleek design. It’s very easy to use as its armrests turn into bed legs when you unfold it. There are multiple backrest positions to count on as well. 18°, 36°, 54°, 72°, and 90° are the backrest angles you can consider when sitting on the chair.

The convertible chair also comes with an included pillow to support your head during naps. But what we like the most is that it comes with a removable cover. You can always keep it clean as its machine-washable.

With a 340lbs weight capacity and an elegant metal frame, the chair can be considered for your private office or communal office space. If you have sufficient space, make sure to check its Plus version (a sofa that turns into a bed with a width of 47” as opposed to the 24” of the single version).

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6.     Giantex Folding Guest Bed Frame Chair

Made with a lightweight profile, this convertible chair can be used as a guest bed. It sits on wheels which means you can easily move it around. We only recommend it in the spaces where you need to move the chair frequently.

With a net weight of just 35lbs, the sleeper chair is easy to transport. Some even use it outdoors on sunny days for quick naps out in fresh air. But it can also be the budget chair that turns into a bed when you don’t want to overspend on your office setup.

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Final words

All of these chairs that turn into beds are made to last. They come with proven maximum user weight capacity which means you won’t have to deal with any surprises when it comes to durability.  Some of these sleeper chairs even come with armrests which might offer new working space, especially if you work on a laptop.