Top 9 Best Amazon Keyboard Trays [Ranked By Build Quality]

The best keyboard tray is made of wood and steel. The wood part supports the keyboard while steel C-clamps attach the keyboard tray to the front of your desk.

Most ergonomic keyboard trays are made with a clamp on design. All of these designs allow your keyboard to simply slide from under the desk. If you need more angles and better versatility, we recommend choosing a screw-in keyboard tray that uses screws to attach under the desktop. These are best for fans of adjustable keyboard tilt. Here are the best keyboard trays you can buy on Amazon with these 2 attachment styles.


1.     3M Keyboard Tray

This ergonomic keyboard tray from 3M proves to be a hit on Amazon. You need to screw it in under the desk but once installed, it offers more flexibility than other clip-on keyboard trays.

This under desk keyboard tray is adjustable in multiple directions. You can easily adjust its height and its angle for when you want to type in an ergonomic position.

Since user height is so different from one person to another, it’s reassuring to see this keyboard being so simple to adjust its tilt with up to +/-15°.

The platform also swivels left and right. This keyboard tray can be adjusted to almost any angle, which is its biggest advantage over other keyboard trays that hang from the desk.

Don’t forget our main recommendation for this keyboard tray. You need to install it 2” more (than the recommended position in the user’s manual) towards the inside of the desk for it to completely stow under the desk.


  • It holds the keyboard and the mouse
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Minimum bounce while typing on the keyboard
  • Made from durable wood


  • Screws are involved in the assembly process
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2.     Defy Desk Clamp On Keyboard Tray

Some users just can’t be bothered with screws to install even the best keyboard trays. This is why Defy’s Clamp-On keyboard tray is our second recommendation. It’s smart design almost makes you wonder why other brands aren’t taking a similar approach.

Two supporting brackets attach to the front edge of the wood desktop. These brackets hold the sliding keyboard so that you can type in an ergonomic position. Whenever the mouse and the keyboard are at the same level as the desk, you might suffer from shoulder pain and this simple tray for keyboards solves that problem.

Non-skid clamps are included with the under desk keyboard. These clamps also hold the keyboard tray slides for that ultimate practicality when not at the desk.


  • No tools needed to assemble
  • Generous 32” length
  • Made with a heavy wooden under the desk keyboard tray
  • It solves shoulder pain from typing without an ergonomic tray


  • Most users complain about poor quality Defy Desk assembly instructions
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3.     QooWare Keyboard Tray Under Desk

This adjustable keyboard tray is also made with a tool-free design. It features solid construction and one of the best profiles for those who need to work at the desk long hours. This is why it features an ergonomic wrist rest. Based on the comfortable gel, it holds your wrists at the same level as the fingers which makes for a better ergonomic keyboard typing position.

Made with heavy-duty steel C-clamps, this clamp-on keyboard tray for standing desks or classic desks installs in minutes. Made for smooth gliding, it’s the type of keyboard tray you choose when you also need generous space to hold a mouse.


  • One of the most beautiful clamps on keyboard trays
  • Made with metal, wood, and gel inserts on its beveled edge support
  • Excellent to declutter desktops
  • Suitable for typing or gaming keyboards


  • Only available on black
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4.     Cartmay Adjustable Keyboard Tray

This keyboard drawer comes with extra height and angle adjustability. It screws in using a base mount under the desk. It then opens up the keyboard typing experience with angle adjustments for users of different heights.

Made with 2 beveled wrist rests, the keyboard tray is also comfortable to use for long hours. But what we like most about it is that you can swivel it to the sides. It turns up to 90 degrees to the left and 90 degrees to the right for the ultimate versatility.


  • Compact 26.7” x 11” size
  • Simple step-by-step installation
  • It attaches to almost any desk
  • Included gel wrist support


  • Not made for glass top desks
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5.     Fersgo Under Desk Keyboard Tray

Keyboard trays can be many things but rarely an elegant accessory to a desk. Fersgo tries to solve this old issue. It made this under desk keyboard tray with a slide-out tray for the mouse. While it sounds complicated, it makes it look a bit more elegant than expected from a regular pull out keyboard tray.

This tray for keyboards seems to be made with fine attention to detail. It is the only one to come with cable clips so that it makes your computer setup look more organized. We highly recommend it for the office as a result.


  • It tucks the keyboard in and out
  • Made for better neck and shoulder posture
  • Included slide-out mouse tray with anti-skid materials
  • Made with a comfortable wrist support edge


  • Not the quickest setup process
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6.     Laboratory 29 Keyboard Tray

For desks 33” or wider, the Laboratory 29 keyboard tray is among the top options. Made with a C-clamp design, the clamp on the keyboard tray is mostly what you need for both the keyboard and the mouse.

The keyboard shelf slides under the desk completely when not in use. You can also slide it in when you want to work while standing. But this keyboard tray for desks also stands out with generous wrist padding inserts for comfortable typing.


  • Build from wood and metal
  • Completely stows away under the desk
  • Backed by a seller’s money-back guarantee


  • Only available on black
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7.     Mount-It! Under Desk Keyboard Tray

This keyboard tray for tables and desks comes with angle adjustments. It features tilt angles of 10 degrees up and 15 degrees down for easy typing.

It also swivels to the left and the right so that you can still type even if you’re not sitting perpendicularly at the desk.

Based on simple clamps, it installs without tools. All you need to do is to tighten the 2 knobs to have it ready for action. Many users also think this is the keyboard tray Ikea never made due to its simple design.


  • Made with a 17-inch wrist pad
  • Tilts and adjusts to the sides
  • Slides in and out without wobble


  • It needs knobs re-tightening at times
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8.     Stand Steady Clamp On Keyboard Tray

Made with smooth gliding tracks, this ergonomic keyboard tray is made for occasional use. It features a simple C-clamp system you can easily add or remove from the desk as needed.

With a weight of 10lbs, it’s among the lighter setups you can use at the office. But since it slides completely under the desk, it can also turn into a more permanent solution, especially at a standing desk where you might need to stand at times as well.


  • Made with padded twist clamps
  • Positive and negative tilt design
  • It doesn’t damage the desk


  • Not too many tilt increments
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9.     Duronic Keyboard Platform DKTPX1

This clamp-on keyboard tray for the desk is one of the simplest designs on the list. We recommend it mainly for small keyboards such as those made by Apple or Microsoft. If you like heavy thick keyboards for gaming, it won’t be the top choice based on its minimalistic design.

But for office work, it might be just the tool for the job. You attach it to the front of the desk and you slide it to the perfect typing position. Since it comes with a square edge and not a beveled edge, you also need to be careful not to painfully bump into it.


  • It holds the keyboard and the mouse
  • Robust steel fixing clamps
  • Elegant design


  • Square edges not the best for those with kids running around
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Final considerations

Only the best keyboard trays can be considered for long-term use since many tend to fall apart within months. Poor quality clamp on keyboard trays isn’t sturdy either. It proves complicated or even impossible to type at a good pace on wobbly keyboard trays.


Keyboard tray Size Wrist pad
3M Keyboard Tray 26″ x 17.25″ Yes
Defy Desk Clamp On Keyboard Tray 26” x 11” No
QooWare Keyboard Tray Under Desk 27.6 ” x 12.2” Yes
Cartmay Adjustable Keyboard Tray 26.7’’ × 11.4’’ Yes
Fersgo Under Desk Keyboard Tray 20” x 11” Yes
Laboratory 29 Keyboard Tray 27” x 11” Yes
Mount-It! Under Desk Keyboard Tray 17” x 5.8” No
Stand Steady Clamp On Keyboard Tray 27” x 11.7” No
Duronic Keyboard Platform DKTPX1 26” x 11” No



Do I need a keyboard tray?

You need a keyboard tray to type sitting in an ergonomic position. It allows your elbows to sit in a 90-degree angle which reduces upper back and shoulder pain through promoting ergonomic sitting.

Can I add a keyboard tray to a desk without tools?

Only clamp-on keyboard trays can be added to the front of a desk without tools. You need to look for C-clamps listed above for tool-less installation.

How do I install a keyboard tray with no experience?

You can install a keyboard tray by following the instructions manual. All products recommended above ship with user instructions so that you know what each screw is used for.