Best Veranda Chairs Compared [Materials, Design, and Comfort]

Made for outdoor use, the best veranda chairs are comfortable and durable. A veranda is a type of porch usually made with some type of a roof. This means your chair choices can be cushioned as they’re out of the rain.

The problem with these chairs for veranda is that many of them fall apart quickly, especially if they’re sitting in direct sunlight continuously. But the following chairs can be a good alternative for any home even if the veranda doesn’t offer any shade.

1.     Flamaker 3 Pieces Patio Chair Set

Sold as a set of 2 chairs with a small table, these chairs are the modern interpretation of the classic veranda chair. Using handwoven rattan, these chairs can sit out in the sun and even in the rain. However, they come with a removable cushion you need to take inside the house during the rainy season.

Made with a steel structure, these chairs feature a single pipe design for the armrests and the legs, which gives them elegance and simplicity. But these steel structures also feature durability as they’re made to support weights of up to 285 pounds.

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But the biggest advantage of any veranda chair is being easy to clean. This is certainly the case with these Flamaker-made chairs.

2.     Patio Sense Coconino Wicker Lounge Chair

Made for verandahs with plenty of sun exposure, the Coconino Wicker chairs are perfect to lay back and enjoy the sun. They feature a relaxed backrest position which is high enough to also support your head when sitting.

Resilient and easy to clean, it features popular materials that are normally used in creating outdoor furniture. For a stylish veranda, we recommend using it with the cushion it comes with. If you’re creating a new veranda, you can also purchase it as a set where 2 chairs come with a bonus veranda table.

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3.     Semco Sempte Rocking Chair

Many of the best veranda chairs are made with a rocking design. We recommend Semco’s design if you’re interested in an outdoor space with a small roof or with no roof at all as its quite durable.

Part of its durability is based on its one-piece design. But another important aspect which gives it durability is its plastic construction. Resistant to high heat and high humidity, it can also be the chair to consider if you leave next to the sea where the salt level in the air can easily damage your outdoor wooden furniture.

But you shouldn’t feel concerned about the support the chair has to offer with its plastics. Its 600lbs weight capacity makes it one of the sturdiest options on our list.

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4.     Keter Chair for Outdoor Seating

With an open weave rattan design, this chair is also durable. With its polypropylene resin design, it can be used outdoors for years. You can even wash it using a pressure washer. But we like its size as well. It features 29.5in width, which makes it a bit wider than its average alternative. With a depth of 27.6in, the chair is also very comfortable even if you love to sit on your veranda for hours.

Assembly is straightforward. You can even assemble it yourself even if there’s an option to have it assembled for you. The instructions are clear but most users don’t need to follow these obvious steps anyway.

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5.     Enjoy Laura Egg Cuddle Chair

The days of classic chairs on the veranda might seem over now. This is why egg-shaped chairs are so popular across homes and everybody loves them as they’ve seen on Instagram frequently. Looking like an egg and offering 4 cushions, this is the chair you choose when you like to feel pampered. While it’s large and heavy to move frequently, it gains points in comfort and style.

We also like that it features a swivel base. This is why you can easily turn to see different parts of your veranda without even leaving the chair. However, there’s more assembly time to be dedicated to this chair compare to other non-egg-style chairs.

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6.     Phi Villa Adjustable Chair

This type of chair is often found online and rarely in department stores. But we find it hard to replace as it included leg support and recline function almost makes it as good as your chairs inside the house. With its reclining patio chair design, this is going to be perfect for your long evenings on the veranda.

It comes fully cushioned and you can find it on green, beige, and blue. Furthermore, its steel design is quite innovative and it’s certainly the type of chair that prompts questions from your guests. You might also want to purchase it yourself based on its olifren fabrics. These are known for their quick-drying ability which makes them the right choice if you tend to forget cushions outside frequently.

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Final words

These best veranda chairs are all capable of lasting for years. Most of them come with included removable cushions which adds comfort to all of them. Except for Semco’s chair, all of them can be comfortable even when you plan to sit for a couple of hours without getting up. Most importantly, they use a few moving parts and durable materials which means you can rely on them for years to come.