Are Gaming Chairs Good For Programming?

Gaming chairs are good for programming if they are highly adjustable. Gaming chairs such as those from DXRacer are reduced neck and lumbar pain. They are suitable for programming as they offer long hours ergonomic support. Programmers can fix their bad posture with the right gaming chairs.

Gaming chairs are good for programming because they are highly ergonomic. Just as regular office chairs, they are all about posture. But unlike office chairs, they come with increased comfort, especially when dealing with long hours of sitting. Those working with the following programs are among the users who need to sit and focus at the desk.

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • PHP
  • C/C++
  • R
  • Objective-C
  • Swift

Other complex programs are also used today and most of them are suitable for those sitting on a gaming chair. For example, Python is one of the most popular programming languages. It is at the core of various apps, web applications or network servers. It also requires considerable sitting time which on a typical desk chair is not the most comfortable and stress-free experience. Here are the main reasons a gaming chair might be the escape many programmers need.

  • Gaming chairs are the most comfortable solution for programmers
  • Many gaming chairs can help support correct posture
  • The style of the gaming chairs fits the programming world
  • They are suitable for long hours of sitting
  • Gaming chairs help fight bad programming posture
  • Gaming chairs support the lumbar area of the spine
  • Some gaming chairs are very durable
  • The price of gaming chairs ranges from affordable to expensive
  • Gaming chairs are highly adjustable

Programmers and their notorious bad posture

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to programming is just how bad the posture becomes. It’s not that this posture becomes bad overnight, but that it becomes the worse as the years go by.

Programmers are avid computer users. They already spent a lot of time sitting in front of a PC during school, high-school and university. Now they are out in the workforce and they are starting to see the first signs of truly bad posture. This is why programmers begin to wonder if gaming chairs are really good for their type of work.

No chair can fix bad posture but it can certainly support good posture. Gaming chairs gave levels of adjustability not seen on any other type of office chair. They are height adjustable, depth adjustable, they have a recline function, they include adjustable armrests, they come with adjustable lumbar support, they can offer adjustable headrests, they come with an adjustable rocker function or they can even come with adjustable feet support. This is what gaming chairs are made of.

The benefits of cushioning

Apart from this long list of benefits, a gaming chair is also known for high levels of cushioning. Self-respecting brands use the best foam insertions to offer a comfortable sitting experience. For programming, this type of comfort is the best.

Just imagine sitting at the desk and coding




    <script type=”text/javascript”>

    function trigger()


    document.getElementById(“hover”).addEventListener(“mouseover”, popup);

    function popup()


    alert(“Welcome to my WebPage!!!”);







         position: fixed;

         left: 500px;

         top: 250px;




    <body  onload=”trigger();”>

    <p id=”hover”>Welcome!!!</p>




A single bad character on the sequence above and everything comes crumbling. Is this a good enough reason for programmers to focus on coding instead of the chair and the pain it can cause?

Saying goodbye to bad posture also means saying goodbye at everything it comes with. From the occasional back pain to the more serious spine problems, programmers cannot afford bad health now that the world needs them more than ever. Even being constantly told to sit straight is a problem for many programmers who are simply not in a line of work to allow them proper body care.

Which gaming chairs are best for programming?

So which are the best gaming chairs for programming? The releases from DXRacer are very popular. Arozzi offers some of the most distinct gaming chairs as well. These two brands can be a good start for any programmer.

Many programmers now work under different time zones. An outsourcing team might be waking up on another continent while a programmer might be waiting next to the PC during the evening. This means that long hours and working unusual hours is more likely than in other professions. What can be more relaxing than a quick nap? Waiting for that Skype call at 1 AM might be easier with a gaming chair which reclines and allows programmers to take a well-deserved resting brake.


There are so many inspiring programmers working long hours that they should all get a gaming chair automatically. Ergonomics is something they cannot play with. Most programmers could also improve their health further. Here are a few ideas to help them fix their posture once and for all.

  • Joining and gym and focusing on stretches
  • Gaining lumbar muscles with compound exercises
  • Eating healthy meals and consuming healthy snacks
  • Sleeping on a supportive mattress to alleviated back pain
  • Eliminating sugary drinks which offer high energy and which can make them sit at the edge of a sit
  • Getting up and taking breaks from work as much as possible through the day

These are just a few applicable solutions for the busy lives of programmers. They do not require too much effort and the best part is they can be applied today. Are you a programmer? What do you sit on at work? Let us know in the comment section below.


I work in JavaScript, is a gaming chair right for me?

JavaScript is still going strong. There might be many lines of code readily available but they still require a lot of attention and many hours of sitting. A gaming chair is right for such purposes.

I work on the minimal Swift is a gaming chair good for me?

Swift might be newer and simple as it is only used since 2014. However, it is still programming and a good gaming chair can even help improve focus.

Why is it bad to sit for many hours as a programmer?

Sitting for prolonged hours reduces blood flow to the feet and it impacts the spine which becomes curved, a problem which can escalate to what is called scoliosis.

I’m conscious about my programming posture, do I still need a gaming chair?

Even those with perfect posture can still benefit from the added levels of comfort of a gaming chair. High-density foam is responsible for this added comfort.

I’m willing to invest in a good gaming chair, will it last or will it become loose?

All good gaming chairs should last for years. Many of them come with a long warranty to back their durability claims.

Do you really need a gaming chair?

Nobody really needs a gaming chairs. Programmers can buy any type of chair they want. However, a gaming chair is comfortable and it looks cooler than anything else out there.

Are gaming chairs better than office chairs?

Gaming chairs have thicker cushioning. This is why they can be more comfortable than many popular office chairs.

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